Erase My Scars

Album: Evans Blue (2009)
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  • This is the third single from Canadian hard rock band Evans Blue's third album. The song peaked at #32 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart. It was their first charting single since 2007's "The Pursuit."
  • Frontman Dan Chandler told the story behind the song to AntiMusic: "It seems we all have this idea that no matter what happens in life, happens for a reason. This song is not about looking for answers, but more or less calling out this 'higher being' for people to understand that what happens to us in life, is just that... life. There never has to be an explanation as to why something is unfair for some people or how some people are more fortunate. These questions will only be answered by you. It seems like we can only feel comfort by placing the responsibility on what's truly unimaginable. I find it far easier to believe that WE have the strength to get through life by having no choice but to hold life responsible. There may be no answers, and we may feel we need to be angry or hold someone or something accountable for what has happened... but in reality, the only way we truly get through this pain is to accept the fact that these scars will never completely fade away.
    When Parker (Lauzon, rhythm guitar) came to me with the guitar riff, I really felt the mood of this song was exactly where I was at the time. The song came together fast and felt 'right.' We recorded the song shortly after with our producer Trevor Kustiak. This song took shape just as easily as we could hear it in our heads."
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