All That I'm Living For

Album: The Open Door (2006)


  • This song focuses on the band itself. Its genesis came from a realization Amy Lee had one day that her band was her life. Between writing for the band and touring, it takes up just about all her time. Lee describes it as a "Love/hate relationship." >>
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    Nikki - Canada

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  • Irene from L.a., NyYes, this song is about the band. I believe the part
    "Guess I thought I'd have to change the world
    To make you see me
    To be the one
    I could have run forever
    But how far would I have come
    Without mourning your love?"
    is either about Amy's wanting to reach a person through what she was doing and her realization of not ever being able to and therefore stopping, mournfully, or about the relationship she's had with her fans. It's still about the band, and it truly is, in my opinion, the "heart" of the song. It encapsulates, most of all, her meaning of the band, the fact that it was a goal for her in the first place, or it just grew into a goal along the way, but nevertheless, this is mostly about her discovering the vulnerability of never being able to reach th dream she had fashioned in her mind.
  • Crystal from Fresno, CaWhen I was at an Evanescence concert, Amy said that this song was about us, her fans, and dedicated to us.
  • Trogbob from San Diego, CaI don't think this is about the band.
    "Guess I thought I'd have to change the world
    To make you see me
    To be the one
    I could have run forever
    But how far would I have come
    Without mourning your love?"
  • Jailene from K-town, WaOMFG there was a video made to the movie Rent??? THERE IS A GOD! Haha I love Evanescence and I love Rent. In my opinion, putting them together just saves time so you can watch/listen to more Rent/Evanescence.
  • Hadeel from Lebanonoh im sorry i didnt read what u wrote correctly.sorry about mentioning the
  • Hadeel from Lebanonoh my god, this song is really amazing...amy lee's voice in the beginning is like WAW!!!!!!!!!me too melanie im willing to watch the video,i dont miss out any videos for Evanescence..
  • Melanie from Milwaukee, WiI love this song! I also saw a great video of this to the movie Rent on
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