London Bridge

Album: The Dutchess (2006)
Charted: 3 1
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  • London Bridge crosses the Thames River in London. It's existed in some form for approximately 2,000 years, and has been destroyed several times due to fire or other natural causes. The bridge inspired the nursery rhyme "London Bridge Is Falling Down," which Fergie refers to in this song. There are many possible interpretations for just what Fergie's "London Bridge" refers to, but she seems to be "falling" for a guy every time he comes by. The collapsing bridge is a metaphor for her inability to resist his charms.
  • Sean Garrett helped write this. He is a go-to guy in the world of Hip-Hop lyrics, known for his ability to craft a story. Other songs he's worked on include "Yeah!" by Usher, "Run It" by Chris Brown and "Soldier" by Destiny's Child.
  • This is Fergie's first single as a solo artist. She got her start on the TV show Kids Incorporated and later joined the Black-Eyed Peas, helping them go from an underground rap group to one of the biggest hip-hop/R&B acts of the '00s.
  • Some of the lyrics deal with how Fergie is hounded by Paparazzi. Like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt, Fergie receives much more media attention than any other member of Black-Eyed Peas. >>
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  • This doesn't use the melody from "London Bridge Is Falling Down," but another track on the album does: "Pedestal."
  • The album title is a reference to Sarah Ferguson, who is the Duchess of York and is also known as "Fergie." The album does not use proper spelling - "Duchess" is correct even though it looks wrong.

    Sarah Ferguson actually called up Fergie sometime later after the album's release. The Californian singer recalled to The Guardian: "She wanted to do something for her charity and unify the Fergies. She wanted me to perform, so she gave me a call. It was quite funny to be on the phone with the actual Sarah Ferguson, who I had based my album title on." >>
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  • The bridge featured in the video is in fact Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. >>
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    John - London, England
  • Polow da Don produced the track. When he played it for her, Fergie asked what the lyrics should be about, and he replied, "Just you being the s--t." Said Fergie, "It was one of those stupid moments that ends up brilliant." (quotes from Blender magazine, 2006 year end issue)
  • In the album version, Fergie repeats the word "s--t" 32 times.
  • Lee Ryan from the UK boy band Blue appears in a skit at the end of the song. Fergie explained: "I grew up listening to Dre and Snoop and they'd always have phone calls and little fun skits that make it just not so boring."

Comments: 19

  • Jeff from Boston, MaThis is a good example of trying to stretch one metaphor into a whole song. The only reason this was at all successful is Fergie's sex appeal - women want to be her and men want to sleep with her. By contrast, "Big Girls Don't Cry", while also not a great song, is better sung by Fergie, and is more interesting lyrically and musically.
  • Jim from Pennsauken, Njthis song is about whenever her man comes around she wants to have sex with him
  • Jim from Pennsauken, Njthis song is about whenever her man comes around she wants to have sex with him
  • Jessie from Dallas, Txehhhhhhhh its ok
  • Natasha from Oklahoma City, Oki have to agree with paul marlo on this. it does sound alot like something missy would record. it's a far cry from "big girls don't cry" and "clumsy". it sounds more like "my humps".
    and caitlin, she doesn't do alot of singin with BIP, remember "my humps". same concept, same style of music, same lyrical topic.
    and kelly, you're right this sounds alot like "hollaback girl".
  • Derek from Cambridge, New ZealandFergie is one of the best singers around today. She doesn't pretend to be "Robert Plant" or Yoko Ono!!! She has a great range, and her latest single ' Big Girls Don't Cry' proves this
  • Buddy from Barbourville, Kywasn't there a song by an old artist where instead of the guy screeming "oh snap!" he screams "oh sh**!" or is that just an uncut version of the song?
  • Emma from Cambridge, United StatesThis song is cool ive got it on my ipod and it sound cool as
  • Cody from Arlington Heights, Ilthis song was rated the worst of the year by rolling stone magazine or so i heard...
  • Joe from Traverse City, MiI though this song was about sex with for people. there is a sex position called the bridge. the boys come around and she has sex with them with an other group.
  • Kelly Mackenzie from Edmonton, CanadaIt's funny. You can actually sing "Holla Back Girl" through this whole song, and it fits perfectly...
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjWhile its a deacent song, I really think she was better off with the BIP. Fergie has a great voice, but she doesn't use it in this song.I also think the lyrics are a little concieted. same opinion for Fergalicious. deceant song, doesn't use voice, lyrics conceited, and better off with BIP
  • Amber from Austin, Txthe song London bridge is awsome they should play it on the radio more often.

    -shelby, austin, TX
  • Mike from Bristol, Tnfergie is crazy hot , though
  • Mike from Bristol, TnI liked this song the first time I heard it--when it was called "Holla Back Girl"
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaFergie is better with Black Eye Peas. This sang sucks.
  • Paul Marlo from Perthsounds just like missy elliot
  • Sum Sum from New Delhinice dancing track..but very tacky lyrics. i like this song.
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, Wa this song isn't the best way to start off a solo career, considering the song she sung on the Posiedon movie sountrack, won't let you fall, is AMAZING.
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