Something Good

Album: True Romance (2014)


  • This '90s throwback cut finds Estelle rejecting the haters, picking herself back up and moving on to a better place.

    I was hurt for so long
    Doesn't matter who was right
    Doesn't matter who was wrong
    All that matters is I'm back where I belong

    Estelle told Pop Crush the tune especially resonates with her. "That song, in particular, was my reset record," she said. "Because prior to everything, when people first heard me with 'Shine' and 'American Boy' I was in such a confident, 'I know who the f--k I am space,' and when I tell you my life then, the people around me then, throwing darts at me then was 50 times worse than now."

    "So for me to have been that confident and that together with that environment, man, I'm good now," Estelle added. "And this is way less people shooting darts at me. Oh, I'm straight, this is perfect! You just doubled up on my energy! This is good!'"


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