Album: The Open Door (2006)


  • This song is based on Mozart's requiem Lacrimosa. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Walter - Miami, FL
  • In this song, "Lacrymosa" means "Related to sadness" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Maruska - Cape town, South Africa

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  • Josh Dun Ryan from Rochester, Ny You are not including the full chorus of Lacrymosa, in the first part before "Blame it on Me" it is missing "Lacrymosa" Then after that it should have "dies illa" I ask you, are you a die hard Evanescence fan? I guess not if you forget the lyrics that have the title of the song in it. Shame on you. It is like doing Tyler and my band's song The Ride and only putting "I've been thinking too much, Help me." 1ce and calling it good, and u r a die hard fan of Twenty One Pilots, so if u r a die hard fan of Evanescence and you don't put the namesake lyrics in to Lacrymosa, then you are not in a dream of paper flowers, or candy clouds of lullaby.
  • Khaled from Cairo, EgyptI see a man running in the rain trying to catch and jump in that freight train while the girl in background standing, letting him go. She suffocated him with too much love , jealousy and wanting him to be only for her and with her in that hut in that remote area. She fail to change her self and love him without this madness. But now she can be herself again, alone loving him as she wish in her mind. Maybe i'm wrong but that's amy songs always have psychological dimension and could be interpreted in many ways
  • Sara from Kingman, AzAmy Lee the most gorgeous,talented,powerful singer EVER!!!!!
  • Lexxus from Nun Of Ur Buisness, TxThis song rocks!!!! Amy Lee is my inspiration!!
    My fave part about this song is the music (next to AmyLee's Voice!!) It is so my type. I want to write music like this, a classical mixed in with rock!!!!!!!! ROCK ON AMY LEE!! DON'T LISTEN TO
    OTHER PEOPLES CRAPPY OPPINION, on your voice or your music or whatever else gives them the nerve to say that!!
  • Nicollette from San Fernando, Trinidad And TobagoYou can tell the girl really likes the guy in this song because she is willing to let him go. She is kinda stuck in a very tough situation because though she likes him she never feels like herself but when he is gone she can know now what it feels to be herself.Oh god!! AANY GUY WHO DOESN'T LIKE aM IS A BIG LOSER!!!! AMY IS SOOOOOOO DAMN HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ember from Council Bluffs, IaI love how Evanescence was able to merge Mozart's Lacrimosa and Evanescence's version of Lacrymosa together without ruining the original. :)
  • Demi from Deerfield, NhThis is an excellent song! I can relate to this song totally! Keep rockin Amy!!!!
  • Christina from Atlanta, GaThe adjective is actually spelt "lachrymose" and Mozart's requiem was spelt Lacrimosa. Amy Lee became in love with classical music after watching the 80's movie, Amadeus. She says that Lacrimosa was her favorite classical requiem.
  • Kate from Brisbane, Australiai like this song it reminds me of the old ball room dancers
    hey wouldnt it b kool if they made a vid out of this song nd amy lee is singing while ball room dancers are dancing around infront of her nd as she is singing she isn't looking at the dancers but some one in the crowed and as she is staring nd singing flash back begins first of course with all the happy time's then how she changes for him like a past nd preasent type of thing
  • Lana from Newark, DeThis song is musically written by Mozarts requiem, lacrymosa, yes. However the song is about a relationship ending, and no matter how much amy wants to keep her love near her, she will let him go because she cant change anymore to keep him near her, cuz its not her.
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