My Time

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  • This was the second single to be released from Brooklyn born rapper Fabulous' fifth studio album, Loso's Way.
  • The song features the American R&B singer-songwriter Jeremih, who also co-wrote the track with Fabolous.
  • Fabolous explained this song to MTV News: "It's saying how long I been in the game and did things my way, and 'It's My Time' again. That's more what 'It's My Time' is about - for me to do my thing and wake people up to that."
  • This song appeared in a TV ad for the NBA draft.
  • Loso's Way is a concept album, inspired by the 1993 Al Pacino movie Carlito's Way. Fabolous told MTV News: "[My album] touches on so many issues from the movie, but it still [expresses] principles that people go through every day and could relate to. That's why I chose the movie. I was watching the movie and was like, 'The stuff going on in this movie, everybody could relate to it.' Just like how dude came out of jail and was like, 'I'm not going back to jail.' Everybody feels that way on the come-out. It's the journey to do something better. When I was coming out of the 'hood, I felt I wanted to do something better, and [I put] the journey to do something better... in this album. A lot of things have happened [since my career started]. I've gotten shot, I've got arrested, I've had a baby. All of these things have happened, so I wanted to put that in music form."
  • Fabolous explained to Billboard magazine that this song is an example of how his and Carlito's stories coincide. He said: "This song is about how I generally feel about my life and my career, and it's relatable to people because it's the type of song that motivates you to do whatever it is you have to do, just like Carlito."
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