I Know You Care

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  • Goulding wrote this song about her father, Arthur, who divorced her mum when she was five and then disappeared from her life. She told The Sun: "When I was talking about him when Lights was released, I was just on the war path. Now, I try not to let it bother me so much - less bitterness and anger.

    Now I've realised that I'm so fortunate and my life is so incredible, so he's not worth thinking about. If he wants to get in touch he can but I don't think he will. It's quite a thing to say but I don't think he'll ever be a big part of my life. If he gets back in contact, maybe we could be mates or something. But I'm not worrying. Life is pretty f---ing good right now."
  • A full version of the song features in the Dakota Fanning starring sentimental drama Now Is Good. The music video features clips from the movie blended with scenes of Goulding performing the song in a living room.
  • The Observer asked Goulding what her mother thinks of this song? She replied: "I think she finds it incredibly sad. She's sad that we didn't have a dad in our lives, I think. For some reason, she feels responsible, maybe every mother would. But I don't think she minds me using songs to help myself. And it does help me to sing a song like that to a crowd, rather than mull over it."
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