My Own Hell

Album: War Is The Answer (2009)


  • This track was originally going to be a bonus song but guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained to Metal Hammer, "it turned out so well – so primal, so stark – that we decided to include it on the album."
  • Producer Kevin Churko encouraged frontman and lyricist Ivan Moody to take a highly personal approach throughout the record, and this song is about his self-destructive nature. Bathory explained to Kerrang!: "He definitely has multiple personalities that cause his life to be surrounded by chaos, and on this song he gives a really deep insight into the way that he is and the way that his mind works."

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  • Dylon from Grant, MiILove this song! FFPD kicks ASS i can rly relate to this song. it seems as tho all i do my mind keeps comming back and beating the s--t out of me.
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