Everything is Possible

Album: Radio Cinematic (2014)


  • Enation is a band founded by actor brothers Jonathan Jackson (singer), who is best known for playing Avery Barker on the hit TV show, Nashville, and Richard Lee Jackson (drums). This is the group's first single from their Radio Cinematic album.

    "Our first single, 'Everything is Possible,' has an interesting story to it," Jonathan Jackson explained to ABC News. "Richard and I wrote that song, probably in 2006 or 2007. It's been with us for a long time. When we were compiling songs for this new album, we felt like this was a defining moment for us as a band, and we knew that 'Everything is Possible' is a song that we really wanted to be with us for a long time."
  • Jackson told ABC News that he feels the song has an important message. "It's a song for us that's about hope," he explained. "No matter how dark life gets, it's an anthem for us to just overcome adversity and believe that everything is possible."


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