Album: Sleeping With The Past (1989)
Charted: 1 18
  • This song is about how hard it is to stay faithful and devoted in a marriage, challenging the worn-down mantra that a successful union requires "sacrifice." Elton sings that it's no sacrifice at all, it's just "two hearts living in two separate worlds."
  • Elton's lyricist Bernie Taupin explained in Music Connection magazine before the song was released: "It's a simple lyric, but it's an intelligent adult lyric. It's basically about the rigors of adult love, and it's a million miles away from 'Your Song.' Elton came up with a brilliant melody, and his performance on it gives it a lot of integrity and meaning. It's not a surface song, and I think you'll probably see that one in the coming months becoming a big, big hit."
  • This was released as a single in 1989, but stalled at #55 in the UK. Six months later it was revived in the UK by DJ Steve Wright, who began replaying it on his BBC Radio One afternoon show. He reported the great listener reaction to Rocket Records, which reissued it as a double A-side along with his previous release "Healing Hands," which had also flopped in the UK. By mid-summer 1990, the single went to #1 in the UK.
  • This was Elton's first solo UK #1. Prior to this he had had 53 British hit singles but his only chart topper had been "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," his 1976 duet with Kiki Dee.
  • Speaking to The Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, Bernie Taupin said this is one of his favorite compositions. "It's about a marriage falling apart and trying to live a lie when you actually can't," he explained. "People call it the divorce song."

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  • Revived Man from 55014I cheated on my wife three years ago. My heart ached for her seeing the damage I caused. When she continued to love my family and kids from my first marriage I turned back from this terrible path. Today we are together and I am blessed to be given a second chance. She is better than I ever deserved.
  • Chi Girl from NigeriaSweet song.
  • Rick from Planet MelmackThe most beautiful song Elton John ever recorded. Shows all his talent and thoughtfulness. Total perfection. "Some things look better, baby, just passing through" says it all. Remaining faithful is no sacrifice at all. The music arrangement is haunting.
  • Aj from Newport BeachWonderful song, wonderful message. Fidelity in love is no sacrifice at all. It isn't as easy when the relationship is in trouble, however, and one or the other party looks for a quick fix outside of the relationship. Fidelity at least gives you a chance to work it out. Infidelity is a sign that one or the other has checked out of the relationship emotionally on some level. I'm not being judgmental, just stating the obvious.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxHe sounded so different than usual on this song. I didn't realize at first that it was him.
  • Ny from Canberra, AustraliaSacrifice, yeah i think its about temptation and the reality of adult love. peerhaps abotu you feelign the love for someone but its goning cold you ar enot connecting and what you yearn for is being offered to you by another parhaps? very emotional lyrics.
  • Claude from Kingston, MaSinead O'Connor does an amazingly haunting cover of this song on "Two Rooms."
  • Adam from Boyce, VaVery beautiful ballad...Love the arrangement
  • Lisa from Long Island, NyOne of his best songs. I cannot believe this was his first solo UK#1 hit. What a shocker.
  • Dylan from Port Orange, FlOne of Elton's classics.
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