Album: Infinity On High (2007)
  • This song is featured on Fall Out Boy's Infinity On High as a bonus track. The song is about a guy who becomes obsessed with his ex, and is afraid to call her: "Things aren't the same anymore, sometimes it gets so bad that I almost pick up the phone." >>
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  • Faith from United StatesI think one of the most important lyrics of this song is:
    --"Born under a bad sign, but you saved my life
    That night on the roof of your hotel
    "Cross my heart and hope to die
    Splintered from the headboard in my eye"
    Photo-proofed kisses I remembered so well --

    And we all know what this means
  • Jasmine Tu from Los Angeles, United States Okay basically this song is about Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance, most of the songs (or probably all of them in Infinity on High are about Mikey, the whole thing happened when MCR and FOB were doing a tour together in 2005 and Pete fell in love with Mikey they ended up wearing each others clothings and accessories, after the 2005 Warped Tour Pete started to write songs about him and still is.
  • Audrey from UtahThe majority of this album is, I think, based on Pete's fling with Mikey Way in 2005 on Warped Tour. I think this song has something to do with Pete having a crush on Patrick for a while until meeting Mikey hence the line "trade baby blues for wide eyed browns" and the song might also be relating to Pete being "gay above the waist" therefore having anxieties about the relationship and his sexuality.
  • Isadora from Tramandaí, BrazilI think maybe this song isn't just about one theme so there's a chance of having Smth related to Patrick because I believe in Peterick even if it was just a "platonic" crush from Pete's part. Cause you know who doesn't love Patrick in the end? Haha
  • Shayna2013 from Piketon, Ohg.i.n.a.s.f.s. does stand for gay is not a synonym for *hitty...and in my opinion it was written about pat even though they never officially dated they've always been close and i think that at one time they may have been THAT close..im pretty sure that pete dated ryan ross at one time so thats a possability also..hes said that he kissed guys before and that "anyone above the waist was fair game"..
  • Ma from São Paulo, BrazilI don't belive in Pete + Patrick, but, it's a good song...
  • Morgan from Gresham, Oruhm. Peter isn't in love with Patrick or anything...trust me on that okay? haha
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaKyle has an odd idea and yep strange lol!!!
  • Kyle from Utah, UtIf Pete wrote this about Patrick, why is Patrick singing it?
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, CanadaOK,don't freak at me,but I'm pretty sure Pete wrote it about Patrick. Just my opinion.
  • Alyssa from Milwaukee, WiWhere did you hear that?
  • Laura from Bham, United KingdomVery true nami.
  • Nami from Seattle, WaG.I.N.A.S.F.S actually means Gay Is Not A Synonym For S--tty
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