My Last Breath


  • This song tells the story about a girl who is dying in her lover's arms and confessing her love to him. >>
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  • Sara from Indianapolsi, InThis song made me think of dreams I've had about the person I love. Though most likely metaphorical, I took the line ♫But still you wake and know the truth, no one's there♫ literally. For when you are having wonderful dreams, you 'pray they'll leave you there.. ' but you always wake in the end and see they aren't real.
  • Jenny from Henderson, NvThis song makes me think about after a loved one has passed, they may stay to make sure that you are okay. Or, Like it was before both my grandfather and aunt died, everyone stood around them, hoping that they would wake up, but I could feel their presence around me, whispering to write something on their white boards in their rooms. So I grabbed the white board marker and started to write this song. After I finished writing this song on their boards, an odd comfort drifted across their rooms. Everyone went quiet and read the song lyrics. Later that night, my aunt passed away, and 4 days later, my grandfather followed. I've always wanted to make a music video to it. I will someday.
  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxFor anyone who's interested in that story:
  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxI absolutely love this song. I write a lot, and this song so reminds me of a story I'm writing right now about a man who dies of cancer with his best friend by his side. It's sad.
  • Samantha from Dover, NhWhen I heard this song for the first several times, I would always cry at the line "I can taste it in your tears", but I'm not sure why it hit me so powerfully. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but the lyrics are so good that I feel like it has. This band is so awesome and Amy Lee is amazing.
  • Bethany from Hamilton, OhAmy Lee does an amazing job writing her lyrics. She sings about some morbid things, but makes it sound so peaceful. I want to die like
  • Kadie from Corpus Christi, TxThis song reminds of this one guy that I just basically love, but he doesn't love me. Yet I would do anything for him, I could never let him down. If I can't have him as a lover then I will be the best friend he will always have no matter what. I will always be there just right behind him. Ready to catch him if he falls.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaThis song is one of my absolute favorites. It's beautiful and at the same time, haunting to a point where you just can't forget it; I heard this song and it was stuck in my head for three months. I am not even kidding. So I've since fallen in love with it and I love hearing it!
  • Sai from Ontario, CanadaIt confuses me, but I love it.
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