Album: We Do What We Want (2011)
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  • In the lead up to the release of American Rock band Emery's We Do What We Want album on March 29, 2011, an MP3 for this song was spilt into seven sections. For seven consecutive days, one new piece of "Scissors" was revealed through a different online media outlet. The band daily gave a clue as to where the next clip would be released on their Facebook page, and fans were encouraged to collect all of the parts and put the song back together.
  • Frontman Toby Morrell discussed the song's meaning in an interview with Alternative Press: "This song has it all. It starts so heavy and then comes in with a really catchy melody that I feel our band are known for. The story here is basically a guy finding out he's going to die and somewhat questions his beliefs. So many people struggle with death and God. That's natural and a way to actually come to a conclusion about what you really believe. Is your God big enough to help you when all seems lost? What or who do you trust and what actually happens in the end? It's a tough subject that can't be answered in one song, but I wrote this in order to call myself out, face my own insecurities and find where my strength lies."
  • Morrell explained the inspiration for the song in an interview with Noisecreep: "This song actually started out as a song about betrayal but half way through the recording process, it just didn't feel right. It didn't lyrically fit. So I played around with some of the lines and started an entirely different idea. This song is now about a person finding out they are dying and how that impacts the faith they have claimed for their entire life. It's about testing your beliefs and the doubts vs. trust in your faith when things are at their worst. Do you really believe what you say you do?"


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