Album: The Eminem Show (2002)
Charted: 15


  • In this, Eminem raps about how fans would say or do anything to get with him or other big singers. He's saying that he's single and he plans on staying that way because he hates relationships and everything that comes with them. >>
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    Kristie - Beckley, WV
  • This features vocals by Dina Rae, who is also on the Eminem tracks "Drug Ballad" and "Cum On Everybody." She joined him onstage when Eminem performed at the 2002 Anger Management Tour

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  • Michael from Las Cruces, Nm@Maxiell: Are you real? He hates how female fans just want to get with big singers just for the fame.
  • Maggie from Houston, TxThis song is not about Mariah. I dunno if they will print this, but if you get your hands on the book "Cleaning Out My Closet: The Book" (which is a tell all by some pathetic chick) it's clearly about HER. It's hilarious because she doesn't know it!
    You can read it there.
  • Maxiell from Pompano Beach, Fl The song is about Eminem's pereception on women. To him, females are whores, goldiggers, and liars. He dosen't want to be in a relationship with any women and dosen't want to be affiliated with women in general. To him women lie, and all they want is fame and the life that comes with it. In order for him to not get hurt again, he basically plays games with them. He tells them that he is their superman, and how the girl drives him crazy. To him everything is a game, and he is the winner because he will never fall for females games. The song is about him and how he is Superman to himself.
  • Jordan from Tampa Fl, FlAddition to the on and off relationships there were some more including Bagpipes from Baghdad (Eminem) and Jimmy Crack corn (Eminem)
  • Jordan from Tampa Fl, FlHe says in the song "What you Mariah, fly through twice" stating that he and Mariah used to date which started the whole on and off relationship they had when they were younger in goes in the order of Superman (Eminem) Voicemails on the anger management tour (Eminem) Obessed (Mariah) The Warning (Eminem) and possibly Up Out My Face (Mariah)
  • Rick from Slidell, Laput anthrax on your tampax and slap you til u cant stand. lol good stuff
  • Rick from Slidell, LaLol, probably his best song. So factual about women in general. Keep spitting it dude
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think that Eminem is a pretty cool person. He says what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, because he doesn't care what anyone says back to him. He puts that into everything that he does. Superman is about girls who want him because he's famous, rich, and good looking. They don't really know him, so he doesn't want a lasting relationship with them. To him they are just gold-digging sluts that are there to have sex with. (I personally wouldn't want to be in a sexual realtionship of any kind with Eminem because he's kind of psycho.)

  • Nichole from Battle Creek, MiWe know that he's been burnt in the past when it comes to relationships. Clearly he's talking about a model or some type of sex symbol. She clearly has some issues with alcohol which probably means she also has some emotional issues. She isn't the kind of girl that you have to impress in order to get to third base and that doesn't help when it comes to men respecting her... she's clearly a little loose.. which would make anyone wonder if she would indeed be faithful. He's feeding her a line in order to get her where he wants her... but in the end he's been burnt and she doesn't have any inhabitions... so he can't be her superman... It would never work out.. lack of trust... In her and women in general. He's not willing to risk being hurt again... she's not worth saving from herself. I think people from every walk of life can relate to that feeling especially after going through a relationship filled with turmoil.
  • Zul from Cotonou, BeninThe video clip features jenna jameson the famous pornstar.
  • Becca from Minot, United Statesi really uv this song it is really cool!! + i am a huge fan of him!! he is also really really HOT!!!
  • Arun from Chennai, IndiaThe video of the song featured the porn star Gina Lynn. It's a pretty cool video as well, though not as good as Without Me
  • Daniel from Suwanee, GaSome of his songs are good, good beats, liek this one, but others are straight hokey
  • Ceyanne from Waterville, Mei think eminem is one of the best rappers there could possibly be, cuz he states what he wants and doesn't care what people say, and what he says is true. his lyrics tell a story with a strong meaning to them. i don't think people have a right to critisise eminems music cuz he is his own person and if he wants to tell the president to F off then he should!
    Ceyanne, Waterville, ME
  • Dan from Kearny, NjEminem may be slightly offence from time to time, lol, but this song isnt so much about saying that its pointless to get to know someone, but that u shouldnt act like your his best friend when you dont know him.
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai actually like this song. people come up to me and say crazy stuff about eminem but em is just saying the truth. girls only wanna date him cuz he's loaded with money and he's famous and that he's EMINEM. if i were to go out with eminem id look at his presonality. im not a gold digger. also em says he wants to find a female celeb and i think the reason is because they wont go for his money cuz they are rich themselves.
  • Kevin from Independence, MoKristie, is right. Eminem has his own problems just like everyone else in the world. I would like to have one person find someone either in the music buisness or basic society, that doesnt have a care in the world.
  • Anonymous1. shaggy 2 dope is much better looking than eminem

    2. this song is really degrating to women, and to men if you think about it. Eminem is basically saying it's not worth it to get to know people, so stick to having casual affairs...

    3. eminem kinda reminds me of the grinch, because he's always ticked off about something
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaThe unedited video for this shows up on the bonus features of the 8 mile DVD.
  • Jamie from London, Englandits more of a song to say he's like every other guy, he likes to chase women and stuff, and he doesnt like girls trying to act like his friend, cause hes not
  • Josie from Colchester, Englandi agree with erika eminem is well sexy. i think he has issues, but that doesn't mean he's a bad person, people get an impression that he is a bad person, but i think it is good him expressing his feelings through rap, i can understand but not relate to what he went through as a child.
  • Suzy from Port Douglas, AustraliaI think Eminem is trying to say he is not someone people should think of as a hero, he just wants sex
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkYeah, I agree with Katie. Just because you might not be/can't be in a "healthy relationship" doesn't mean you're dysfunctional. Half the planet would be dysfunctional, if it was like that.
  • Scott Baddwin from Edmonton, EnglandThis is actually about a girl who think shes friends with him.
  • Katie from Fort Lauderdale, FlI dont think Eminem is dysfunctional. I think he has opinions just like everyone else.
  • Jacqui from Bedford, VaI think eminem has dysfunctional issues if he can't be in a heathy relatioship.
  • Erika from Birmingham, MiEminem Is gorgeous
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