Give Me a Reason
by Far

Album: At Night We Live (2010)
  • This is a track from the California melodic hardcore band Far's fifth studio album, At Night We Live. The band comprises frontman Jonah Matranga, guitarist Shaun Lopez, bassist John Gutenberger and drummer Chris Robyn. After splitting in 1999, the group got together again in 2008 to play a handful of dates. The following year they signed a deal with Vagrant and recorded this record, their first since 1998's Water & Solutions.
  • Matranga told the story of the song in publicity materials: "The demo was called 'Busy Beat.' Shaun wrote a beat that I love, so I wrote a bouncy verse and I love the way the chorus came together. Lyrically, it's an homage to a Robert Plant solo song, 'In The Mood.'"
    Lopez added: "This is the second song I wrote when I was trying to be in a Water & Solutions mindset. That was my least favorite song when I wrote the music. It reminded me of a rip off of Far, of myself. Jonah sent it back and I do like it now. I was writing that song for Jonah."
  • Matranga told Spinner UK: "When I wrote the chorus for 'Give Me a Reason,' it was the first thing that really got us excited about making this record. We wanted to make sure it wasn't just going to be another lazy reunion album, and this song was a spark that let us know we still had something to say as a band."


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