A Good Heart

Album: Wonderful Crazy Night (2015)
  • Both Elton John and Bernie Taupin are in their senior years, but fathers of young children. Taupin's lyrics for this song were inspired by the feelings he gets from raising kids and the things he wants to instill in them. He told Rolling Stone: "I think we have a mirror image on that because we both have young kids. Mine are a little older than his, but it's interesting. That ties us together because we're such radically different characters, but the one thing that ties us together is the kids. We can both understand the perils, pitfalls and joys of raising kids."

    Added Taupin: "He's got two boys and I have two girls that are seven and 10. But you draw so much energy from them, and I drew from that."
  • The song is about enduring love. "For me it's about David (Furnish, Elton's husband)," John told The Daily Telegraph. "But it could be about me and Bernie because we've been together nearly 50 years."
  • For the first time in 11 years we see Elton John performing in a music video. The clip, directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, features footage of the British singer behind a piano in a London studio.

    Elton told NPR, "At this time in all our lives, when the world is changing so rapidly and we're all trying to make sense of everything, I think it's important to remember that it's not politicians, it's not money and it's not fame which make the world go round - it's love. It's something that is so easy to forget. I wanted to reflect that in this song and video."


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