Looking Up

Album: Wonderful Crazy Night (2015)
  • The lead single from Wonderful Crazy Night, this jaunty track is representative of the album's upbeat vibe. Elton John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin, explained to Rolling Stone that the singer "felt there was enough pain and suffering in the world" without him adding to it, "so he wanted to do something that exuded positive energy."

    He added: "I like the idea of coming at it from a different angle. We're not the sort of guys who are going to solve the world's problems and write about fracking and corporate greed. I don't particularly have a problem with Starbucks [laughs], so we'll leave that to other people. No names mentioned [laughs]."
  • The impressionistic animated video is full of watercolors paying tribute to the countless different glasses that Elton John has worn over the years.


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