• Far East Movement collaborate with American-born South Korean rapper and singer Yoon Mi-rae on this track. FEM's Kev Nish told The Boombox about the hookup:

    "We've been wanting to collaborate with Yoon Mi-rae. She's like, people would say like that's like the Lauryn Hill of Korea. She represents just longevity and class and skill and dynamic-ness as far as that she came from being a rapper to the first really credible female rapper in Korea and a singer as well and had success in both lanes. So, like working with her, we've known her forever, but never just wanted to jump in to collab-ing. It had to be the right song."
  • After Far East Movement's huge success with the hit singles "Like a G6" and "Rocketeer" they took time out to rediscover their focus. The trio gained a sense of self-discovery from a trip to Asia, which encouraged them to keep going. This song was instrumental in the process. Said Nish:

    "We wrote the song at a time when we really just wanted to give up, we didn't want to make music anymore. So the song, while making it, and then just listening to it for the months ahead really inspired us to just keep finishing the album."


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