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  • This is about a girl who attempted suicide and is now asking God to forgive her. It brings up the question of whether or not you can enter heaven if you take your own life. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kaira - Apex, NC
  • A tourniquet is a device used to stop bleeding, usually by choking off an artery so the blood can't flow out. In the song, God is the tourniquet.
  • This was written by Evanescence's drummer Rocky Gray, who was in a Christian metal band called Soul Embraced. The song was originally released as "My Tourniquet" by Soul Embraced; the version on Fallen is an adaptation of that original song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nikki - Canada
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Comments: 98

  • Ang from Corme OY'all are all cray cray! *rolls eyes*
  • Crystal from Sewell, VaTo Brad, kc, MO and others that share his opinion:
    The song is open to interpretation. I think it's simply showing an optional direction to turn in if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts. It's a good message. But since you HAD to go there on religion, try this on for size -
    If you have read the Bible and are a "Christian" then you should be familiar with this : "Judge not lest ye be judged." You are judging the souls of those that commit suicide. It is NOT your place. How in heaven or hell would you know if someone was "not right with God?" You don't. And "They are basically denying Christ by their actions." You just keep on judging. God gave us all a choice, a little something called free will. Remember this one? "Let he who is innocent cast the first stone." And about this "Unless they have a chance to ask for forgiveness and get right with God they will not be saved. Jesus must be your savior in your heart at the moment you pass. They are only saved if they come back to Christ before their life is over." Last time I checked, the way it is would be once saved, always saved. And as a child of God, you would have to answer for your actions in heaven, as will any that commit suicide. And at the time of your post, I'm guessing you weren't in heaven. So, back off and realize that we are ALL accountable for ALL our actions, and leave it as it should be - between that person and God.

  • Garrison from Cartersville, GaReading these comments are sad. Why is there a need to be so hateful if you confess that you're a Christian? Jesus even said that the greatest commandment was to show love. I don't know if you go to Heaven or Hell if you kill yourself, but why would you even think of it if you truly know Jesus. Last December, I was at an all time low, and was seriously debating it. But, I met Jesus that December on a church trip that I didn't even want to go on. I haven't thought about it since, no matter what the circumstance. Now, whether you're a Christian or not, there's no reason to trash a song, whether its Christian based or not. There's nothing wrong with the song. All of the thing people make it out to be are just what they think it mean, but not necessarily what you do. So make the most out of the song, and stop hating on each other!
  • Shadow from Depression, VaOkay, I want to die. I'm depressed. I want to commit suicide. And I am also a Christian.
    I agree that you don't go to hell if you commit suicide. There were 2 people (that I know of) at my church who committed suicide. THEY ARE IN HEAVEN. I KNOW THIS.
    One was a 14 year old kid (this was in 2006). His name was CJ. He cut himself, he was depressed, and so he shot himself.
    I cut myself too.
    One was a Mr. B (let's call him Mr. B). He shot himself in his own bathroom, at his own house with his wife and children there.
    I swear, some people think the weirdest things. Just because they freaking talk about suicide and have dark lyrics DOES NOT MEAN THEY'RE SATANIC. MY GOSH.
    They have said themselves that they are Christian.
    I honestly don't care about their religion.
    I just love their music.
  • Desi from Eddyville, KyOh my god. All the freaking religious people. Okay, everyone, Evanescence was actually a christian band once, but they aren't anymore. Also, SHUT UP. SHUT UP. I CANNOT STAND ALL THIS FREAKING RELIGIOUS TALK. Also, never knew this song was about suicide. XD I'm an idiot, I know, but when I was listening to this, I was really young and didn't ever think of suicide. I know, it even says suicide in it, but oh well. XD But, seriously, I'm a christian, and I don't freaking discuss it. Shut up about it. no one wants to hear you going on and on about God. Suicide makes not difference about whether or not you will get into heaven. Love the song, stfu about religion. Bai-Bai! :3
  • Mikio from Clearwater, FlSorry, me again. Let me add something c:.
    from below. v_v
    Anywho, I noticed someone said, "We all sin." Derp, we're human. But you're taking it in context.
    God doesn't mean, we all sin, so who cares if you do it all the time.
    He means, sinning is reality, but try your very best to STOP sinning as much as possible.
    So, that adresses that, dears.
    And to the girly who says, "It's sad that they have to deny christ." TOTALLY AGREEING THERE.
    It's ridiculous. :| Who cares if the satanists won't buy their CD'S anymore. ._.
  • Mikio from Clearwater, FlYou guys make me wanna kill myself. I know that you don't have to do certain things to be a christian, but what's the point of being it if you're going to cut yourself? Tell me how hurting you helps you get over your problems again? If you're really a christian, you'd ask god to help you to stop that. I'm not saying you're not a christian, or satanic, but think of it this way.
    I'm gonna use a random name, so...yeah.
    I'm joey.
    I am a christian.
    But I lie and steal all the time, and I'm not planning on stopping.
    The more you do these things the closer you get to Satan. I love that the song is about asking for foregiveness from him
    But, really that's like what I said before. Making no effort to stop it like making no effort to stop stealing and lying.
    Btw guys, I swear I heard her saying ovaries...o_o.
  • Liz from Farr West, Uthey, you know what, i once was in a big depression and thought of suicide. i didn't do it, but i thought about it. i have thought about cutting myself too. but those things don't mean i'm not christian. btw, all you lds haters don't know anything, we ARE christian's.
  • Kaydie from Cloquet, MnOkay, listening to what some of you guys are saying kind of frustrates me. Just because someone used, or uses drugs, does not mean that they can't still be a christain. And just because someone thinks of suicide does not mean they are unchristain like or satanic worshipers. I am getting over being depressed immensly, and I myself have considered suicide. I was bulimic and a cutter for quite some time, but I am a strong christain. Although everything I do does not reflect God, does not make me not a christain. We all sin, no matter what. So if the case was that you had to reflect God, a perfect image, then no one on this Earth would be christain. Yes, actions show who you are, but no matter who you look at, you are going to see sin. As for this band, I think that it is their choice what they want to be called, and they should not be shot down for it. Do not judge what they are doing! That is for God to do. I believe they are all christains, and that this song is a christain song. But just because they dn't call themselves a christain band does not mean they are denying christ. Lyrics can be interpreted many different ways to many different people. What if one of their song lyrics brings our a confused message to a listener and believes that what they sung about is part of being a christain. They don't want to give off the wrong messages, because not all of their songs are religous. But whether or not they are christains, they're music and belifes are their choices. So lets not talk badly or say crude things about them. If you don't like their music, or the messages they are putting out, then don't listen to it. Keep your comments to yourself.
  • Brad from Kc, MoFurthermore, about the song. This song is about someone who has just attempted suicide and is about to die but has had a change of heart in the heat of the moment and wants forgiveness and to be physically spared as well as spiritually salvaged. Someone who takes their own life is not right with God. They are basically denying Christ by their actions. Choosing to be their own lord and savior by ending their own life and supposedly the pain. Unless they have a chance to ask for forgiveness and get right with God they will not be saved. Jesus must be your savior in your heart at the moment you pass. People can backslide and commit suicide. They are only saved if they come back to Christ before their life is over. Whether they caused their death or not murder is forgiveable but blasphemy of the holy spirit is not. This is defined as not accepting Jesus as your savior from some point in your life until you die, whether it be your whole life or just seconds before death.You must remain accepting of Christ when you die how many times you have recommitted yourself doesnt matter. As long as your are not backslidden during your death you will be saved. .
  • Brad from Kc, MoEvanescence is not a Christian band however if all of their members are Christian why not be? and if they arent why have they formed a band together when the Bible says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers? If they are christian as individuals as they claim then God and Christ will shine through their work. But that doesnt mean every song talks about religion. God made everything and thus everything has a right to be in their music as long as it isnt against God. They should want to stay as far from sin as possible to be close to God. But being a christian isnt about not sinning. That is simply the fruits of being close to God. They shouldnt be ashamed but who has the right to say whether they are or not. Its God's job to judge. Btw Mormans also believe in Christ but theyve clearly stated they are personally christians. They may not want to be classified as a Christian band b.c they want everyone to hear their music. How many nonbelievers buy copies of christian cds on purpose and end up serving Christ? Surely most Christians already know and/or listen to them if they do or would like their music. Skillet tours with secular bands in order to reach the lost but they proclaim to be a christian band. The problem is that whether they realized it or not their statements have caused many to question their faith. So why havent they cleared it up? Or maybe they have and we all just heard what we wanted to hear... I am a Christian and I believe so are they. However they have a lot of growing to do in their walk with God from what I have gathered. They dont deserve to be accused. But its to be expected from the world. We should all be more concerned about our personal beliefs and somewhat less about what people we do not personally know stand for. Music is influencial so it is still important just not the same level as what we ourselves stand for.
  • Poop from Sd, Al@Kevin, Squaw Valley, CA how about she's trying to kill the pain by killing herself. As the saying goes duty is as heavy as a mountain and death light as a feather. So in reality god is still the torquinet.
    @natalie, moreno Valley, CA Ok how are they denying god if they are saying they're not a christian band? I mean I would do the same thing because you shouldn't be called something you're not.
    @Chelsea, Oklahoma City, OK They don't they say their band isn't of the christian rock genre (that I hate) they are a gothic metal type of band. Akin to Nightwish. And dude not even their song so quit worrying.
    @Joey, bristol, TN Dude she did. Duh. They said they aren't a christian band but are christians. And 2. just because they don't want to be labeled something they're not does not make it that they "fell" from god. It means they don't want confusion.
  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxEvanescence aren't satanic. Amy Lee has said in interviews that, yes, she believes in Christianity and God, but she doesn't want her band identified as Christian because she didn't want debate over their religious views to overtake the music (looks like it did anyway). In fact, before she said that, the song "Bring Me to Life" was a top forty hit on Christian radio stations, so there you go.
    I've heard the bulls--tters who say Evanescence are satanic because they have dark lyrics, and personally they're either a)deaf-blind, or b) just being stupid jackasses. Just because they're rock music does not mean they're automatically a bunch of devil worshippers, I wouldn't listen to them if they were. Most of my friends that listen to Evanescence go to church every Sunday.
    As to the heroin interpretation... good one, but... last verse: "Will I be denied Christ, tourniquet, my suicide?"
  • Lilly from East Meadow, NyBecause of what happened to a friend of mine...I can only cry now when i hear this song...RIP Brittany...
  • Frankie from Cardiff, United KingdomJust to clarify I think this is a great song with a strong message, and whether or not you believe in God or in Christ as God's son, it is important to remember that there is always forgiveness, and that hopefully there will always be someone to be your tourniquet to help stop your bleeding. Amy Lee is not denying God nor is she forcing her beliefs upon others!
  • Frankie from Cardiff, United KingdomI am a songwriter myself and I find it hard to keep my beliefs out of my work. Though Evanescence isn't a Christian band, that doesn't mean that their religion is not tied into their songs in some ways. This song actually was originally by a Christian band, though Evanescence changed it and added some extra bits. This song could be interpreted many ways, this is part of its beauty.
  • Shannon from Barnsley, United KingdomThey are not a Christian rock band they even admitted it yes amy and ben are both christians but that doesn't mean the band HAS to be Christian infact ben left the band becuz apparently he was trying to change it christian.. The term god and Christ is used a lot in some bands that arnt Christian.. Anyone can listen to evanescence.. I am not a Christian I think it's a load of crap the big bang theroy makes a lot more sense then god put us here! And I think the way how we are all judged as sinners is stupid, wake up! Life is for living and having fun we have to enjoy it while we still have it we can just life our life following everything from the bible it will get boring.. Though I do belive people are entitled to there own opinion and I hope I don't offend Christians
  • Sara from Worchester, --The audio clip below the song and band names are actually for Imaginary, which I found when I tried to buy it. The music video is the right song, though
  • Lexxus from Nun Of Ur Buisness, TxThis song has a some sort of "scary" theme.
    Although, I like it sort of. The lyrics could've been a little bit better written. This song, I assume, was written in "christianly" way,
    but I don't get that feeling from this song.
    I understand this is about a girl asking for forgivness for wanting to die, but the lyrics,
    in my oppinion, don't give that feeling at all.
    But I do like the beat, I just wish she would have written the lyrics better....
  • Lexxus from Nun Of Ur Buisness, TxThis song has a some sort of "scary" theme.
    Although, I like it sort of. The lyrics could've been a little bit better written. This song, I assume, was written in "christianly" way,
    but I don't get that feeling from this song.
    I understand this is about a girl asking for forgivness for wanting to die, but the lyrics,
    in my oppinion, don't give that feeling at all.
    But I do like the beat, I just wish she would have written the lyrics better....
  • Crystal from Fresno, CaFirst off, I don't care about the Christian debate here, I just wanted to answer a few questions. Evanescence is not worshiping Satan, end of story. Also, in regards to the "Can you still get into heaven if you commit suicide?" question. This is a bit complicated in my opinion, simply because of my religious beliefs, but hear me out. Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not kill" however, I believe that you can be forgiven of murder, it's just very difficult to do (let's say you intended to kill them and you're not insane, so there's no circumstance questions). However, you kinda have to be alive for that. So, if you kill yourself, you're not here to do the whole repentance process. So, in answer, I don't think you'll go to hell, but I don't think God would be very happy with your decision either. Let's just think of it as you're in a kind of middle plain, it's not torture, but it'd definitely not be the best place ever. (Also, I would think that the suicide would be circumstantial too, like if you were not in control of your own actions, I don't think you could really be dinged for that)
  • Joey from Bristol, Tnokay,i agree with alot of these comments and strongly disagree with some of them.i am a christian.i think everyone who is 'religious' wants people to follow their believes.therefor,i wana believe this song is christian..but,if amy is a christian then she should be clear about things like this dont happen. no one questions bands like third day,casting crowns or skillet(because they know they are christian)evanescence should be the same.i read that evanescence's records where taken out of christian music stores in 03' so,its possible that she was a christian at one time..but has "fallen" god is strong enough to pick her back up,though.pray for her. :thats my feelings on this conversation/band.
  • Janet from Orlando, FlQuestion?Do the first and second meaning mean the same thing?Im curise that's all my Bff and i want 2 now wat these meaning's are of their song's
  • Juliana from Palmetto, FlI read through some of these comments and my question is "What would be wrong if they were a Christian band?". They'd have one more fan and person to buy their albums since I, myself have not purchased anything but Christian music in I don't know how many years. Christian bands of this genre having a big following right now. If anyone is interested, check out the band "Red"...awesome...Wikipedia calls their music "Nu-Metal". I will listen to this song more, though. Sounds like a similar argument that I heard of about the band "CREED" and they were not notably a Christian band, either. I don't even know how many more of their members were Christians except Scott Stapp that kind of gave Christianity a bad name, in many peoples minds...although I think some people have thought him to straighten up some. But, I'd love to here answers to my question that I wrote previously.
    Awesome song, too!
    Juliana, Palmetto, FL
  • Trogbob from San Diego, CaDeep..... Really Deep. Anybody know if the band has seen this? If not, they should.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnWhen I first heard this song, I couldn't stop dancing!
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiChanged my mind. I will share a bit. The song is not about a girl. Rocky Gray wrote the song. He is not a girl. Amy Lee is a girl. She sings it. It is not about her. It was written before Evanescence was a band. The song itself implies that the writer is speaking to someone, or to themselves, about suicide. Probably physical suicidal death, but not necessarily. In any case, the tourniquet is God / Christ, the question is will they be accepted, can they be saved, even after their actions left them mortally and fatally wounded. Is the song Christian? - most likely. Are the members of the band Christians? Only they and God know. Does it matter? Not as much as understanding our own faith and the source of it. Knowing what it means to be a Christian is required before claiming that you or someone else is Christian. It is not (or should not be) a generic term for someone who believes in Christ. True Christians walk in the light and are disciples of Christ not merely believers. Christian is a verb, not an adjective. A Christian is defined by their actions not just the words they use. A Christian is a reflection of Christ. When you see a Christian, you should see Jesus in them. If you don't, perhaps your not sure of what you should see, or maybe, they aren't reflecting His light or walking in His ways as well as they could. Whatever. It is not for us to judge. I feel that the song is more about forgiveness and salvation than suicide. If you don't understand that, pick up a Bible and read about it.
  • Randi from Hale, MoOk...let's try and get this straightened out because people obviously don't pay attention to the facts about the song, or they just don't want to.
    Amy Lee, Rocky Gray, and the other members of the band, ARE Christians.
    However, they are not a Christian band (meaning they don't sing all of their songs about praising God and Jesus). Not a Christian band, but they are Christian individuals.
  • Lucas from Las Vegas, NvWho ever worte that about her and the drug is wrong because at the end she says "Will I be Denied Christ, Tourniquet, My Suicide" So christ hello think about it
  • Rene from San Francsico, CaDalton, Dove Canyon, CA you are so lame to say that AMY LEE the goddess of rock music should try out for AMerican IDOL? what kind of dumb stuff is that!!! lame!
  • Joel from Columbia, ScDon't believe everything you read.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaKevin from Squaw Valley, I have never heard the drug theory before, and while I will say it sounds a little generalized, cuz a lot of people take rock lyrics to be metaphors for drugs, I won't deny that it does make sense. The fact that she says "*MY* God" instead of just God or something else can be construed to support that, along with a lot of other pieces of the song.
  • Kevin from Squaw Valley, CaI took the phrase "tried to kill the pain but only brought more" as an attempt to use drugs to escape the world. Specifically, heroin, which requires a tourniquet to be used. Her "god" is not God in Heaven, but rather the drug itself. As a recovering addict I know firsthand what that is like.
  • Brittany from Newry, IrelandI totally understand how this song aplies to suicide. As a persong that thinks of suicide often and has attempted this song is perfect.
  • Emma from Smurfville, Australiawhen this song first came out i was 14 and REALLY depressed. the lyrics to this song are the ones that i carved into my thigh with a piece of glass as i waited on the bathroom floor for the 84 codeine and paracetamol tablets i swallowed to do their worst. 4 years later and im engaged, i have a son, and although im still trying to get my life back on track cos of my f**ked up childhood i believe my own tourniquet saved me. i dont believe jesus is god, i dont even know if god exists? what i do believe is my tourniquet is my soul telling me its not my time to die yet. ive attempted suicide too many times and im still alive. and it seems im alive for a very good reason
  • Krista from Elyria, OhThe lyrics scare me sorta. Suicide is such a bad thing (don't ask me- it's a long story). I like it though! Is this song about Amy of someone in the news OR WHAT?
  • Lee from Pta, South Africahi im kinda new to this. well, for starters, saw the band live the other night for the first time and i was in awe. that woman is brilliant. that lead me to this website-finding out what religion she/the band is, just for interest sake and wow, u guys really have a lot to say!! having read all your comments, i would like to add that none of you know amy lee or any other member personally, right? u should just lay off the accusations and look at the facts. the lyrics speak of the Christian God, only Jesus can bring salvation-NO other god. although they're not a Christian band(meaning all their songs are not religious), they certainly are Christians (I MEAN WHY SING ABOUT SOMETHING U DONT BELIEVE IN)-and if you are one you would know what that means. it's based on a belief, a mind-set and behaviour. Christians are also people who get depressed and want to commit suicide, but the fact that the girl in the song is crying out to God means that she knows shes not alone and needs forgiveness for wanting to seperate herself from God by mortal sin.
  • Teresa from New York City, Nythe song is so interesting and i think that there should be a video made for this song its the best
  • Emilie from Victoria, Canadai think that this song is about someone who is cutting themself...especially in the first few lines "i tried to kill the pain but only bled more (so much more) i lie here and im pouring crimson regret and betrayl"
  • Tara from Somewhere, Flthis song also describes me. just as HELLO does, except trying to describe the pain. i have attempted suicide before, unfortunatly, but when i'm so close to dying, i remember this one boy... anyways, whatever i do it feels wrong and i wonder about the day i actually do die, will i be denyed?
  • Dalton from Dove Canyon, CaLet me make this clear, BEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD!!! The voice is awsome, the lyrics, everything! The singer should try out for American Idol!
  • Megan from Hubert, NcThis song rocks. Amy Lee's powerful voice has just the right tune for this melody. This is one of my favorite songs by Evanescence. I think that god will forgive.
  • Anonymouswell, i would like to say that if you are having a problem, dont think that trying to kill yourself is the way to go, cause its not. You know, you should accept jesus christ as your savior, and trust me, you'll feel like a whole bunch of stuff just came off of your shoulders. I used to be scared of dieing, and I would say that this life that I was living in was just a fairy tale, but I then realized that this is reality, and that nothing is possible without jesus-christ.
  • Sarah from Lockport, Nywho cares bout it being christian or not christian. they are still an awesome band and its still an awesome song. i remember seeing Amy Lee's quote about people considering them as a christian band, and that they will not be considered as one.
  • Cristin from Chattanooga, TnThe world is not set up between everyone who is christian and the rest are evil. it does not work that way. GET OVER IT people dont have to be christian to write a good song or otherwise to write a dark one. GROW UP
  • Joel from Columbia, ScOkay. There seems to be a lot of comments about the band bieng Christian. To me, that doesn't matter. What matters is the music and the fact that Amy Lee is hot doesn't hurt either.
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiAll debate aside, Christian or otherwise, the song Tourniquet puts me in mind of when I watched the video Anywhere But Home and the entire audience screamed out "I want to die". I realize they were singing along with the song, but I also thought of the power of influence a band can have. I don't think any of the Evanescence songs have healing powers (as was said of Sarah Mclaughlin's song about angels) nor do I believe that it would cause anyone to commit suicide (like they said about Ozzy Osbourne's "Suicide Solution") and incidentally, I have my own views on the meaning of this song - don't worry, I won't share. The thing that impresses me most (aside from it just being an awesome song) is the way that a band - any band - can have such a profound impact on so many people. Evanescence has that power. Look at you all- fighting over them and what they're about. The fact that they have reached you is enough. Does it matter how they did it? Is it really so important that you know what their religious beliefs are? I daresay it's more vital to know that your own are in tact. I do love their music. It speaks to me. What I do with it is my responsibility not theirs. I just hope they keep making music that touches my heart, that applies to my life. I like to be able to identify with others. That's what I listen for.
  • Kelly from Tyler, Txwhy is everyone making such a big deal weather they are christian or not? who really gives a rip if they are, as long as they have good music. They are the best band ever and this is one of the best songs I have ever heard!!
  • Lee from San Jose, CaUh, Amber. Evanescence is not Christian, just so you know. Amy Lee has even been quoted saying they are NOT a Christian rock band. And just because they speak about God does not make them Christian.
  • Amber from Burlington, Ndand another thing it even says it was written by a guy who was in a christian metal band so clearly hes talking about god and if they wernt christian then why would they sing some christian songs and let people get the wrong idea about them?
  • Amber from Burlington, Ndok a lot of you guys are saying it doesn't matter if there christian or not well IT DOES!!and yes they are christian and so am i and you guys are just talking crap here ok yes ur right this song is awesome and i love it to but its a christian song and you know it wether u denie it or not and they are christian and if u can't see that then no offense but u are very ignorant and i dont have right to judge you and im not im just saying yes they are christian and yes this is a christian song and yes it does matter if it is or not because people are getting the wrong idea and there not GOING AROUND SAYING THERE NOT CHRISTIAN and is they wernt christian why would they talk about god in different songs and no there not referring to something else thereTALKING ABOUT GOD so get over it and for the people who arent christian well god loves you wethr you want him to or not and u should let him show you the way before its too late
  • Sarah from Boston, MaThis song is fairly new to me but i love evanescence and i am not really a goth but i dont mind other goths this song really represents some of the stuff that i have gone through like thinking about suicide. Although god is not my tourniquet my grandmother is and evanescence has helped me cope with my loss and i will be forever greatful.
  • Katie from Atlanta, GaLove Evanescence, love this song. Yeah I know, it's about someone battling suicide and asking for God's help, forgiveness. I'm not going to say anything about the whole "christian" ordeal that's going on here but I will say to get your facts straight before you come on here and start posting stuff because that's how rumors get started is by people coming on here, reading fake posts, and then telling everyone about them. Like saying that Evanescence is a "satanic group"? I mean come on, there are alot of websites that give out false information and I'm just telling everyone to be careful. God bless!
  • Bobby from Seattle, WyEvanescence has inspired a lot of this work

    Bobby Laird - Seattle, WA
  • Eleanor from Paris, FranceI think this song is about someone who wants to be forgived and I think that God always forgives those who are sorry for their sins. I do not think that it could ever be too late to pray for forgiveness. This song makes me think that Amy Lee wants to show that even in the worse cases there is always hope if we do believe.
  • Eva from Astoria, NyTourniquet is a very depressing song.......
    Its about a girl who commits suicide(at least thats what i think when i listen to the song)

    OK u people are saying that Evanescence is a Satanic group? What are you talking about....... Why do u care.....

    i personally think this song is beautiful cause it reminds me of me, and what i go through whenever i listen to this song i see me in my head as i listen to this song cause it reminds me of things i've gone through, trying to commit suicide........

  • Len from Raleigh, NcI noticed Rocky Gray wrote this song from a totally different band.I am A Christian and clearly this song is talking about God and Jesus or else it wouldn't mention Christ.I like to play modern rock,but I cant help but have my beliefs come out in my music.If you feel very strongly about your god and his power its almost a must to write about someone so great and powerful.I could indentify with the song on all levels.Its a very well written song,melody,music and lyrics are superb.I dont think Evanescence are a Christian band,whether they are Christian individuals is up for debate,They are accomplished musicians in every sense of the word
  • Leanna from Whitsett, NcHas anyone heard the songs Lies and Whisper?
    I can't find the lyrics on this site.
  • Leanna from Whitsett, NcI cry almost every time I hear this song thats why non of my friends listen to it when I'm around, it reminds me of the time when I attempted suicide and how I felt when I realised what I had done.
  • AnonymousIlove this song!!!evanescence is my favorite band,I love how their songs are dark but not profane,and how every song is deep.They have such an awesome and unique sound,and amy lee has an incredible voice.
  • Melanie from Milwaukee, WiHeather form Toronto Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! I've been saying that forever. Finally another person understands that they can be Christian and not have religion be the center of their songs. This song is cool even if it is about suicide.
  • Rachel from Sullivan, MoI love this song. It's amazing, I do believe that Amy is crying out to God, and that through her pain and mistakes she's found someone to stop the pain and stop the bleeding. I find it interesting how she ponders whether or not she's too far gone to be saved...I don't know. This is a POWERFUL song that helped me through rough times in my life. I've been the girl in that song, and through church and soul searching, I've found what made the pain go away. I only hope others can be so fortunate.
  • Charlie from Bethersden, EnglandI am athiest, but this is my favourite song. It is nobody's buisness whether Amy is a satanist, christian or what. Their music rocks. When I am hurt, God is not my tourniquet, my mates are. Everyone needs somthing to fall back on and this song explains that. Thank you Amy. You are such an inspiration to me. xxx
  • Gfx from Johannesburg, South AfricaOkay christian not christian thing most religions state that taking your own life will result in you not being able to enter those pearly gates up above...
  • Jillian from Portland, TxThanks, Hattie, I'll remember that. ^^
  • Hattie from Gloucester, EnglandHey Jilian, don't give up. If you really do believe and ask to be forgiven, God will! Evanescence are brill. I am a christian and i think they are still based on a belief.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxI love this song because I can relate. I have always prayed to God to forgive me and for some reason, I don't think he did. I converted to Wicca in 6th grade to see what it was like... Mainly that and my friend wanted me to. I stuck with it for about a year... then I got tired of it. I wanted to go back to Christianity. So, I converted back... always hoping that God would forgive me... If I were to kill myself for whatever reason... I don't think that he would be there to save me because of my sins. I continue to go to church today... but I don't think that he has completely forgiven me. Evanescence is one of my favorite groups... Christian or not, I like their music.
  • Trevor from Mcalester, OkOkay, first of all Evanescence is awesome. Their music is great and it has touched alot of people. Their music has helped me through tough times. So what if they don't have a specified genre they're still a good band. i know people feel strongly about religion, i do too, but the fact that Evanescence has no specified genre is not relevant. They have a few songs that are christian and a few songs that are secular. So if you're going to attack Evanescence for not being a specific genre just suck it up and move on. All of us fans who accept them for who they are and how good their songs are, simply JUST DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!
  • Anthony from Oakland, Njthis is the only song on the cd that is also published by a christian record company. it it listed on the cover.and i do belive she is asking god for forgiveness and to bring her back to salvation, no human can give salvation only jesus can do so.
  • Hattie from Gloucester, EnglandI think that it iz an amazing song, and one that gives people a lot of hope, even if the don't believe in god. Evanescence rule, especially live!
  • Crystal from Stockton, CaI love the lyrics to this song! And this is my favorite song on the album!!!!!! I always loved how Evanescence's lyrics are so deep.It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  • SinÃ?ad from Maynoothwow you guys really argue bout the whole religion thing. personally i dont care what religion the band is. the music and the lyrics are brilliant. thats what i care about
  • Sara from Sydney, AustraliaOkay, this whole Christian/ not Christian thing is pissing me off. Whether they're Christian or not is not in debate. The band members are Christian. However, they are not a Christian band. They say they are not a Christian band. They are not "denying God" or "ashamed of God". They're not worried about excluding some part of the market, or that people won'tlisten to them if they identify as a Christian band. They just are not a Christian band, and there's no point in them saying they are if they aren't.
    This, however, does not make them "bad", okay? Even if they weren't Christian, that wouldn't even make them bad. I'm atheist, so if you want to start that whole debate, I'm all for you. Elvis was a born again Christian, in fact gospel music influenced most of his songs, but he isn't classified as a Christian singer, and it didn't interfere with his popularity at all.
    Again, the band members are Christian, but Evanescence is not a "Christian band" and in my opinion, them claiming to be when they aren't would be an even bigger insult and upset a lot of people, because, and I'll say it one more time, THEY ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN BAND.
  • Chase from Avon, Inlisten, it does not matter what religion a band is. i am almost sure that Evanescence is not christian, i am a Wiccan, so i am actually happy to hear they are not christian... don't u guys understand? they are going around trying to imply they are not christian, while not just blurting out "IM NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!" so i hope some of you take this to heart. when i hear "Tourniquet" i think of the Pagan "Horned God" not the christian god and i think Amy is wanting to join the spiral of rebirth. THANKS FOR THE GREAT SONG EVANESCENCE!!! YOU ROCK!!
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoOk listen to me. U dont have to be christain to believe in god, or the "christain god". Evanescence is clearly doing the same things that groups like, KoRn, Staind, Deftones, Linkin Park, and even more than that are doing. They are writing those kinds of "dark" words because that is what they felt when they wrote it. For god's sake u guys grow up. look at the lyrics of the band to determin if they are good, not what religion they are.
  • Joseph from Surprise, Azshe in alote pain so she going to kills her self. during it she is praying for for god to save her soul. she dosnt want to live through what she did but shes sorry.
  • April from Muncie, InWOw, i wish people wouldnt talk about the whole "who cares what religion they are" because religion is an important thing in peoples lives and if someone is singing something against their religion... That can make a person feel awful. But i verrry strongly believe Amy Lee is christian actually i almost know that she is. like im positive she is for some reason. :-) used to be my favorite song ever. Its a good one!:-)
  • Sarah from Rome, PaOk let me just say this. i love Evanescenc and all her songs i know every song shes ever made by heart. evanescence is not a stan worshiper. at all. in her song Tourniquet shes ASKING FOR FORGIVNESS FROM GOD! not worshiping the devil. she may sing dark lyrics but she isnt even close to a satan worshiper. thats one reason why i love her music.
  • Nikita from Roswell, Ga I used to like Evanescence and I loved all their songs until I went to a website that talked about Evanescence saying they practice satanic worship or they don't worship god because of their lyrics and the more I listen to Evanescence the more I got scared. I don't know what to believe. Evanescence never said they were chirstian but they never said they weren't either. Even though people say they are I want to hear or read that the band themselves say they are christian. I'm too scared that they may practice satanic worship. I'm just too scared to listen anymore. I wish I could but until I read somewhere that Amy Lee said or Ben Moody said that they are christian I just can't listen.
  • Nikita from Roswell, Ga I used to like Evanescence and I loved all their songs until I went to a website that talked about Evanescence saying they practice satanic worship or they don't worship god because of their lyrics and the more I listen to Evanescence the more I got scared. I don't know what to believe. Evanescence never said they wre chirstian but they never said they were either. Even though people say they are I want to hear or read that the band themselves is christian. I'm too scared that they may practice satanic worship. I'm just too scared to listen anymore. I wish I could but until I read somewhere that Amy Lee said or Ben Moody said that they are christian I just can't listen.
  • Logan from Winnipeg, Canadaread my comment for "Bring me to Life" it gives my oppinion on the christian debate
  • Jill from Mt.pleasant, MiSuicide is a state of mental illness. You will still go to Heaven, if you're Christian, if you commit suicide. Tourniquet is one of my favorite songs by the way.
  • Stacey from Grand Rapids, MiWho seriously cares is Evanescence is a Christain band or not!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY get over it. Its music listen to it. geez!
  • Zora from Memphis, TnEvanescence is not a Christian band, though the song comes from a Christian standpoint. This was a song Rocky's band did anyway, so no one in Ev actually wrote the lyrics. I'm Jewish, but I love Tourniquet.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnand also, who really gives a **** wat religion they are. the point is, they are AWESOME, reguardless if they are christian or not. they could be freaking jewish or muslim for all i care, they still would be a great band.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mnit helped me too. ive always wondered, if i go through with this (suicide, ive come close), can i get into heaven?
  • Lucy from Penrith, Englandthis song helped me alot
  • Chantel from Traverse City, MiEvanescence is NOT cristian band. the members of the band are cristian, but they do NOT interperate that into their music. Tourniquet is abotu suicide and questioning if you will be acccepted by god....but in an interview ben and amy clearly stated that they do not put their religeon into their music in any way.

    Its an amazing song.
  • Kevin from Berkeley Heights, NjOK, to all the people who state that Evanescence's members are not chritian, read their biography and get a frigin clue.Amy a nd Ben met a christian camp,rocky gray was in a christian metal band called soul embraced, terry Balsamowas in the band Cold,i believe it was a christian band, and John LeCompt has been with amy and ben since the beginning.they are all christian. Not to mention the band originated in arkansas and most of the south is christian.
    as for those people who think that tourniquet is not talking about the christian god, at the end of the song amy sings "CHRIST tourniquet, my suicide" so yeah something tells me that christianity might be involved.
    And last, i agree with the people who say this song helped them because when i cut my wrist and hoped to die, i was listening to this song, how did it help, it convinced me to do it again because i interpret this song as being that the only reason why this girl hasn't killed herself is because by committing suicide, she will be cut off from god by committing a mortal sin, hence the name Tuorniquet.
  • Heather from Toronto, CanadaOk, Evanescence's members are Christian. Ben Moody and Amy Lee met at a Christian summer camp. As previously said, Rocky was in a Christian metal band. However, in interviews Amy Lee has stated that unlike their ex fellow label-member Creed, they are NOT a Christian band. They do not want to necessarily have their religion brought into their music. However, this doesn't mean that they aren't Christian! It simply means that their music is not driven by their religion.
  • Natalie from Moreno Valley, CaI understand people not wanting to think that Evanescence is a 'Christian' band. And whether they claim that or not especially if they are Christians, is very unfortunate that they feel they have to deny God. But I have a curious comment. How is this song about some other religions gods? or no gods at all. I would like to know, in what religion do they believe Christ is God besides christianity? In the end it says 'Christ Tourniquet Suicide'. This just confuses me as everyone recognizes all the lyrics but this part that is very speicific. Once again. It is very very sad if they are Christians but feel they have to 'deny God' to make more $$ or be more popular.
  • Chantel from Traverse City, Mievanescence is not a christiian band, they never said they weren't christian...they just never wanted to bring their religion into their music, and they never did.
  • Chelsea from Oklahoma City, OkThis song is one of the better ones, No one ever said that its about the Christian god either, for all we know theyre referring to eachother as the gods that saved them or even as someone sent from god either way its a very powerful song
  • Mark from Ontario, Canadaonce again, they dont say there not christian, they say they aren't a CHRISTAIN BAND there is a difference!
  • Chelsea from Oklahoma City, Okyes,ive heard that the band is christian butttt if thats true why do they go around saying WE ARE NOT CHRISTIAN?
  • Mike from Spokane, WaRocky Gray was in a christian metal band called Living Sacrifice before he was in Soul Embraced
  • Amy from Pretoria, South AfricaThis is one of the first songs I found myself identifying with on the Evanescence album Fallen. I found myself crying every time I heard it, I totally understand where Rocky Gray, Amy Lee and Ben Moody came from when this song was written and recorded. A very deeply, heartfelt song.
  • Josh from El Paso, TxMy favorite song on the album. I wish that the song came out a few years earlier during my darker years. Thank God I'm cured of all wantings of death and thank you Evanescence for such a kick ass song!
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