And The House Fell Down

Album: The Captain & the Kid (2006)
  • This is a largely piano based track with a somewhat whimsical melody based on the well known children's story of the three little pigs, and the wolf who huffed and puffed and blew their house down. Whimsical melody or not, this is anything but a frivolous song, and although the words were supplied by his original lyricist Bernie Taupin, the sentiments are just as clearly Elton's.
  • In the video the two men made to promote The Captain & the Kid, Elton alludes to it as the album's drug taking song. Earlier, in a November 2000 BBC TV interview with Michael Parkinson, he spoke candidly about his problems with drugs, alcohol and bulimia. The line "Three days on a diet of cocaine and wine" could almost have come out of this confessional. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2


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