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Album: Euphoria (2010)
Charted: 4 4


  • This dance-pop song is the second single from Spanish pop singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias' ninth studio album, Eurphoria. The tune features American rapper Pitbull and was produced by Lady Gaga collaborator RedOne.
  • This song interpolates Lionel Richie's 1983 hit single "All Night Long (All Night)."
  • The song is included on the official soundtrack to MTV's reality show Jersey Shore.
  • Euphoria is the first Iglesias album to feature songs sung in both Spanish and English. "I wanted both [languages] to be on the same album," he explained to Billboard magazine. "It's a risk, but it's a risk I wanted to take. I was sick of coming out with one English album and one Spanish [album]. And the market has become a single-unit market where people pick and choose their music. It taps into so many different styles of music - it's been really exciting for me to experiment and explore new territory."
  • The song was Iglesias' biggest hit in the US for nearly ten years. The singer discussed the song's success with Jam! Music: "There's not really an explanation when a hit becomes a hit. And people will try to give you an explanation. 'Oh, well, 'cause it's uptempo and it's saying this, it's saying that.' If everybody knew the secret to writing a hit song, we'd all be writing hit songs. I've always said writing a hit song is like finding a needle in a haystack. And the more you think about it, the more you want to do it, (and) the farther you get away from it. That's what I like about this song. It wasn't really over-thought. It wasn't premeditated. This song just came about. But when it was finished I felt like it had a great energy, and I always believed in it."
  • A music video was filmed, which was directed by Wayne Isham featuring Iglesias and Pitbull. An alternative clip featuring the Jersey Shore cast was also released, this time directed by David Rousseau. The singer told Jam! Music about the latter video: "I thought it was fun. I thought it'd be different. And the cast was easy going. To tell you the truth, I don't watch the show. I know there's always fighting and a little bit of chaos going on in the show. (But) my friends are starting to pick up the words they use, their terminology. Like 'grenades' they use now. I think grenades means the girls you want to get away from, or something like that, I don't know."

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  • Elizabeth from Anytownusa, Ilsuch a catchy toon loves is to death
  • Elizabeth from Anytownusa, Ili love this song so much !!!!!!!!!!!! :-) i wish it was played more on the radio
  • Erin from Virginia Beach, Vathis song makes me fist bump i love it
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