Feel Good Inc.

Album: Demon Days (2005)
Charted: 2 14
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  • This song is about the things people do in order to make themselves feel good. The song seems to focus on the darker side of pleasure like addictions and habits, but then the chorus comes in and it seems to say that you should stop thinking about what makes you feel good and try to love others to make them feel good. It's saying that love is what makes the world go around, hence the windmill reference. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kyle - St. Louis, MO
  • Trugoy the Dove from De La Soul is the rapper on this song. Damon Albarn does the rest of the vocals in character as 2D. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Blake - Hamilton, OH
  • At the 2006 Grammy Awards, this won for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The song is a throwback to the days of answering machines when callers would wait for the beep and leave a message on a microcassette. After the line:

    And all I wanna hear is the message beep
    My dreams, they got her kissing, 'cause I don't get sleep

    We hear a beep, followed by the first chorus ("Windmill, windmill for the land..."), which is distorted with tape hiss as if we are listening to the message.

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  • Barry Wood from MericaThis is amazon
  • James Bjork"Wack from Co
    What the heck does "don't know whack" mean. there's no way Albarn wrote a lyric "they don't know whack". How about "don't know when" as in, they don't know when the city is going to break down so they have to leave. Wouldn't that make some sense? Bloody hell."

    The phrase"don't know whack" is a 90's colloquium meaning "don't know anything".
  • Truthincorporated from DenverIts clearly "Until you Jet Ahead" not "cheddar head".
  • Wack from CoWhat the heck does "don't know whack" mean. there's no way Albarn wrote a lyric "they don't know whack". How about "don't know when" as in, they don't know when the city is going to break down so they have to leave. Wouldn't that make some sense? Bloody hell.
  • Micahslash from CaI think that this song represents an unofficial sequel to Clint Eastwood, in that that one represented depression and drugs, and this one represents trying to be happy without the drugs.
  • Mickey from Virginia Beach, VaI'm gonna guess no one knows the song is just about noodle trying to kill a hippy by flying a windmill and crashing it somewhwere (unknowingly) because murdoc wants to keep the band together so he can be famous and rich. However his plan backfired when everyone thought noodle had died in the crash, leading murdoc to make nooble bot and kidnapping 2-D (2-D ident) and going on a whole new journey to "point nemo". An island murdoc decided to move what's left of the band to in order to escape the dark clouds (rhinestone eyes, melechany hill, stylo, and do ya thang video) and other hunters (one seen trying to kill them in stylo).
  • Jamar from Ocala, Fl@djaif
    you and alot of other people do not know good rap.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI really don't know how I got introduced to Gorillaz, but I think my uncle did and for that I'm sooo thankful! This song is amazing!
  • J.l. from Ijsselstein, NetherlandsOkay, I'm probably the only one to notice this, and it's just a trail of thought, But it seems a bit as though the windmill in the song refers to Holland, which then may be a symbol for drugs like marijuana that "make you feel good"?
    Please comment.

    BTW, I don't like RAP at all, but with the Gorillaz it just seems to fit in. Almost philosophical.
  • Andrew from The Seas Of Cheese, CaI'm gonna have to agree with Chris from Netherlands, there aren't many good rap song, but I think The Sounder and Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher version) are better.
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song was on that stupid CD, Kidz Bop 6.
  • Chris from Spijkenisse, Netherlandsthe acoustic parts are awesome. And I love Del's voice, one of the few good rappers.
  • Nicole from Cat Land, Flthey should take out the rapping
  • Joey from Brownsville, Txwow savahnna . nice interpretation of song and video. I love this song even more now.
  • Justing from Orlando , FlI normally dislike rap, but, I can honestly say that the rap part in this was AWESOME.
  • Logan from Anniston, AlI love this song. EXCEpt the Rap part. IT would have been 10 times better w/out the rap stuff.
    just my opinion.
  • Alex from Clearwater, Fl Savannah, O'Fallon, MO, i think ur about rite except i would be willing to bet that 2-D is very drugged lol he needs his painkillers ;)

    the rap doesnt screw it up, it gives it more meaning and diversity...

    Gorillaz-Love, yall
  • Mikhail Lionel from London, United KingdomAlso the helicopters may represent the media trying to catch Noodle and to take her down the same path as her bandmates but they can not catch her
  • Mikhail Lionel from London, United KingdomWhoever said the tower looked like a syringe may be right but also right at the begginning before it zooms out to the tower the building at the top looks like a gun (assault rifle) indicating crime as well as the Feel Good Tower
  • Savannah from O'fallon, Mo2-D wakes to see Noodle and the island, floating free, and wishes that he could also. He wants to get out of all the madness (the tower) but there's no going back.

    Sorry, just needed to add this to my previous comment.
  • Savannah from O'fallon, MoSo basically it's about how people use drugs and sex to make themselves "feel good" (in the beginning all of the people -besides Russel, 2-D, and Noodle- are in sexual or drugged positions). They get so wrapped up in this, that they get trapped(the tower). 2-D "wakes up" and realizes what has happened. Because he has "awoken", he is the only one that sees Noodle. Noodle is the only band member that doesn't do drugs and has her virginity. The windmill represents true love turning forever. I think that the island is small to represent how there isn't much true love left in the world and that the other bad meathod are getting more popular ("They just have to go 'cause they can't hold back. So all you fill the streets it's appealing to see") The rappers are the media (like many of you have said) and endorse these meathods. There's only 1 thing that I don't understand. What do the helicopters at the end represent? The media? The bad ways to feel good "shooting down" those who are innocent? Or how things are changing for worse and the helicopters are flown by cruel people who take drugs, hire prostitues, rape, steal, and kill?
  • Blake from Tahlequah, Okwhats this about rap ruining the song? the first thing a person should learn is there is good music and bad music. that is actually determined by the person who is listening to it!! so all in all there is no such thing as bad music !!!

    P.S. A great song can have many meanings and interpretations like the song says (In my opinion)
    you don't have to go with what everyone else thinks just do what makes you happy.
  • Billy from Perris, CaWhat's with all these people whining about the "rap part"? Technically, "Buddy Holly" by Weezer has a rap part in it. Get over your stereotypes. -It's an awesome song, and not even a "county part" could ruin it.
  • Binh from San Diego, CaHmm, I don't think that the rap sections really ruin the song. Personally, I like the contrast between the lighter parts of the chorus and Noodle's guitar chords and the darker vocals by De La Soul and 2D's first verse. They complement each other perfectly in an odd, interesting way. I don't think the song would be the same if it were missing any one element.
    I even tried listening to Noodle's Demo, another version of this song, where it was pretty much a remake that included only a revision of the chorus and 1st verse, without any of the rapping. Maybe it was just because I'd listened to the original too much already, but it seemed really...empty.
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vadont diss DE LA SOUL they are hall of famers
  • Cody from Roxboro, Ncman i used to love this song!
  • Rita from Tampa, FlHere is an excerpt from 2D and Murdoc talking about the true meaning of "Feel Good" when the video was made in 2004:

    2D: I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn't get out of. Of excess and hedonism. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party's got out of hand. It' s become like the Last days of Pompeii and Sodding Gommorah. The Feelgood Inc Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I'm just waking up from this year-long hedonists dream, and I realise that maybe the fruits of success have turned sour.

    Noodle is outside of the Tower, in the pale morning-after light, sitting on the edge of this floating island. And you can see she knows what's happening. But people have to wake up to it themselves. So that's what the video is about; being trapped by the things you make, and realising everyone else is caught up in it. Using it. Just as they need their party to continue, to keep this thing afloat. The Tower of Babel.

    Murdoc: Apart from the obvious thing, which is my gyrating hips, the coolest thing about the video would be the the hydraulics on this gig. Just for the windmill section alone cost about 3.5 million pounds. That's sterling. We had to buy a small island, make a mold of it and then scrape out all the insides. When that was done we filled the whole thing full of helium. Using the motor from the windmill we managed to get the thing to float, but it was an absolute bugger.

    Looks like most of you guys were right!!
    -Rita,Tampa Bay,USA

  • Merrick from Plano, TxThe element of drugs is blatantly obvious as well. What does Feel Good Tower look like? Syringe?
  • Merrick from Plano, TxActually, Drew of North Creek, Gorillaz is a virtual band created by Damon Albarn (singer from brit-pop band BLUR) and Jamie Hewlett (guy who draws Tank Girl comics). The collaborators are exactly what they are. You do not know anyone who knows people in the Gorillaz camp. Go clean your room, kid.

    Cookie has this song dead on.
  • Johnny from Atlanta, GaThe video for this song really is nice
    The verses and rap take place inside the Feel Good Inc tower, where it appears that some kick ass party has just taken place, and there are just bodies laying everywhere, and amongst the waste, the band starts singing
    2D sings about the chaos in todays world run by drugs and sex and whatnot, then at the chorus it shows Noodle outside the tower on a windmill, in a more peaceful place, and the voice effect for 2D shows a simpler time as well
    then at the rap, when De La Soul is yelling and laughing taunting 2D, he keeps chanting "feel good" trying to convince himself everything's going to be okay, and to think of the world outside the tower
    So the tower being called Feel Good Inc uses a bit of irony

    Great song and video really, one of my favorites, love the remix on D-Sides and the acoustic version by Editors
  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnfinally!!!hip-hop with an important meaning behind it!!!!tell me if you can find an important meaning behind the song "ay bay bay" (that was a retorical question for you morons who are actually going to try to mail me)
  • Hero from Radstock, EnglandThis is very much my favourite song
    like i will always change my mind, but at the back of my mind, this one inspires me so much to make my own music.
    it says how you should always feel good about yourself and be carefree. The windmill explains that it just floats around without a care, and noodle is sat on the edge with it crumbling beneath her, but she doesnt care.
    I can't work out wether i like the rap or not, i do think 2D could have another verse to sing and a smaller rap, it sort of changes the mood of the song a bit :S
  • Cookie from Cookie Town, OtherThis is from the Gorillaz fansite boards: Ok. To start off, those people who know me on here know that I have a "clinically overactive imagination". That means that I can basically see, hear, talk to, and communicate with things that aren't there. It's sort of like schitzo, but there's no medication for it and I'm not a danger to anyone. Right now I see the Gorillaz. People can go ahead and tease me for my issue, but it won't do you any good. I've heard it all.

    Anyways, the other day, I did something so stupid that I still can't believe I did it. I decided to go all the way with a guy friend of mine after having too much to drink. I feel horrible, scared, and really stupid.

    Last night, Murdoc saw me crying and decided to talk to me (a real change of character). He asked if I knew what their song "Feel Good Inc" was REALLY about. I'll admit that my guess was way off. So, he told me:

    "Feel Good Inc" is about the risk people take and the emptiness they feel when they fill their lives with meaningless sex and cheap thrills that will make them "feel good" quicker.

    The tower represents the pollution of both our world, our soul, and our body. It shows the feeling of being trapped in that worlds and not knowing how to get out. Not knowing how to get past that barrier.

    The mass of people within the tower are simply people who are caught and tangled up in that way of life and way of thinking. The rappers on the screen represent the media. They continually keep the people going by advertising sex as something that people need.

    Murdoc, 2-D, and Russel have all taken part in the act, so they're trapped by their past decisions.

    2-D has had loveless sex before, but his innocence and desire for love helps him look beyond the tangled masses to see what lies beyond. He notices Noodle, who may not have the pleasures of sex to enjoy, but she is content with keeping her innocence and virginity, and looks to seek happiness through other means (music, meditation, friendship, and family). She is happy in mind and soul.

    2-D says "love's forever, love is free". This means that sex without love is meaningless. Love is free, where cheap sex comes at a cost.

    Murdoc, who has numerous flings with women, is still enjoying the lifestyle, which makes him unaware of Noodle's flying island.

    Russel is simply there. He's partaken in these acts, but, at the same time, doesn't exploit them.

    People in that lifestyle call it "the fast life", but where are they going? The tower is stationary, but, as 2-D sees, Noodle is free from that life. She has found love through her bandmates, which takes her to new places and heights than the others (the flying windmill).

    Feel Good Inc. (as Noir heard from Murdoc)

    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good

    City's breaking down on a camel's back [The entire city is doing the "beast with 2 backs"]

    They'll just have to go coz they don't know wack [They'll just have to do it because they don't know what else to do]

    So all you fill the streets, it's appealing to see [So the sex is in the streets, and it's appealing to see]

    You won't get undercounted 'cause you're bad and free [The message is "you won't go unnoticed, because you're bad and free"]

    You got a new horizon it's an ephemeral style [you have a new goal, it's a quickly passing style]

    In a melancholy town where we never smile [In a sad town where no one is really happy]

    And all I want to hear is the message beep [All I want to hear is you on my message machine]

    My dreams they come a kissin' 'cos I don't get to sleep, no [I can't get to sleep, because my fanasties keep me awake]

    Windmill, windmill for the land [A metaphor for love]

    Turn forever hand in hand [Note: hand and hand shows emotion, love, and unity between 2-people]

    Take it all there on your stride
    It is ticking, fallin' down

    Love forever, love is free [Love is forever and love is for free]

    Let's turn forever, you and me [Let's stay together forever]

    Windmill, windmill for the land [Love, love for the land]

    Is everybody in? [Is everybody up for actual love?]

    Laughing Gas, these Haz mats [ represents the media : "HAZ" is short for "heat affected zone". The body heat caused by sex.]

    Fast Cats, lining them up like ass cracks [These fast loving people, lining up for sex (clubs and stuff)]

    Lay these ponies at the track [They're looking at eachother like race horses (breeding potential)]

    It's my chocolate attack [mainly chocolate releases love hormones. It's an aphrodisiac.]

    I'll translate the rest later. You can imagine that it's just the media trying to entice people into sex.

    great I'm stepping in hotter this year

    Care bear reppin' it harder this year

    Watch me as I gravitate hahaha

    Gonna ghost town

    This Motown

    With your sound you're in the blink

    Going to bite the dust

    Can't fight with us

    With your sound you kill the inc.

    So don't stop get it, get it

    Until your Cheddar ahead-a

    And watch the way I navigate

    Windmill, windmill for the land
    Turn forever hand in hand
    Take it all there on your stride
    It is ticking, fallin' down
    Love forever love is free
    Let's turn forever you and me
    Windmill, windmill for the land
    Is everybody in?

    Dont stop, get it, get it
    We are your captains in it
    Steady, watch me navigate , aha-hahahaha!
    Dont stop, get it, get it
    We are your captains in it
    Steady, watch me navigate aha-hahahaha!

    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good
    Feel good

    The entire music video mocks all of the sex in the media and even mocks sex orientated music videos.
  • Christina from Peekskill, FlThe scene in the video when the island is floating away is representing you mind being free and not controlled by the media. De La Soul's part represents the media trying to take over.
  • Christina from Peekskill, FlThis song is about protesting the media. (Feel Good INC.)
  • Drew from North Creek, Nyto all the people that are saying that gorrilaz is not a real band they r 2 infact a real band. they have lots of guest stars so everyone thinks they are not real people they are it is just they dont want to be seen so they use cartoon caracters it is the same way south park started. since the original time of souther park the creators have been on Tv but originally none of them did. listen i know gorillaz is an actual band because i know people conected to them so everyone shut up about it and just live with the fact that you have to think outside the box when it comes to bands like gorillaz
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhI liked this song, but it's not one of my favorites. This is the first Groillaz song I ever heard. I think this song is for some reason sex. Just listen to the lyrics... FEEL GOOD. I don't know maybe I'm wrong.
  • Leah from Humboldt, Iav. annoying yet somehow you can't help but love it.
  • AnonymousFeel Good Inc ., the first single to be taken from Gorillaz' second album Demon Days, will be released by Parlophone on 9 th May.

    The ideal introduction to Demon Days, Feel Good Inc. is a typically irrepressible Gorillaz cut, built on an ominous bassline and an infectious vocal hook and matched by a nitrous oxide-fuelled rap from guests De La Soul.

    The video opens at the end of another big night at the Feel Good Inc. tower in an anonymous grey city. The tower is awash with casualties

    from the party, all sleeping off the effects of the night before. 2D is the last one standing. As he gazes out of the window he sees Noodle pass by on a floating island, topped by a huge windmill. Her world is one of green grass, dappled sunshine and butterflies - in stark contrast to the grimy and debauched world of the tower.

    Noodle: ?The windmill is a representation of a note of optimism, a memory of a simpler time. A snapshot picture of an older world, a note of simplicity and a little remembrance of a more innocent moment, pre-struggle.?

    Directed by Jamie Hewlett and Passion Picture's Pete Candeland ? the award-winning directors behind all of Gorillaz ground-breaking promos ? the video uses a mixture of drawn and computer animation and painted backgrounds. All the animation was done in house at Passion Pictures and post was done at Rushes.

    That is pretty much the whole thing :)
  • Magda from Addison, IlThis song is similar to U2's "Staring At the Sun". Just listen to it, and you'll see what I mean.
  • Algernon from Philadelphia, Pa"it is so definatly not the rapping that screws the song up, that's like the best part!! such a good song. they should go easy on the absenity's though.
    - estelle, northshire, England"

    obscenities. The word is obscenities. I for one don't mind swearing in the hands of people who have a command of the english language, such as a decent lyricist, as opposed to silly opposition to cursing from people who confuse absent with obscene. That aside, this song is fantastic and truly entertaining. The video is amazing and as a huge fan of anime, and animation as a whole I found it deeply satisfying. I would love to see more daring attempts like Gorrilaz made, and succeed.

    P.S. "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?" (My Fair Lady)

    -Algernon, Massachusetts, USA (Never a good sign with the rebel colonies are correcting speakers of the mother tongue...)
  • Amy from Lawrence, KsI usually HATE rap, but I like the rap in this one. This is one of my favorite songs on Demon Days. But I do really like the Chorus, I'm a sucker for anything well written about love. :)
  • Tyler from Buffalo, Nyits really about nothing... they even said its really nothing... just a song to make you feel good
  • Blubbablub from Grrstown, NcThis song definatly has two distinct sides to it (the lighter, musical parts by Noodle contradicting(SP?)the more vocal, darker parts by 2D and De La Soul). I'm not sure of what the topic is though...I guess it has something to do with trying to feel good in a dark world.

    Oh, and the Gorillaz is a real band. Just because they have animated characters doesn't mean they're not really a band. We don't say that cartoons and anime are not television shows simply because they don't have any real people in them do we? Nope. They're a real band.
  • Michelle from Darlington, EnglandIs this the one that is also called dare, because if it is, then, i thought it kinda sounded a bit dirty when i listened to it. I don't think it is, it might just be me but, erm... tell me what you think.
  • Emily from Huntington, WvI like the rap in it... I usually hate rap and stuff, but this band makes it sound really good.
  • Brian from Southampton, Nyfakc
  • Dark Abyss18 from Not Able To Post, TxI dunno...i agree with most/some of the comments here...but i like this song...and Gorillaz OWN even if they are animated...i liek their song's and as some poeple said i dont really care much for the rap (pleaze stop the rap...im not a rap person)but the song itself is pretty good...
  • Max from Sydney, Australiathis song IS good, exept for the rap part; the goraillaz do enough rap themselves, so why put worse rap in?
  • Will from Electric LadylandI don't really see how you can like this song but not like the rap part. Really, the music and beats are the same during the regular verses, someone's just rapping over it during the verses.
  • Anonymousbut really this song is about murdoc(bass)gets girls for his looks, but stu pott (vocals) hates murdoc for almost killing him that he wants noodle(acoustic)to date him for his persinality but he would not expect that to help(personalityz...pshh)
    so he is just tellin all folks to make others feel
    good into anything because he feels SORRY for HIMSELF!!!!
  • Antionio from Greenville, ScI love the song but please stop putting rap in all of your songs Im' begging ya'
  • Ricardo from Mexico, MexicoEstelle, please, understand they don´t exist.... Have you ever seen Mickey Mouse?
  • Kristy from Whitehorse, CanadaI love the gorillaz!!!! It doesn't matter that they are a "cartoon" band, they still have to make the songs, weither it be computerized or not and the fact that they are so catchy makes them so good. you need to just apretiate the music! feel good inc. is one of my favorites but my all time favorite gorillaz song is Dare =)!
  • Christine from Sunderland, EnglandI think this song is definately One of Demon days strongest tracks (similar to u2's "staring at the sun?")but why does everyone hate the rap part?
    I really like it.
  • Lisette from Guadalajara, MexicoEstelle, the band itself doesn't really exist. Gorillaz was created by Damon Albarn (music, lyrics and vocal) and Jamie Hewlett (character designs) and they've recorded with lots of guests, but it's not a real band.
  • Steve from Philadelphia, PaWhat is up with all of you hating the rap part? It's like the main part of song and it's really good. It's like saying you don't like a rap song because it has rap in it. I think it produces an amazing effect with the chorus and rest of the song. If you don't like rap, then don't listen to it or at least don't complain about it. I don't really like country, but I don't complain about country songs. I just don't listen to them.
  • Steve from Philadelphia, PaNo, I don't second that. The Gorillaz are much better than Blink 182. I don't think I could listen to any Blink 182 song forever. And about them being weird, well, they're a cartoon band. What do you want them to be like?
  • Melissa from Happy Place, KsEstelle, the whole point of Gorillaz is to be a "virtual" band. The cartoon characters in the videos ARE the band.
  • Laurence Crook from Cirencester, EnglandGreat, GREAT song. Video is probably the best released this year, with the contrast between the grimy Feel Good Inc. and the innocent looking floating windmill. I like the rap part, myself, a lot better than the sh*t in the charts. Only thing I would have changed would be to put in another verse of 2D's spoken word section between the rap and the windmill repeat.
  • Estelle from Northshire, Englandjust reading chris from denver, comments and he has me intrigued...why dont the band members show their faces???
    please someone answer me i really want to know.
  • Estelle from Northshire, Englandit is so definatly not the rapping that screws the song up, that's like the best part!!
    such a good song. they should go easy on the absenity's though.
  • George from Orleans, MaThis song states that feeling good is all that matters, wether you do it with drugs, or with people. The lyrics, rapping, chorus, everything is masterful. The Gorillaz got it down.
  • Timmy from Loris, ScOh crap i forgot to say after it says Wacth the way i navigate first off it doesnt have HAHAHAHAHAHA after it on the lyrics
  • Timmy from Loris, ScIhave got to agree with Guy the rapping was greatly done. I disagree even if u hate me for it but the rapping wasnt horrible or messed it up. Oh and Danny? If you dont like the rapping dont listen to it the rapping was great but if u think it screws up the music dont listen to it. Chorus And Rap Together ROCK YEA WOOT
  • Guy from Beverly Hills, CaI love Gorillaz. And i have to disagree with some people here. The rap part gives more meaning to the song. If you listen, it lists all sorts of excesses and unnessacary things people do to try and make themselves happy. Oh yeah, and the rapping is done by the group De La Soul.
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyI like this song.Hate the rap part though.
  • Melody from Jacksonville, Flawesome chorus. really awesome chorus. but the rap parts screws it up...
  • Djaif from Orlando, FlI defintly agree with Danny the rapping in the song stinks you can't even tell what there saying. My favorite part in this song is the chorus. NOTE on this site there is a typo the lyrics say learn on the chorus its actually turn.
  • Rico from Melbourne, AustraliaIn case you didnt know Danny gorrilaz is a conglomeration of rappers and the greatest artist (arguably) of the 20th century - Damon Albarn. What better way to infuse two music styles together than get 2 completely different genres and their icons, stick em in a band together and listen to what happens. Genius band all the way, and great song
  • Ash from Charleston, WvThe video for this song is mesmerizing. And, it doesn't have any "bling" or $100,000 cars in it. How refreshing.
  • Vincent from St. Davids, EnglandThe song is great. It's kind of a modern version of the beatles song, 'All you need is Love'
  • Matthew from Atlanta, GaGorillaz is such an amazing band. i don't even like rap so much but the parts they infuse into their eclectic music is nothing short of spectacular. Also, the lyrics add depth to the music. I would definately say that while this new cd isn't nearly as good as the self-titled album, Feel Good inc is definately an amazing song.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaI think the chorus is good, but i don't see any reason why gorllaz have to wreck all their songs by adding that rap all the time
  • Alice from Hobart, AustraliaI agree with Kyle with the darker sides of feeling good nowadays. I was just going to add-in and say that I think the song says that the ability to feel good has become more industrialised, or that in order to be happy, we focus more on the physical objects. The inc. in the title could almost refer to this industrialisation of happiness. The chorus, in my opinion is saying to forget about all that and just be happy and free with who you are. P.S I know all the words!! :)
  • Bethan from Somerset, Uk.The band managed to get into the newly combined UK singles chart (a combination of physical and downloaded sales) through a loophole. 300 copies of this song were released into the shops, which, in the normal chart, would have barely made the UK top 75, but because the track was avalible for download as well, managed to reach no.22 in the charts.

    Peaked at #2 in the UK, and is still in the UK top 40 chart three months later.
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Jesus In Pop Hits: The Gospel Songs That Went Mainstream

Jesus In Pop Hits: The Gospel Songs That Went MainstreamSong Writing

These overtly religious songs crossed over to the pop charts, despite resistance from fans, and in many cases, churches.