Tiny Dancer

Album: Madman Across The Water (1971)
Charted: 41


  • The lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin, Elton's writing partner, and were inspired by Taupin's first trip to America. John and Taupin are from England, and Madman Across The Water was the first album they wrote after spending time in the US. Taupin and John spent a lot of time together in the '70s; Bernie traveled with the band and would usually stand by the soundboard during shows.
  • The "blue jean baby, LA Lady, seamstress for the band" sure sounds it's Maxine Feibelmann, who was Bernie Taupin's girlfriend when he wrote the song and who became his first wife in 1971. She traveled with the band on their early tours, often sewing together the costumes and fixing their clothes. Plus, on the Madman Across The Water album, it says, "With love to Maxine" under the credits for this song. Elton John even said at one point that Bernie wrote it about his girlfriend.

    Well, Taupin says that the song is not about Maxine. Here's the story he tells: "We came to California in the fall of 1970, and sunshine radiated from the populace. I was trying to capture the spirit of that time, encapsulated by the women we met - especially at the clothes stores up and down the Strip in LA. They were free spirits, sexy in hip-huggers and lacy blouses, and very ethereal, the way they moved. So different from what I'd been used to in England. And they all wanted to sew patches on your jeans. They'd mother you and sleep with you - it was the perfect Oedipal complex."

    Taupin adds that the "tiny" was poetic license, although these women were all petite. And "Tiny Dancer" sounds a lot better than "Small Dancer" or "Little Dancer."
  • This song ripened into one of Elton John's classics, but it didn't even crack the Top 40 when it was released, peaking at #41 in America in 1972. In the UK and most other territories, it wasn't released as a single.

    Its chart failure has a lot to do with its 6:12 running time, making it too long for many radio stations. Also, Elton was only on the precipice of stardom at the time, his biggest hit being "Your Song" at #8. Part of the song's enduring popularity owes to how it was never overplayed - when it comes on the radio, it seems special.
  • The Madman Across The Water album was much more heavily produced than Elton's first three. It was one of his first songs with a lush string section arranged by Paul Buckmaster, who arranged the stings on many of Elton's albums as well as songs by The Rolling Stones, Train, and Leonard Cohen. Ron Cornelius, who played guitar on Cohen's album Songs Of Love And Hate, told us: "Buckmaster is a wonderful string arranger, he's just one of these guys who can make an orchestra talk. In other words, if the strings aren't saying something, it ain't on the record."
  • This is featured in the 2000 movie Almost Famous in a scene where a rock band is on tour, at each other's throats. When "Tiny Dancer" come on in the tour bus, they all start singing along and remember how they're connected through their love of music.

    In 2011, Budweiser used the same "Tiny Dancer changes the mood" theme in a commercial that debuted on the Super Bowl. In the spot, a gruff cowboy starts a sing-a-long to the song when he gets his beer. Peter Stormare, whose film credits include Fargo and The Big Lebowski, played the cowboy.
  • Elton was pleasantly surprised to learn about this song's use in Almost Famous, as it didn't always get a great reaction when he performed it live. Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2011, Elton recalled: "Jeffrey Katzenberg called me and said, 'There's a scene in this film which is going to make 'Tiny Dancer' a hit all over again.' When I saw it, I said, 'Oh my God!' I used to play 'Tiny Dancer' in England and it would go down like a lead zeppelin. Cameron resurrected that song."
  • After it was used in Almost Famous in 2000, Elton made this a regular part of his setlists. Over the next few years, digital downloading became possible and "Tiny Dancer" was a top seller. In 2005, it earned its first Gold certification for selling 500,000 copies; in 2018, it was certified at 3 million.
  • Ten different backup vocalists are credited on this track, including bass player Dee Murray and drummer Nigel Olsson, both of whom became played on many of Elton's later recordings, but not on this one: session man David Glover played bass and Roger Pope was on drums. Other backup vocalists include songwriter Roger Cook ("Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" by The Hollies) and the duo Sue & Sunny (Sue Glover and Sunny Leslie).

    Additional personnel are:

    Davey Johnstone - acoustic guitar
    Caleb Quaye - electric guitar
    B. J. Cole - steel guitar
  • Madman Across The Water contains another late bloomer in Elton's catalog: "Levon," which with a 5:08 running time, didn't get much airplay when it was first released, but went on to become one of his standards. Released as a US single ahead of "Tiny Dancer," it stalled at #24.
  • Elton performed this as a duet with Tim McGraw to open the 2002 American Music Awards. McGraw was named Favorite Male Country Artist, but left before he could accept the award.
  • In 2008, DJ Ironik interpolated this for his album No Point In Wasting Tears, in a version featuring the rapper Chipmunk. This reworking, which was titled "Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)," hit #3 in the UK. Elton John is featured in the video. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • On October 28, 2010, Elton played the BBC Radio show Electric Proms, where during his performance of "Tiny Dancer," a guy in the audience asked his girlfriend to marry him. The following evening, Elton appeared on the BBC magazine program The One Show, and the now-engaged couple were in the audience. When Elton learned of this, he insisted on them coming up to meet him. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • When Tony Danza hosted the ESPY Awards on ESPN, Chris Berman gave him the nickname Tony "Tiny" Danza. He hated it. On the show, he claimed he wanted the nickname Tony "Extrava" Danza.
  • Elton John performed this with Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards in 2018. Four days earlier, Elton announced his farewell tour.
  • In February 2019, this featured in a trailer for the movie Rocketman, starring Taron Egerton as Elton John. Egerton did his own singing in the film, and the trailer proved that he could pull it off. A few days after the trailer was released, Egerton sang it with the real Elton John at Elton's annual Oscars party. The film was released on May 31, 2019.
  • In The Office episode "The Dundies" (2005), Michael Scott sings a karaoke version of this during the Dundie Awards. Instead of "Hold me closer, tiny dancer," he sings, "You have won a tiny Dundie." The song also plays at the end of the episode as Jim watches Pam's car drive away.

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  • Jackie from Stourbridge West Midlands Saw rocket man for the first time this week and I'm hooked have seen it now 8 times that works out average twice a day my favourite song by Elton is goodbye yellow brick rd as I was in their era 4 months youger than Bernie they have always been on my radar Elton great but love berni
  • David from Salford, Great Britain. Elton John was off my radar growing up in England, I knew he was about but his music wasn't aimed at me.
    My folks are baby boomers, we had lots of Billy Fury, Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison, my nanna and granddad used to have big parties and the music was all from this era with the odd number one from the 70's and Tamla Motown from aunty Dawn and Uncle Philip.
    As I got older and growing up a gay man I kept Elton John music at arms length in case my true identity was revealed. I liked his collaborations but that was it.
    I watched Rocketman the other night and was completely blown away. His music, lyrics and story was fascinating and totally mesmerising.
    Set my Alarm with Alexa from Echo Dot & asked to be woken up with music. A song I was familiar with had me awake from the first note played. Listening to the lyrics, almost dancing in bed, tune was familiar though I didn't know its name. When the chorus arrived and the 'Tiny Dancer' words mixed with the music resonated I felt sad. I had grown up missing out on one of the greatest musician and song writer of all time.
    I am catching up.
    Both Alexa and myself are shuffling thru Elton and Bernie's song book, and loving it.
  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenHold me closer, Tony Danza...
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaFirst EJ song I ever heard, always liked it.
  • Someone Special from Los Angeles, CaBernie Taupin met Maxine (his American wife) through me. He wrote Tiny Dancer during his first or second years with Maxine. I believe this song is 100% written about her.
    My sister (Janis Larkham) did the embroidery on the album, Madman Across The Water. She was Maxine's best friend at the time.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 27th 1972, "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #85; and five weeks later on April 2nd, 1972 it peaked at #41 {for 1 week} and spent 7 weeks on the Top 100...
    And following "Tiny Dancer", thirteen of his next fourteen* releases all reached the Top 10 in the U.S.A.
    * The only one of the fourteen that didn't make the Top 10 was "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting", and it missed by only two positions, it reached #12.
  • Jeff from Centennial, CoTo follow up on Kristen from Scottsdale's comment, Michael Scott sings this song during the season 2 "The Dundies" episode of "The Office," changing the words to "You have won a tiny Dundie." A bar patron mocks him and yells out, "Sing it, Elton!" Later, the actual chorus plays over the final scene as Jim Halpert watches Pam Beesly and Angela Martin drive away.
  • Mike from Nampa, IdThis is an orchestrated rock masterpiece. It blows me away that the audiences in the 70s didn't seem (by their reaction to it) to appreciate the beauty of this song. Fantastic music & lyrics. Love Elton John's music & Taupin's lyrics. probably my fav Elton John song.
  • Maggie from St Paul, MnI loved that episode of WKRP! I was in high school at the time, and my best friend and I both had a crush on Howard Hessman, as well as the actor who played Andy Travis! And at the end, when Ivan goes off with his group, and Andy and Bailey walk off to that song... we cried every time!
  • Constance from Alief, TxRemember the movie "Aloha Bobby and Rose" it was in that as well along with Bennie and the Jets. Tiny Dancer has always made me stop and think back. What an incredible song.
  • Penya from Los Angeles, CaIn an interview with Bernie J.Taupin he tells us the meaning behind Tiny Dancer and who he wrote it for. http://www.berniejtaupin.com/discography.bt?ds_id=356
  • Penya from Los Angeles, CaTo clear up the mystery about the Fashion Designer (Genie) who lived upstairs from the Whiskey Ago go I included a like for you. I too had a Coutre House next to the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip, but on a different year. http://counterculturalbooks.wikia.com/wiki/Jeannie_Franklyn
  • Jorge from Sunrise, FlPlayed it for my daughter ; she was 10 at the time. She asked me "Is this a new song ?" I replied "No" . She asked me "Why can't they write songs like this anymore?" I don't know Ariana, I just don't know...
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song is BEAUTIFUL! I love the way his voice goes high when he sings later in the song...Gorgeous! <3
  • Patti from Rochester, NyTo Valerie-Eureka, Ca. - yes, I also read decades ago that Tiny Dancer was written for Jeannie/Genie the Tailor. Could swear it was either Rolling Stone magazine or 16 magazine. It appears that there are only a few of us who not only read/heard that news but also remember it! I read she did custom work for Elton, Rolling Stones, etc ... and they all loved her as she was such a great seamtress and a beautiful person who died far too young in a traffic accident.
  • Tom from Portland, United KingdomHi Valerie,
    Indeed, I have also read that Tiny Dancer is about Genie the Tailor.
    Whether it is or not, I don't know, though I do know that Genie the Tailor was Jeannie Franklyn, a clothes designer.
    She died when Fairport Convention's bus came off the road after a gig in 1969. (She was the girlfriend of Richard Thompson.)
    Apparently Jack Bruce's Songs for a Tailor is named for her.
  • Jon from Scotland, United KingdomThe DJ Ironik track which sampled Tiny Dancer was titled Hold Me Closer as he couldn't obtain the proper clearance to use the real title. Elton John became interested in the DJ Ironik version months after it had become a big club anthem and gave his permission for the dance version to be released commercially.
  • Jon from Scotland, United KingdomDespite the song being used on the "Almost Famous" soundtrack, "Tiny Dancer" was never really one of Elton John's better known songs. In fact, it took 30 years for the song to be included on one of his "Greatest Hits" albums. Today in the UK, it's one of Elton's most popular songs played on British radio. And this is all because of the movie "Almost Famous" which is just as fantastic as the song.
  • Gina from Atlanta, GaI dont know why I woke up with this song in my head,havent heard it in years,but havae to say I ve listened to it 3 times already this morning to try to understand it,and what it means..to me
  • Serra from Santa Fe, Nm"Tiny Dancer" was my father's special song for me when "Madman Across the Water" was released in 1971. Despite the fact that my father and I couldn't sing or dance, we sang and danced to this song so often that it was one of the first lyrics that I memorized. I still can't listen to it without thinking about my relationship with my father and getting all misty-eyed.
  • Ilianna from Chandler, AzElton John is great. Favorite song of all time.
  • Mrg-malo from Albuquerque, Nmoh dayum!! lol The Heroin seems a whole lot more plausible than the masturbation theory!! A lot of the parts in the song really did allude to heorin use/addiction... Even the silhouette of a "tiny dancer"/ballerina is a vague representation of a hypodermic needle...
  • Jas from Clifton, TxOK, about the WKRP episode: I just watched the episode you are referring to, and it's not about a Russian figure skater. The episode is called "The Americanization of Ivan," and it's about a Russian hog expert that wants to defect. In the episode, the INS office in Cincinnati isn't able to accept a Soviet defector, so Ivan has to pretend that he hates the US to avoid rousing the suspicions of his colleagues, and he heads for Cleveland with his delegation, where the INS office will be able to accept his defection. It's Episode 33, in case you're wondering, and it's on the DVD of the first season of WKRP, which is the only season out on dvd so far, though I really hope they release the whole series. That's totally unrelated to the song, but I couldn't let the world live with a misconception about Dr. Johnny Fever. Do it for Johnny!
  • Clint from Lower 48, CtThere was an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati were Johhny Fever fell for a Russian female skater and she want to defect, but it didn't work. If i remember it right, in the end she had to act like she hated the U.S., but before she left she said "hold me close my tiny dancer" to Johnny as a code. The show ended with Johnny playing the song on the air and reflecting.
  • Bonnie from Palo Alto, Caguess what folks. My sister is the real Lady Goodman. Here is the scoop. Cameron Crow had an office mate named Debbie Gold back in the 70's. Debbie was good friends with Lady and would get on the phone to talk with Cameron. Years later he recalled her name and she was asked to use it in the unnamed film which became Almost Famous. Ironically (or not) she was a huge groupie too!. Her fave was Leon Russel and she followed him all over the country (she denies this but it is true)!!
  • Splunge from Tampa, FlI can't tell you how many innocent bubbles I have burst by telling people this but "Tiny Dancer", like almost every Rock song ever written, is about HEROIN. You don't believe it? Try this. Listen again to the song critically, and see if the images fit into the context of heroin. Here are a couple of examples to get you started. "Blue jean baby" = that little bulge that a tiny packet of the drug makes in your pants pocket. "LA lady" = speaks for itself. "Seamstress for the band" = the needle. Okay, now go ahead and work through the rest on your own.
  • Brad from Long Island, Nyit is "Pirate Smile". Bernie Taupin was an amazing writer.
  • Valerie from Eureka, CaI was just watching Almost Famous. The band was on a bus singing Tiny Dancer. I decided to look this up online because I recall YEARS (I'm 60 yrs old now) ago an article in a newspaper about a woman, Jeanie The Tailor...seamstress for the band, who was killed in a car accident or bus or some kind of vehicle. As I recall, the song was written for her. I don't know her real name maybe it was Jeanie. Hey, I'm not even sure if she spelled it Jeanie or Jeannie. Either way, I tried looking up Jeanie the Tailor in my browzer bar and got nothing. I looked up Tiny Dancer and got stuff about Bernie Taupin's first wife, girlfriend Maxine Feibelman being the person the song was written about. So now, was she the one killed? There was no info on that anywhere. I know I am not crazy so has history changed? Please help and aging rock fan!
  • Beth from Manhatten, NyIt's such a beautiful song! Its my favorite scene in Almost Famous when they're on the bus and start singing it.
  • Jackie from Apple Valley, CaIn 1974 I was 17 riding along one night in the rain with my husband of two years, holding my new baby girl as the song "Tiny Dancer" played on the radio. I am now 51 and when I hear the song play, it makes me feel so bitter sweet as my "Tiny Dancer" is all grown up and gone. It was the best year of my life. The memories music can stir up in our hearts and minds is amazing.
  • Joanna from Los Angeles, CaThis song was written about a dancer Reginald Dwight (Elton) met in Los Angeles. She also inspired him to write "Suzie" as well as "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" after she announced to him that she was pregnant. He left town, and no one knows what happened to her or the child.
  • Malcolm Gibson from Holyhead,I recall reading a few years back that the 'Tiny Dancer' that Bernie wrote about was indeed the girl he married, Maxine, the 'seamstress to the band'.
    The 'piano man makes a stand in the Auditorium' is a reference to Eltons show stopping first performance in LA on their first tour to the USA
  • Rich from El Segundo, CaFollow-up: I communicated via e-mail with Gavin Edwards, who said that he never specifically asked if Bernie's future wife ever sewed anything for him! The status of this remains in limbo...........
  • Rich from El Segundo, CaThis trivia question, "Elton John songwriter Bernie Taupin penned which '71 hit for his future wife, who was a seamstress for the band" was one of my favorites for my upcoming board game Rock of Ages (rockofagestrivia.com).
    So it was with a little dismay when I read in this OTHERWISE FANTASTIC book "Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton's Little John?" ('Music's most enduring mysteries, myths, and rumours' 2006, Gavin Edwards, title in reference to the masturbation theory)that, although dedicated to, it wasn't for his fiancee and neither was she a seamstress. In an interview with the author, pg. 127, Taupin said the song wasn't about any one woman, especially his ex. In reference to the women of 1970, quote, "I was trying to capture the spirit of the time, encapsulated by the woman we met-especially at clothes stores up and down the strip in L.A. They were free spirits, sexy in hip huggers and lacy blouses, and very ethereal, the way they moved. So different from what I'd been used to in England. And they all wanted to sew patches on your jeans".
    Could this be a retrospective sour grapes comment? It is with much reluctance I will delete this question from my game!
    Rich Negrete
  • Jesse from East Setauket, Ny, Ny"I need to go home". "You are home".
  • Katie from Charleston, ScThat scene in Almost Famous is definitely one of the best and it is perfect for Kate Hudson's character Lady Goodman, a.k.a. Penny Lane.
  • Kevin from Knoxville, TnThis song was also in "Almost Famous", the scene where one of the band members had been tripping on acid and the teenage reporter gets him back on the bus. Now everybody is mad at each other and "Tiny Dancer" comes over the speakers in the bus and they all start singing on cue. It made them happier and that my friends, is what i think the song does to all of u when we hear it...makes us feel better!!!
  • Dale from Santa Fe, NmSince Piano Man had not been written, and this song was written by Bernie Taupin, and considering the backstory, I think the "Piano Man" is Elton John--the words she knows the tunes she hums.
  • Caitlin from Brisbane, AustraliaThis is one of my favourite songs of all time. My boyfriend used to sing this to me before he died so everytime i hear it it reminds me of him and i cry but i still love it.
  • Fig from Bradford, Englandfrom a musicians point of view this is such a difficult song to play and sing well.e.j. hits the top c,s in the chorus effortlessly.classic elton before he had to have his throat op.he stopped playing this live for a long time after cos he,s got no falsetto now,but has started to bring it back into the set again due to popular demand but he now sings the chorus in a lower arrangment,which doesnt really have the same effect.for some reason this song never gets played over here in england,ever.ive no idea why as i personally think its the best song he ever did.if you`re a fan of this song check out the accoustic version on the old grey whistle test.its on youtube somewhere.also check out ben folds accoustic version from the album ben folds live.fantastic cover,ben really does the song justice and plays it with real feeling.
  • Kristen from Scottsdale, AzThis song is played on an episode from "The Office". "Michael Scott" (Steve Carrell) sings this at the Dundie awards in Chili's. The episode is "The Dundies"
  • Scott from Boston, MaThis is definitely my favorite Elton John song.
  • Marie from Ithaca, Nyhis is my favorite song of all time. I attended a EJ concert here in NY. Maxine Feibelmann not only went on the tours, she danced by herself to the side of the stage. I imagine that's where the part of the lyrics about 'you must have seen her, and 'the tune she knows, the song she hums!' There is a picture of her inside the Madman across the Water Album (on an inset) of her smiling and it really is a "pirate's smile."
  • Renee from Bloomington, MnMary from Phoenix: I'm not sure, but I think Billy Joel didn't do the song Piano Man until a few years after Tiny Dancer. As for why he's referred to as the Piano Man, that song was kind of autobiographical and I guess the name was taken from a period in his life when he played in piano bars.
  • Dean from Kansas City, Mo"There is an urban legend that this is about Elton John's penis."
    - Sara, Greenville, AL

    Trust me, if a guy writes a song about his manhood, he ain't gonna use the word "tiny."
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsThis song is so amazing,the piano,his voice,everything in this song is to perfect.I love it!
  • Willam from La Mirada, CaI love this song! When i was trying to figure out who made the song i was going by the lyrics "everybody has private dancers!" instead of "hold me close young tiny dancer!". Like a stripper y'know.
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzI heard it somewhere that Elton John is refering to Billy Joel in the line: "Piano man he makes his stand In the auditorium" But didn't this come out way before Billy Joel became famous and before the song "Piano Man". Maybe that's how he got the name Piano Man. Hmmmm...any thoughts?
  • Rondon from Caloocan, OtherTHis Song is Awesome!...i really love this.! ASTIG!. ROck N ROLL
  • Brooke from Portland, Oramazing song. while watching almost famous it brought a happy tear to my eye, it was just such a strong part in the movie i thought.
  • Julie Michelle from St. Louis, MoMy Pawpaw would sing me to sleep with this song when i was little before he died and whenever i listen to it i just get overcome with this great feeling!
  • Shannon from Sioux Falls, SdTHIS IS A WONDERFUL SONG! it gives me the goosebumps
  • Mikey from Boston, MaThis song is listed in 'The Book of Rock Lists as one of 5 songs about masturbation along with "A little help from my friends", "Turning Japanese" et.al.
  • Rain from Calgary, CanadaIlove almost famous my fav movie and i love when they all sing in the bus!!! it's soo awesome!!! i love the song!!! i have it in my ipod!!!
  • Sara from Greenville, AlThere is an urban legend that this is about Elton John's penis.
  • Jordan from Nanaimo, CanadaElton John performed this song with Ryan Adams on a CMT Crossroads TV special.
  • Emmie from Long Island, NyI discovered this song in an odd way. It had been on my iPod for a while, but I only listened to Rocket Man, Levon, and Crocodile Rock (which are by no means bad songs). I was going to delete it and Your Song, but I decided to give them a try. I was incredibly impressed that I played both songs 22 times EACH in one day. But I didn't get tired of either of them, which is amazing. All the new music I hear now gets so boring after a long time! I get so annoyed when my friends think Fall Out Boy is the best thing ever! My mom has every Elton John album on LP, and I can see she's happy when I play Tiny Dancer on my iTunes playlists.
  • Bill from Indianapolis, InI bought the album Mad Man Across the Water when I was a freshman in High School in 1971 and wore it out as I did many E.J. albums. Tiny Dancer was always a favorite. But it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I watched Almost Famous on cable for the first time and witnessed the rebirth of this song in the famous bus scene. Since then I have watched this movie a dozen times with that scene as my favorite and a very profound part of this wonderful movie. I grew up in the 70's and that movie brought back so many wonderful flashbacks. I recently bought Madman Across the Water again on the SACD Surround Sound remastered CD. Technology has only made this classic even better. I have always been curious of the inspiration behind the song since in the album below the lyrics of Tiny Dancer is a picture of a young woman and below it states "With love to Maxine". I thought she was possibly an early love interest of Elton's until I found this web site and read it was Bernie Taupin's girlfriend at the time and eventually his wife. Thank You
  • Jamie from Brooklyn , Nyi have always thought that it said "hold me close TONY DANZA" that was before i new the title.
  • Joe from Bethlahem, PaSince Elton John's gay I thought it was "Hold me closer, time to dance sir."
  • Phil from Bowie, Mddefinately one of my favorite songs ever.
  • Janice from Brunswick, GaGreat song!!! And great movie...I watch it over and over....everytime it gets to the part where there singing the song on the bus it gives me chills!!!!!!!!! Elton John you are the man
  • Lacie from Whitefish, MtGREAT SONG! but whenever i hear it, i picture a girl that a guy loved, dying....the lyrics lay me down....that part just puts it in my head! Does anyone else think of that?
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, Canada(1) yes, the song is the same one that Tim McGraw covered a few years ago.
    (2) this is NOT his first album with Paul Buckmaster, who did the strings on the Elton John (self titled) album, Friends soundtrack, and Tumbleweed Connection. But it was a landmark for him in writing, playing, and production.
    (3) Bernie Taupin split with Maxine in 1976 after he discovered she was carrying on an affair with Kenny Passareli, formerly one of Bernie's closest friends on the road. The song "Between Seventeen And Twenty " on Blue Moves, speaks about this.
  • Haden from Seattle, Wasomeone at my work told me that it reminds them of the song tim mcgraw sings. it is the same right?? thats why i would like to know what it means!! help please
  • Elie from The U.k, EnglandI love that song ispecially in the movie almost famous this part is the heart of the movie
  • Danielle from Sarnia, Mi..."to just love one silly little piece of music so much it hurts"..thats what tiny dancer is (that comes from almost famous)
  • Brittany from Richmond, KyI love this song. After i saw almost famous i had to have the album! It's a great song to sing along too!
  • Courtenay from Murray, UtI also used to sing, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" when I was young.
  • Eloise from London, EnglandAs a rule of thumb, this is every woman's favorite Elton John song.
    - Ben, Winston-Salem, NC

    Well, that's a huge generalisation, Ben! It ain't mine, my sister's, my friends etc etc!! So what makes you ssay that?
  • Charles from Bronxville, NyThe history of Elton John's music in my life has been, to say the least, profound. On one of our first "dates" my wife and I sang most of Yellow Brick Road - the album. There are many other instances of his music in my life, but the most memorable:
    A few moments after my daughter Lauren was delivered, as my wife and I looked with the most profound amazmement either of us would ever know softly, over the PA we heard this song playing. For second time in the space of a few minutes, neiter of us could speak. But at that point words weren't necessary.
    I'm sorry that Bernie feels so stronly about the song, but sadly, that's the way thisgs sometimes work out. He is one of poets of our age. God bless him.
  • Kevin from Campbell River, CanadaI'm with you, Natalie. That truly is the best use of this song. I love that movie so much. It made me realise waht true music is all aobut, man. It was deep.
  • Natalie from Manchester, Englandlooove this song, makes me happy :) fave part in almost famous, best film of all time
  • Ray from Newport, RiI actually met Bernie Taupin at a performance by his side band, "Farm Dog," at a club called "The Birchmere" in 1998. He signed CDs after the performance. I brought a "Madman Across the Water" CD for his signature, and he STRONGLY refused to sign near, or talk about "Tiny Dancer..." (translation: the breakup must have been BAD!)

    Yup, true story!
  • Brigit from Krommenie, NetherlandsJohn Frusciante, guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers once sang it on the Pink Pop festival(Holland)in 1990.
  • Natalie Lyons from Knoxville, TnI am absolutely crazy about this song! It keeps my spirits up. God Bless Elton John for his talent and him using it to spread around the joy!
    Almost Famous is a must see; I encourage you to see it.
  • Christina from Rancho , Cathis song means a lot to me my dad used to sing it to me when i was a lil girl and it is takin forever for me to get it on cd
  • Nicole from Apple Valley, MnBen Folds covers this song on "Ben Folds Live"
  • John from Albury, Nsw, AustraliaLove this song but then I love the whole Madman across the Water Album. Very inspirational.
  • Ben from Winston-salem, NcAs a rule of thumb, this is every woman's favorite Elton John song.
  • Geo from Eugene, OrMy friends and I always sing ..Count the head lice on the highway..
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrWhen I was younger, my father told me that he originally wrote this song. He claims that the real lyrics were, "Hold me Closer, Tony Danza"! When I told this to one of my friends, she thought it was hilarious!
  • Cadence from Sacramento, CaJenny, that's exactly what i'd always thought.
  • Josh from Santa Barbara, CaI once heard that this song was about a penis...
    Think about it. Think about it.
  • Geoff from Adelaide, AustraliaMy favourite bit in Almost Famous is when the group start singing this on the bus. Such a beautiful song and I think it shows the power of music.
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaThe song is about the women of Los Angeles
  • Becky from Berkshire, EnglandDave Grohl of Foo Fighters performed the song on a US celebrity chat show, starting "Tiny Dancer.....two words that strike a chord in the heart of every sensitive 32 year old man in the country". He does it well.
  • Jenny from Sussex, NjOn "Friends", Phoebe thinks that the chorus of this song says "Hold me close young Tony Danza"
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