The Forge of the Angels
by Enya

Album: Dark Sky Island (2015)


  • This lavish march is a futuristic narrative with a genesis that dates back to the 1986 track "Aldferbaran." Both songs explore the tale of the future migration of the Celts through space, continuing the migratory pattern that was so predominant in their early history. They are sung by Enya in Loxian, a language created by Enya's lyricist, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language.

    Enya recorded two songs for the Fellowship Of the King movie entitled "Aniron" and "May It Be." Both were sung by her in Tolkien's Elvish language.
  • Roma Ryan explained the background to the song: "It begins with Aldebaran, that red-giant, that eye of Taurus. A human migration passes by this great star on its way to a new home-world. It is a future in which Aldebaran, the follower, still exists. It is a future when humankind is leaving its first home, earth."

    "Their ships are called 'Angels' and they forge ahead, past this point in the heavens that was so recognizable to them from their earth-sky patterns of constellations"

    "This star-journey ends for them in the shape of a new home-world, another earth-like planet. From here, are born the Loxian songs, each song a fragment of their history, a history which is now partially lost to them."


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