Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Album: From Under The Cork Tree (2005)
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  • "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" is a line from the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing. It is delivered by Patrick Swayze when he rescues Jennifer Grey's character (Baby) from an uninspiring talent show and pulls her away to dance.
  • This song is about a boy who is torn. He wants desperately to be with this girl ("Nothing comes as easy as you, can I lay in your bed all day?") but knows he is no good for her: "I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake... I'll weigh you down, I'll watch you choke." >>
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  • This appears on Fall Out Boy's breakthrough second album, From Under The Cork Tree. Bolstered by the lead single, "Sugar We're Going Down," the album sold more than two million copies in the US and prompted the band's first arena tour.

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  • Dayna from Milwaukee, WiJon, read comments on 7 Minutes In Heave (Ataven Halen).........anyway this song is one of my favs from FOB. it reminds me a lot of one my first loves so that could be part of it
  • Discordamongharmony from The Confinements Of My Mind, InI have my complete own idea for this song based on my own experience. I'm not really supposed to say much more than that, but the lyrics match to a tee. XP
  • Jon from Mishawaka, In"7 Minutes In Heaven is one of my absolute favorites, too. Especially since I'm a fan of Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing." did you just compare fall out boy's guitar parts to van halen's guitar parts? are you intoxicated, retarded, or just plain stupid?
  • Herh from Zgfdsz, BoliviaI think "you look so good in blue" means that when someone is choking he cant breathe, so her face gets blue.
  • Hannah from Howe, Ini think its about a guy and a girl who are cheating on thier partners with each other; "I'll be your best kept secret and you biggest mistake".
  • Ali from Wine, CaThis was pretty much my first Fall Out Boy song i really loved. Yayaya!
  • Taco from Erin, TnOMG HOW in the heck does Pete come up with these lyrics?! EVERY SINGLE ONE of their songs are GENIUS...the lyrics are amazzing and so is the actual music they're put to....good job, my Fall Out Boys...good job indeed=]
  • Emma from Dorset, Vtso he loves a girl but he knows he doesnt deserve her. he will "weigh her down and watch her choke" if she takes him. "you look so good in blue" means that he would kill her, not literally, if she acceptes him but that he will always love her. pete wentz is amazing.
  • Lisa from Fort Worth, TxI love this song.....Pete Wentz is so gorgeous!...The dirty dancing refs are genius!
  • Jessica from Hotplace, AzNobody puts baby in the corner is amazing.

    "Ill be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake"

    totally corrosponds with dirty dancing
    I love it
  • Matthew from New York City, Nyi think this song is like...stop what you're doing and get to know me
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdI think this also has to do with people not approving of what the girl and the boy are doing ["your biggest mistake"] and how if they keep acting the way they are, he's going to weigh her down and ruin her image.
  • Emma from Glasgow, ScotlandReally great song, I love the acoustic version.
  • Ryan from Columbus, OhI normally don't like music like this, but I can really get into Fall Out Boy. 7 Minutes In Heaven is one of my absolute favorites, too. Especially since I'm a fan of Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing.
  • Chris from London, EnglandThis is an amazing song, as is all of there's, LONG LIVE FALL OUT BOY! THEY f***ING ROCK!
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song soo much. Fall Out Boy has the best songs. They rock!!
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