Hem of Her Dress

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  • Like the other songs on Ruins, this track deals with Klara Söderberg's heartbreak following her breakup from her English boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jo Rose. She wrote this tune very quickly. The First Aid Kit songstress told Consequence of Sound:

    "The lyrics are almost word for word how they came out in the spur of the moment. Every song on the album has its own take on heartbreak. In this song there's more self-awareness, a distance to everything that has happened. There's almost a sense of irony in singing 'So here we go again' and 'Oh, I guess that's the way it goes.'"

    "We wanted to achieve that feeling in the arrangement too, so we decided to make it a little rougher than the other songs," Klara added. "We'd been listening to Neutral Milk Hotel a lot and wanted to capture that kind of rawness."
  • The song finishes with various Söderberg family members and a special guest joining in on a wild ensemble chorus complete with brass band. Klara said:

    "The choir at the end consists of everyone in the band, plus our mom and little brother, singing at the top of their lungs. We're also proud to say the amazing Laura Veirs is also in there singing. It's sort of saying – 'Hey, perhaps it'll all go to hell but, f--- it, let's just sing!'"
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