My! My! Time Flies!
by Enya

Album: And Winter Came… (2008)
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  • This is a tribute to the late Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner, who died on March 4, 2008 at the age of 58. Faulkner was well known and respected in the Irish music scene, and collaborated with many artists, including Christy Moore, Paul Brady and Mary Coughlan. This song features his friend Pat Farrell, who Faulkner played with in the Floating Dublin Blues Band. Farrell was married for a time to Enya's sister, Moya Brennan. The album's producer, Nicky Ryan, explained: "We had 11 tracks done, but we just wanted to do something for Jimmy. He was one of the great unsung heroes, a really unassuming guy and a great guitar player. There's a lot of them out there, and so it was something we felt strongly about. So it became the final track."
  • Unusually for Enya, this song features guitar solos as well as references to The Beatles ("Four guys across Abbey Road/one forgot to wear shoes"), Elvis ("a king who's still in the news") and B.B King ("a king to sing you the blues"). Dubliner Pat Farrell is the featured guitarist on the track.
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  • Sebizzar from UsaThank you so much for these facts! I was wondering why this track was so different from her others, both musically and lyrically. I knew it had more to it than just the sake of being different. I can't stop listening to it :D

    R.I.P. Jimmy Faulkner
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