The Barbarian

Album: Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970)
  • ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson was not against borrowing from classical music. This instrumental is a pretty direct takeoff from "Allegro Barbaro," a piano piece by Bela Bartok. A group arrangement, it shows off some of the musicianship the group would become known for, including Emerson's high-speed piano and Carl Palmer's deft drumming.
  • This was the first track on the first Emerson, Lake & Palmer album. A very intense track, it was offset by the more mellow "Take A Pebble," which came next.
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  • Tom from Freiburg, GermanyAfter the song was released, Emerson got a call from Bartok's widow. He was a little disturbed to hear the voice of someone who he thought was "some 100 years dead already".
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