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  • This song is about death coming from a child's point of view. When Amy Lee was 6 years old, her sister Bonnie, who was 3, died. Amy was at school when she found out, hence the line, "Playground school bell rings again, rain clouds come to play again." What she's saying in the song is what she felt when she found out, and since she was so young, she didn't fully understand the concept of death.
  • One of Evanescence's most popular album cuts, "Hello" was released on Fallen, their first album with major-label distribution. It didn't get a video and wasn't part of their live set, but many fans connected with the song on a personal level.
  • Amy Lee wrote the song with the group's keyboard player, David Hodges, and guitarist, Ben Moody. The three were very close, but fissures formed as they got close to releasing Fallen. Hodges left the band before the album was issued, and Moody split in the middle of the group's tour in 2003, leaving Lee the only original member.

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  • Madeleine from SwedenI first heard this song when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. It was early and I had not felt her move all morning. I felt this deep sadness because I knew she was gone. Later that day we got the news she did not have a heartbeat and she was stillborn. This song just makes me think of her, of my heartache and how I felt for a very long time.
  • S Syed from On CanadaI've always thought this song was about DID (Dissacociative Identity Disorder) because I feel like it explains it so well. At least from my perspective.

    Somehow, even though it's a sad song, it gives me a great deal of comfort. I don't have DID tho, at least I don't think so. I guess it's just the experience/feeling of putting up a barrier and retreating into yourself is relatable. (due to my anxiety and depression. (probably PTSD too))
  • Phlan-michelle from AustraliaI was playing this when I Extinguished my old life. I was just about to put the photo copy of my old Birth Certificate into the fire to kill off my male past when this jesus freak started trying to preach to me, just as don’t try to fix me started I dropped the paper into the fire and this feeling of peace came over me and I have no words for it or ever had such an emotional moment in my life before or after it. Also when I looked around this person is gone like gone. The sense Absolute of freedom and release was so haunting. Oh yes I am a Trans person so I was giving my old male life a symbolic funeral. Because I Believe that a Transgender Person has to symbolically BURY THEIR OLD LIFE in order to truthfully live their new Trueful One.
    Also to the Transgender Youth/Young people reading this. Please please accept that your not alone. There’s Sister’s and Brother’s all over the world that are willing to help you. Also in some cases they maybe closer than you think. Even if you have to Anonymously through a fake social media account If this feels safer for you so you can explain it away if need be. Also remember that you are beautiful and if you can not be you on the outside. Please don’t let them hurt you inside, As they can only take it rom there if you give them permission to and make it your FIRST safe place, as this maybe your only safe place As it’s the place that you can openly be the true you. XXXXXOOOOOXXXXX :trans:
  • Kieran Kaur from 12524That is so sad. It's a beautiful, heartfelt song.
  • John G from Ridley ParkI've had this album since it came out. Always loved it, I recently lost my mom is September 2019 and yesterday Feb 2020 I played this song...forgot the lyrics...and after I heard the line, has no one told you shes not breathing, I had to stop driving cuz I couldnt see thru my tears. I saw my mom the day before she passed. I went home from the hospital after spending all day there and hearing what couldnt be done to help her with her battle with cancer. I came up the following morning I walked into the room to find everyone there again and just started talking to her so she knew I was there. My bro and father never called to tell me she passed overnight. So for me no one told me cuz everyone found out the morning after. It's so sad but so incredible how one person's music can have such an affect.
  • Riley from New South Wales, Australiaone of the best songs I've ever heard, period. I know how it feels to loose a family heck my great great Oma died 3 years ago. I never got to know her, R.I.P
  • Andrea from TexasI know how she feels. My mom lost a baby and it was a boy and even though I never had a chance to even see him I still love him and miss him and to this day I still wonder what it would have been like to have a big brother. R.I.P brother
  • Jessica from Fairmont, WvIt's about Amy's point of view of her sister's death when she was young. As mentioned in previous comments, she was 6 years old when it happened and found out when she got a phone call in school, hence the line 'playground school bell rings, again. Rain clouds come to play, again.' She acted as though if she could pretend nothing was wrong, she could trick herself into believing it, instead of facing the pain. This song makes me cry, because I can't bare imagining just how insanely painful it would be to lose a sibling.
  • Nouara from Lisbon, PortugalSometimes when I listen to this song, it makes me tear up -- I know what it's like to lose sibling, and it really hurts. I know why she can't sing this live, because she'd have a total break down if she did; which just proves that she feels her lyrics, she feels what she says and it's a true song.
  • Mindy from Las Vegas, NvI can relate to the part "Don't try to fix I'm not broken" and I just heard this song. It gave me good goosebumps and it's freaking haunting!lol but also in a good way. I am sooooooo sorry for amy lee. I know how it feels to loose someone you love. T_T
  • Ashley from Philadelphia, Pathis song is amazing and really scary but still its really cool. i can hear it all day ! evanescance all daaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lishy from N/a, MaI love the violin, and how it contrasts the piano.
  • Shingami from Lusaka, Zambiatwo words to describe this song: HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL
    the piano on its on gets you there and then coupled with Amy Lees voice its brilliant.
    The kinda song that gives your ears an orgasm cause its so beautiful.
  • Bailey from Las Vegas, NvAmy said "I can't even preform the song on stage without having a nervous breakdown"
    That line showed how personal the song is.
  • Wolf from Aachen, GermanyThe piano itself is enough to stur emotion but when you add in the lyrics to it.. you realize the sadness in her heart.
  • Adrienne from Los Angeles, Cauh no, Bonnie died of an illness the family didn't want to say and Amy was 6 years old while Bonnie was 3.
  • Nickie from Windsor, Cowell you do no that her sister killed herself. she killed herself in the bath tub. so they did have to be older then 6 and 3. sorry
  • Kennedy from This1place, Ohit reminds me wen my cousin died.... 18 weeks b4 he was supposed 2 b born.... RIP Charlie
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cagreatest song ever and yes very beautiful i love it, she has a great voice and i think she would be the only one to sing songs like this and actually make you want to listen to them again and again
  • Ahsan from Karachi, PakistanIts a preetiest song ever heard , this is the finest way to remember some one but its only can work out with real blood relation , the pain,sadness and feeling is really grab any one heart if he/she lost some one really in the life. ALLAHA keeps her sister in heaven . ALLAHA Bless on you.
    AHSAN from UAE
  • Lexxus from Nun Of Ur Buisness, TxThis song is one of the most saddest, depressing
    songs I have ever listened to, and that is why
    I love it so much. I love songs that make me
    cry to death, sometimes even depressed feeling.
    I like that feeling.
  • Violeta from Belgrade, YugoslaviaThis is just another example of what Amy is capable of. If they are not perfect, they are at least closest to it. If someone wants, add me as a friend on Facebook, I am Violeta Amy Lee Pešić. It would be cool to have someone to talk to who understand their music, and not classify them as "that girl that screams a lot".
  • Crystal from Fresno, CaSchizophrenia makes no sense, and Amber, I think you're confusing it with Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Disorder). Schizophrenics commonly have hallucinations (visual or auditory)but they don't have multiple personalities. Also, Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder, meaning that they don't know that there's something wrong, which is why many Schizophrenics go untreated. So they wouldn't really know which parts were real and which were part of the disease. The only way that they would be able to gauge that would be to see if other people were reacting to it, but at 6 or 7, you wouldn't really understand that.
  • Claudia from Converse, TxI need to seek the dragon within me to listen to this song.
  • Alyssa from San Jose, Cathe first time that i ever heard this song was when i was on my way to a funeral. it brought me to tears and i related to it soo well that it scared me half to death because i never knew that i had that song on my ipod. and now that i found out about the backround of the song i will always know hw amy feels.
  • Rina from Miami, FlIt's really touching and emotional. You can really hear Amy's feelings through her voice and the lyrics. All of their slow songs are deep and meaningful. I have not known anyone who likes Evanescence to say that they're shallow/superficial. That includes me as well. This one--I always imagine a little girl in a school uniform playing on a playground, and then later on in the song, a young woman with dark shadows under her eyes, staring at a picture of the lost one.
    A family friend was lost, and while I remember the good stuff, I think I just broke down when I realized he was dead (I was only 5). This song reminds me of him. I realized there was death, not only life that day... Life wasn't so pretty after all.
  • Mj from Lacy, Withats sad. poor amy.but i love this song
  • Jess from Bangor, United KingdomI thout it was kinda about havin no one to talk to being alone and feelin lykeveryone is against u but now ive heard about her sister i understand sum of the lyrics more.. i love this band they're lyrics are beautiful in hello i really lyk don't try to fix me i'm not broken beautiful
  • Emily from Reston, FlYes, i know this song is very sad. There is also another song that is about her sister. It's called "Like You"
  • Ghass from Irbid, Jordanohh amylee,,, am sry for you
    its really bad story :( ,, i hear this song every day since amylee had sing it and everytime i heard it ,,i think i should die , i don't know why????!!!
    but its always be my fav song
    i like it especially this line "don't try to fix me am not broken
  • Emma from Suffolk, United Kingdomi cant say i know how she feels but everyone loses someone close to them. i think that the lyrics to this song is outstanding. i love the amount of feeling she has put into it. everytime i hear the song it makes me think of the pain and hurt people suffer. i am a very emotional person and i feel depressed evertime i hear this song, but i cant stop listning to it, its deep and meaningful.
  • Ember from Council Bluffs, IaTrue artists express what they really experience through art. Amy Lee has succeeded with awesome results with this song. After I got confirmation it was based on the death of Amy Lee sister (Rest in peace) I understood the lyrics. "Soon I know I'll wake from this dream", that is one of my favorite lines in the song.
  • Shelzy from Lil Black Rainbow, Australiahow did her sister die??
    geez that would have been soo hard for her =[
    poor amy
    love this song btw
  • Jailene from K-town, WaThis is an absolutely beautiful song. The emotion she puts into it is pure and strong, and I am amazed that she can sing the whole thing without breaking down; that truly is a tribute to her strength as a person and an artist. The vocals are incredible, and the lyrics are powerful and also gentle. One of my favorite lines is "Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken" because it can have such versatile meaning. The song is amazing and I just love it.
  • Michelle from Titusville, FlShe puts a lot of emotion into this song. I heard they've never played this song live because it would upset Amy too much while she was trying to sing it. Anyway, very beautiful song.
  • Tillie from Surrey, Englandi love this song it rocks
  • Laura from London, EnglandFaultless vocals! Especially in the last verse.
  • Sarah from New York City, NyThis song is so beautiful that it makes me cry every time I hear it
  • Chelsea from Cape TownI love this song, and yes, I feel very much for Amy, I mean losing your little sister must be tough, and even if you were 6 years old. My little sister, now is 9, Amy (LOL, she has the same name as Amy Lee) is the most annoying person on the planet but I cannot imagine life without her. Don't wish for someone to die, even if you hate the person and don't care about it, it will come back to haunt you
  • Melodie from Modesto Ca, Capoor amy! i really feel bad 4 her! poor thing! =(
  • Teresa from New York City, Nythis song is so sad but i love it i can relate to her about her sister dying
  • Elle from Santa Barbara, CaPlayground school bell rings again
    Rain clouds come to play again
    Has no one told you she's not breathing?
    Hello I am your mind giving you someone to talk to

    If I smile and don't believe
    Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
    Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
    Hello I'm the lie living for you so you can hide
    Don't cry

    Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
    Hello I'm still here
    All that's left of yesterday
  • Jenny from Lake Linden, MiThis song, helped me to find a love for life...I dont wish death apon other people, or myself for that matter...I stopped cutting, and i finally found a reason to live. Its to enjoy what you have in life, 'cause you never no when its gonna slip away, and you'll never feel the same agian when its gone...Im not really the happiest person alive, (probably one of the most depressed)but this song just gives me a spirit to live...AFI also helps me out, thier songs make me feel not so alone...(anyways back to the subjet) I love Evanescence, and i love Amy lee's choice of words for her lyrics...thier so touching...so strong...so beautiful...so everything...
  • Tara from Somewhere, Fli've always loved this song.

    i can definatly relate to the lyrics, but not her sister dying part of it.

    since i'm VERY depressed, it makes a ton of sense to me.

    excpecially the line, "Has no one told you she's not breathing?" because i never smile or talk at school, and no one asks the right questions and no one really ever cares. and it's used as a metaphore for me.

    the line, "Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken." is the only line that doesn't really match my feelings. i guess it's when i'm happy at times and people know i'm not in need.
  • Catherine from Corona, CaThis song, "Hello," reminded me of the time of when my Grandpa Ray died from lung cancer, and I broke down into tears. Those lyrics touched my heart at the first time I heard them.
  • Vinny from Bayport, NyThe statement about Amy Lee having schizophrenia is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Lithium is a treatment for bi-polarity, Mania, and it is an anti-depressant (and in some cases, is prescribed for migraine diseases and cluster headaches).

    If it was truly about Amy having schizophrenia, she would have been able to perform the song live no problem.

    She can't perform the song live because if she did, she would have broken down even before the first verse started.

    Also, she didn't state her sister's name in either the album nor the song, because it would have been awkward for both her and her mother to see/hear her name.
  • Anzi from London, EnglandWow!!! So emotional. No other song could top this one. Ever! Beautiful, emotional. amazing!
  • Crystal from Stockton, CaI like the tone in Amy Lee's voice when she says "Don't try to fix me im not broken"...I think this song was the song that she put the most emotion into.
  • Sarah from Lockport, Nybeautiful song, one of my other favorites by them. its emotional and i can just feel the mood by her amazing voice.
  • Raechel from ******, CanadaI agree with the comment about schizophrenia because on their newest album, The Open Door, there is a song called Lithium. Lithium is a drug they use to treat schizophrenia. Also, many schizophrenic people are very deep and intelligent which would explain why she writes such beautiful songs. Being schizophrenic would not stop her from performing because it is a mental disability, not a physical disability.
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, Wagorgeous. just simply gorgeous.
  • Amanda from Loves Park, IlI think Amy Lee did a grate job on this song.. This is one of my songs that if theres a death or something depressing comes along i listin to. It shows your not the only one going trough it
  • Gina from Naperville, IlThe song Hello is really sad and makes me cry so much. If I was in Amy Lee's point of view I would be really sad because if your at school and you just found out your sister died that would be totally depressing. That reminded me so much of when I was at school and I found out my mother was in the hopital because of a motorcycle accsedent it made me cry. All I could think of was Is my mom going to be alright and servive from this. So after I finished the song It was too emotional to hear her point of veiw and I was only 6 years old. It showed me of how much I cared for my mother. I prayed so much for my mother to be alright and she lived she almost died by one min and then she was gone. The doctors tried and tried and they couldnt get her back then finally I prayed one last time and the doctors tried one more thing and she was alright. But Amy had no idea that it was going to happen so she had a risk that she needed to think and pray to make sure her sister wouldnt die but she didnt have an option of what will happen. That was what I thought of Hello the song and In my point of view of how Amy Lee felt. Also that was so nice of her and showed she cared for her sister to make her a song of how much she cared.
  • Bob from Santa Barbara, CaI see this song very differently - not from a 7 yr old hearing about another's death, but from the person who has just died and doesn't realize it just yet. Lines like "I am the lie, living for you so you can hide; don't cry" and "suddenly I know I'm not sleeping" belie a living perspective. This song is about crossing over, and this person's denial of her own death. This song seizes me like no other has - and I can't remember a deeper song in my 35 years as a music junkie.
  • Naomi from Kent, EnglandI don't know about everyone else, but this song made me so emotional. Though I've never experienced anything quite so sad as Amy Lee, I feel that I can understand every line in this song. There are so many fake lyrics out there, but it's one like this, that you just get transfixed by, and want to listen to over and over again until you almost pass out. I have so much respect for Evanescence, and this song makes so many things pathetic in comparisome.
  • Simon from Dalzell, ScI like how the song is manly Amy playing the piano. A very raw and emotional song from a singular source that is undistorted. This is what makes an artist.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaSuch a beautiful song. It is maybe of the few songs I have ever heard that shares a perspective I once had: naivite; beauty alongside death. When I was seven I attended my grandfather's funeral, not understanding the concept of death. I was happy that day, because of the regeneration of nature around me, the beauty subtly concealed in the details of the sun-sprinkled day. But then it started raining, and I began to realise what death is; my childhood had been cracked and broken. Long hours later, after the sun came back out, it was never really put back together in the proper order, and I could no longer find beauty during dark times.
    This song is like that- it slowly turns into what we know is death, and moves from an innocent child's perspective to that of an adult.
    Tragic the way these things happen.
  • Bobby from Seattle, WyHere's where Amy's coming from - A place that needs no sound
    I hope to write or read for Evanescence one day.
  • Hannah from Atlanta, GaI absolutely love this song and it was the first song I ever heard by Evanescence. I've always new it was about death, but I didn't actually understand it. My favorite line is, "Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping."
  • Holly from Defuniak Springs, Flwow...i have listened to this song about a million times and i never really understood it. i knew what it was about but i never really got how Amy Lee felt when she wrote it. i just listened to it again and listened to the feeling in her voice and it killed me. i cant even stop crying. i dont know what it is but i think she is truley one of the deepest people in the world. this song is the most powerful song i have ever heard.
  • Tera from Salem, Ini relate to this song in more ways than one. i lost my best friend and grandpa when i was six. this song helps me know that i am not the only person in the world with the pain of lossing someone so long ago! it also helped me let out my feelings about his death. only four years ago my fav. uncle was murdered and that song allowed me to cry. it told everything would be ok if i just cry. this is the best song ever!
  • AnonymousThis song is so beautiful and deep.I listen to it when I'm depressed and sad,or angry,and it always soothes me.Sometimes I cry when I listen to it.It is the saddest,most moving song I have ever heard.
  • Jonathan from Houston , TxI love this song, it is one of the most coolest songs, when i hear it , i imagine my angel there
  • Hayley from Adl, United StatesHello is a beautiful song and she sings it with all her heart i have been to one of her concerts and it rocked!!
  • Hayleu from Adelaide, AustraliaDid her sister die at the age of 6 or did her sister die when amy was 6 ?
  • Kevin from Independence, MoAmber& Katy are both wrong here. Amber, Amy Lee wouldnt be able to perform if she was schizo, it could have something to do about it, but she isnt one herself. So get off of it. Katy, if you want to make a big deal over her age, she was 6 years old when her sister died. She also wrote the song then. Her emotions behind it are the only reason it was never performed live.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ildid some one faint or something. did someone die or what. and i like this song and this is so sad. and i am glad that they mad this song.
  • Katie from New York, NyI love evanescence, and Amy Lee has the prettiest voice ever. This song is so touching, so emotional, that I, like many others have cried when I first heard it. It is also amazing to have all the demos AND every song they've written, because it certanly makes it easier to evaluate their music. The alternate recording of Hello, with the same lyrics, is a little more touching, because Amy sings it almost with a sense that that childhood hasn't left her. In the version on Fallen, it is a little darker, yet it seems more alienated. If you really love this song, I reccommend Evanescence's "Field of Innocence" because it is also almost the same idea to an extent - longing for something lost. Field of Innocence is on the Origin cd.
  • Emily from Bd, CanadaI agree Mandi. Also, I've always thought that the line that says "has no one told you she's not breathing" refers to her sister that died, not Amy Lee herself. Like she's saying that the world shouldn't continue to spin now that her sister is gone.
  • Mandi from Anchorage, AkThat comment about schizophrenia, ... that was the dumbest thing I've ever read. There is no way that it is about Amy Lee being Schizophrenic.
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoVery sad and beautyful.
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoYes the people that stated that Amy Lee's sister died when she was 6 were right about this song.
  • Natalia from Buenos AiresI Think this song is too beautiful!.. when I knew that it was dedicated to amy's sister, I realized that her feelings are so deep, and the song's lyrics are Great. This song really remove your feelings, its very nice!..
  • Joseph from Surprise, Azthe name in its self'hello' tells me shes opening doors she has not been behind befor. The music takes you to a dark place befor she starts to sing. The first words are telling us whats going on in the world out side her head. Ten she just pushes everyone away hoping its all just a dream. She trys to tell her self she ok but its not true. she trys to wake up and there she is hit with the painful truth called death. and there ends the song.
  • Jill from Columbus, OhI can't relate to the whole song but the verse that touches me most is the second one, "If I smile and don't believe soon I know I'll wake from this dream, Don't try to fix me I'm not broken" I can really connect with that verse, because that's me a lot, I don't like to talk about my feelings a whole lot and put up somewhat of a front....this song always brings a tear to my eyes.
  • Katy from Cleveland, Gai like the song but Amy was 7 when her 3 yr old sister bonnie died
  • Sam from Chicago, IlThis song gives off a certain feeling inside. It makes you think. Its a very wonderfully done song.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnvery sad, very beautiful
  • Norhidayah from Malaysia, Malaysiathis song make me sad but i love this song.Poor Amy.Good luck for you,Amy.Whatever you do i wish you good luck.
  • Volkov from Fort Worth , TxVery sad, depressing song....Poor Amy
  • Logan from Winnipeg, CanadaThis song makes me cry everytime I hear it. Truly a masterpiece. The combination of Her haunting voice, sensitive lyrics and flawless piano really hit a soft spot.
  • Amber from Mazon, Ili really luv this song. it is great to listen to and sing to. this song is most likely about death, and amy lee lying about what was inside her after her sister died, but it could also mean something else. it could be about schizophrenia. when she says "hello im the lie living for you so you can hide" she could be talking about one of the personalities inside of a schizophrenic, and when she says " suddenly i know im not sleeping," she could be talking about coming out of the schizophrenic stage, and realizing whats real and whats part of the mental disease.
  • Zora from Memphis, TnAt first I didn't understand Hello but after research I found it was about death...I feel for Amy, and I can relate to the song from when my uncle died last Febuary, trying to run away from the fact that he is gone.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnthis song is so very beautiful. i too cry when i hear it. when im upset i listen to this song.... its wonderful
  • Andarra from Bergenfield, NjThis song rules! It sometimes will make me cry.
  • Xaviar from Queens, NyI fall asleep to this song every night. It rules!
  • Pinkie from Freddy Beach, Canadathis is my favorite song on the album it is awesome!
  • Chelsea from Oklahoma City, Okvery beautiful song, love the piano, and her voice of course, a must have for any evanescence fan
  • Josh from El Paso, TxA very sentimental, heart felt song. My 2nd fav song on the album
  • Brianne from Nova Scotia, Canadai agree, very beautiful.
  • Evane from London, Englandbeautiful song
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