Album: Fetty Wap (2015)
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  • This song finds Fetty Wap admiring a gorgeous girl over Peoples' DJ Mustard-like production. Originally released on the Paterson, New Jersey rapper's SoundCloud page in early 2014, the song blew up when it was re-released with a music video in May 2015.
  • The 679 title doesn't appear in the lyrics. It is derived from the day Fetty Wap was born: June 7, 1991.
  • Fetty Wap includes his Remy Boyz 1738 crew on the track. Both Montana Bucks and P. Dice get a verse each. Their name comes from Rémy Martin cognac, whose "Accord Royal" brand was established in 1738.
  • Fetty later booted P-Dice from his crew, and the album version only features Montana Bucks (otherwise known as Monty).
  • P-Dice claimed that Fetty Wap reneged on a verbal agreement to offer him 16.9 percent of the track's profits. Because his verse was removed from the album version, he only received 5 percent. As a result, P-Dice sued Fetty for $7 million, the money he felt he lost out on.

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  • Neel from MumbaiFetty Wap was born in 1991
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