I Want Love

Album: Songs From The West Coast (2001)
Charted: 9
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  • The video features actor Robert Downey Jr. lip-synching the song in one continuous shot as he walks around an apartment (reminiscent of Lisa Loeb's "Stay"). Director Sam Taylor-Wood came up with the idea and Elton felt Downey was a perfect choice. At the time, Downey was in drug rehab and the lyrics were pertinent to what he was going through. >>
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    Andy - Arlington, VA
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Comments: 6

  • M J from Monterey CaThis is one of my all-time favorite songs/videos. It tells my own story. EDJ after rehab was the perfect candidate.
  • Cindy from Hamilton, OnThe song was recorded in a soundproof room to achieve the sound of Elton's voice... it's not a "drop in singing quality" it was done on purpose to a beautiful end.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxNoticable drop in EJ's singing quality with this one. Happens to everyone, sooner or later.
  • Pianowizzy from Denver, CoYikes to the last two comments. I just liked this song for it's melody. D:
  • Jackie from The Sea Of Tranquility, CanadaThis song is actually about drug abuse, which is why Robert Downey Jr. wanted to be in the music video. Amazing video and amazing song.
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlI think this song is one of three things: A) A break-up song where the guy is looking for a little less conversation, a little more action. B) A song about S & M or C) A Gay anthem. or maybe D) all of the above :) either way, it is a sappy song that kinda grows on you. I like it.
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