Take Me To Heaven

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  • Richard Patrick wrote this shortly after the death of his father. "Where I'm coming from is I'm trying to find if there's an afterlife and I'm trying to believe in it," the Filter mainman told Billboard magazine. "It's very hopeful. There's no more authentic and real that I could have gotten as a singer and lyricist."
  • Richard Patrick explained the background to this song. "I was looking into the eyes of my father when he was passing away, and I held his hand," he recalled. "He glanced at me really quickly, focused on me, had this look of gratitude, and then he slipped away. I was almost like, 'I hope you're going to heaven'."

    Scientifically, the idea doesn't make any sense to me, but if there is a heaven, take me there," Patrick added. "That's what happened."
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