• This song is about undermining the government. It tells the story of a machine-human who snaps and stops taking orders from higher authority. The machine sees how it's adding to the evil in the world and goes crazy.

    It's part of the concept album Obsolete, where man ultimately rises up in the song "Resurrection." >>
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    Chris Owens - Belfast, Ireland
  • Along with their second album Demanufacture guitarist Dino Cazares cites Obsolete as one of his favorite Fear Factory albums. He described it as the most "adult songwriting record" they released, and added, "It meant a change to where we could actually write a song without playing double bass, and make it heavy and cool. That was something different. It was still Fear Factory, but we discovered other things about ourselves. That record took a year to make - it took a long time to make that record. It also meant another change for us, as well." (Here's our full Dino Cazares interview.)

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  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandIt's spelt EDGECRUSHER
  • Domenic from Antioch, IlIt's about the government and how edges people till the snap. This happens till the people start a revolution and they start killing the pigs.
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