Grand Theft Autumn

Album: Take This To Your Grave (2003)


  • This song is about a boy who is in love with a girl, but this girl is with someone else. He is trying to convince her that he's better then her boyfriend, telling her that he isn't always there for her, and she hates the boyfriend more than she notices. But the boy also realizes in the song that he isn't making a big enough commitment to win her over: "Someday I'll appreciate in value, get off my a-- and call you." >>
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    Evan - Livingston, NJ
  • The title is a play on the popular video game Grand Theft Auto.

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  • Jeremiah Westbrook from Lo Angeles, CaFOB is musicaly inspirational and inclined to send a valuable message in every one of thier songs.Saying they have talent is a complete understatement They desearve every bit of praise and reconition they get>PEte WEntz and patrick Stump aare musical genusis's they are ridiculously and astronomically awesome
  • Jeremiah Westbrook from Lo Angeles, Cathis is a tribute to all slackers who love a girl and that girl doesnt share that same feeling thanks FOB
  • Jeremiah Westbrook from Lo Angeles, Caa boy loves this girl but she loves someone else but he thinks she can do better thats why he says"you need himi could be him"i guess he means he has ways of getting rid of her boyfriendthats why he says "Icould be your accident"like i could kill him and make it seem like i didnt or it was an accident
  • Dalton from Chesterfield, Scanyone who doesnt like this song is a friggin idiot
  • Dalton from Chesterfield, ScAs it has been said this song is the greatest most inspirational piece of art it says everything that a teenage boy needs to know about relationships. DC FOB is the greatest thing to happen to music since voice!
  • Shayna2013 from Piketon, Ohi love his song... even though this is one of the old songs i hadnt heard it until after i heard the new fall out boy and although i do love fall out boy now i think take this to your grave probably had their best songs on it..and it really explains my life right now.
  • Emily from Radville, OrAwesome song!!! It totally descibes one of my guy friends, and the situation he is in
  • Morgan from Rockford, IlThis is the Fall Out Boy National Anthom.
  • Ashley from Ft. Lauderdale, Flmy favorite FOB song EVER!!!
  • Rose from St.louis, MoThis is one of my favorite songs ever
  • Kimberleigh from Hoston, Txthis song is AMAZING!!!!!!
  • Natalie from Chiago, IlThis song is amazing. It was me and my best guy friends song for a while.
  • Emma from Dorset, Vtwatch the video and you'll understand it.
  • Kristene from Hickville, TxGreat song here. One of my favorites.
  • Audie from Auckland, New ZealandI love this song! My friend keeps talking about it! FOB is one of my favorite bands!
  • Sara from Austin, Txone of my favorite FOB songs. this is amazing. some of Patrick's best early vocals. and yeah, that seems pretty acurate. reminds me of someone i know...
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