Miss Missing You

Album: Save Rock And Roll (2013)


  • After being on hiatus since 2009, Fall Out Boy returned to the studio to record their comeback album, Save Rock And Roll. The origins of this cut lay in an old song written by vocalist Patrick Stump. Bassist Pete Wentz then added lyrics about lost love and getting hurt. He told Kerrang! Magazine: "Having time away from the band, this was one of maybe two songs where I decided to write about what was going on in my life. But more in a 'what if'?' way. I couldn't have written this after Folie a Deux."
  • Patrick Stump told Kerrang!: "The sound of the guitars are interesting. There are a lot of things on there you might think are synthesisers that aren't. They're actually guitars, inverted in a way."
  • The music video is the 10th installment in The Young Blood Chronicles series, where Fall Out Boy has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult that wants to destroy music. Through torture, they manage to turn Patrick Stump evil and, after murdering guitarist Joe Trohman, he hunts down Pete Wentz in a final showdown that ends with both of them dead.

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  • "the Person You'd Take A Bullet For Is Behind The Trigger" from AmericaNice song, but I don't think this is a very specific song meaning.
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