Get Not High, Get Not Low


  • This stability anthem was inspired by Feist's realization that the high of falling in love with someone isn't a desirable state for her anymore. "Maybe that was [written] on one of the days of I can't be that low any more but I also don't want to be high," she told The Guardian. "In my teens I would have thought what a sellout to want a middle road, but the middle road is a deeper road, because when you're high and then you're low and then you're high and then you're low, you're just dipping your toe in each, you're not ever really invested in either."
  • Feist told The Globe she has learnt to avoid huge mood swings: "This song is a clue that I'm handing to myself," she said. "That when you go to the extremes, you're only visiting each one. You're a visitor in the darkness and the joy. There's a depth in the middle, because you're not a visitor. Also, I was just really happy to get Saskatchewan in a song. It's kind of a mouthful."


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