Sweet Adeline

  • Smith has said that the title of this song was inspired by memories of his grandmother singing at a club called The Sweet Adelines. >>
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  • Jon from Spartanburg, ScIt's not just you Stefanie, there are similarities. Listen to the chorus of "picture of me" on either/or. Definitely sounds similar to Cobain. They were from two relatively close cities around the same time so it isn't too surprising. I think they were probably very similar people. Bipolar, deep-rooted anger issues, drug addiction, history of poor relationships, etc.
    Btw, I would call being a strung out junkie, climbing through the woods to avoid your record company quite grunge
  • Colm from Northport, NyFirst of all, if your writing on this please do not compare Elliot Smith to some low life P.O.S. like Kurt Cobain. And yes Elliot Smith is just...not grunge.
  • Erin from Austin, TxElliot Smith is definitely NOT like Kurt Cobain. Not that this is a bad thing for either of them, but Kurt Cobain is grunge and Elliot Smith is just...not.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScIs it just me, or is his voice similar to that of Kurt Kobain's. I've only heard one song of his. My sister likes his music.
  • Craig from Madison, WiElliot Smith may not be that well known, but his name will always be known by those who have taste in music. Most popular music from his time will be forgotten, but he will remain. Not to glamorize early deaths or (possible) suicide, but he will be remembered in the elite school of lost boys like Nick Drake, Gramm Parsons and Jim Croce.
  • Sarah from Toronto, CanadaThis is a truly great song. When the chorus kicks in it gives you shivers. Not many people have heard of Elliot Smith but he was a talented musician.
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