B.O.T.A. (Baddest of Them All)

Album: single release only (2022)
Charted: 1
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  • Here, the East London DJ, producer and vocalist Eliza Rose exchanges eye contact with someone in the club. Rose is no shy and retiring wallflower; rather she thinks of herself as the "Baddest of Them All" and doesn't hold back from telling the person how much she fancies them.
  • Manchester-born DJ and producer Interplanetary Criminal - real name Zach Bruce – sent Rose the instrumentation. His production samples Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's 1991 track "Let the Beat Hit 'Em (LL W/ Love RC Mix)."
  • Rose wanted to write flirty lyrics to Interplanetary Criminal's nostalgic beat, and within about five minutes, she'd penned the "do you wanna dance, baby?" line. "But then it was a bit too cutesy," she told NME. "I liked that element because I wanted that '90s nostalgia, but then I felt it needed some grittiness, too."
  • Rose wrote the empowering lyrics in her boyfriend's bedroom and used a poster from the 1973 film Coffy to inspire her. "The words were, 'She's the baddest, wickedest in town,'" she said. "It was a Blaxploitation poster, so that's something I'm proud of and want to represent. I used that to inspire my lyrics and knew what it needed to be – it was strange, like a gift from a higher power."
  • Released on June 15, 2022, just before Glastonbury 2022, "B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All)" took on a life of its own at the festival. After several DJ's played it around the site, the punters picked up on the track and it went viral.
  • After Interplanetary Criminal gave Rose the B.O.T.A production, Rose wrote the lyrics in about 20 minutes and sent it over. When she didn't hear back for a few weeks, Rose wondered if he hated it. Then the singer realized she hadn't even clicked send!

    Once she did send her vocals, Interplanetary Criminal got back to Rose straight away and told her he loved it. "We worked on it again some more," she told Official Charts. "It was a really 50/50 split in terms of work, he was in charge of production, I was in charge of my vocals."
  • When "B.O.T.A." climbed to #1 on the UK singles chart, Eliza Rose became the first female DJ to top the tally since Sonique with "It Feels So Good" in 2000.


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