• Eve is a singer and a rapper. She began rapping at local talent shows, and started out as a singer in choirs and formed a 5-piece group called "Dope Girl Posse." >>
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    Michael - New York , NY
  • Her childhood nickname was Miss Poo-a-doo. It came from her mother.
  • She attended Martin Luther King High in Philadelphia. In the tenth grade, she formed a group called Edjp (pronounced Egypt).
  • Eve is financially savvy, owning stocks and other investments. She was the first female in her family to own a house.
  • While waiting for a record deal, Eve worked in the Hiphop Studio, and was even a stripper.
  • She was originally signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, before being signed by Ruff Ryders.
  • Eve is convinced that she would have been a make-up artist if not a musician.

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  • Kim from Toldeo, OhEVE U COOL AND U SING OK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gia from Taipei, TaiwanEve is cool!I love ur voice and taoo
    ur so sexy~!
  • Britteny from Portland, OrEve you are one of my female rappers and i love you.keep doing your thing gurl!!!!!!!!!!!
  • K8t from London, Kyeve is a real good singer she has a good strong voice and she puts attitude in her singing and thats what most people like about her. eve rules!!!!!!!!
  • Sasha from Allentown, NjEve is so cool! she is awsome! I love all her music! it's great!!!
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