Album: Mail On Sunday (2007)
Charted: 2 1


  • In this song Flo Rida (pronounced "Flow Rida") is fantasizing over a woman in a strip club. The reference to the girl "getting low" is from the 2002 hit "Get Low."
  • The lyric in the chorus "Apple Bottom jeans" refers to a clothing line for women designed by the rapper Nelly. There is a great deal of product placement in this song. Additional brand mentions: Reeboks, the Cadillac Maybach, Patron tequila, Hennessy cognac.
  • T-Pain is featured on this track. He appeared on many rap hits around this time, including "Bartender" with Akon and "Kiss Kiss" with Chris Brown.
  • This features on the soundtrack of the 2008 movie Step Up 2 The Streets.
  • HHNlive.com asked Flo Rida about the concept behind the title of his album. The Miami rapper replied: "It's a spin-off of the first single I put out called 'Birthday.' It's talking about getting your cake everyday. Mail On Sunday is just talking about having it your way everyday, instead of the average postal day."
  • When this reached the top of the American Hot 100 this equaled the record for the shortest song title to top the chart. The other five three-letter titled songs to reach the summit prior to "Low" were: "Why" by Frankie Avalon (1959), "ABC" by The Jackson 5 (1970), "War" by Edwin Starr (1970), "Ben" by Michael Jackson (1972) and "Bad" also by Michael Jackson (1987).
  • In the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week-ending January 12, 2008, this song's 470,000 digital sales set a single-week record, easily beating the previous record-holder, Fergie's "Fergalicious" at 294,000. 13 months later Flo Rida shattered his own record when "Right Round" was downloaded 636,000 times in its debut week.
  • Travis Barker of the group Plus-44 and formerly blink-182, put together a Rock remix of this song. He did something similar with Soulja Boy's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." >>
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  • In addition to the US, this also topped the singles charts in a number of other countries including Canada, France, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.
  • This topped the Billboard Hot Digital Tracks chart for 13 weeks, the most weeks ever at #1 on that chart. The record had previously been held jointly by Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" and Kanye West's "Gold Digger," who both had nine weeks run at the summit. Additionally it was declared the biggest selling digital single of all time, with US digital sales of over 3,300,000.
  • On the UK chart announced April 6th 2008, both the #1 and #2 singles were issued with near sequential Atlantic Records catalogue numbers, the chart-topping "American Boy" by Estelle was listed as AT0304CD and this song as AT0302CD.
  • This sold 4.4 million digital downloads in 2008 making it the top seller in that format.
  • This was the second most listened song on American radio in 2008 with an estimated 3.02 billion listeners. No One by Alicia Keys was ranked just ahead with 3.08 billion listeners.
  • This was the top-selling digital song in the US during the 2000s with over 5.2 million downloads. Runner-up was Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" (close to 4.7 million downloads) followed by Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" (4.6 million).
  • Flo Rida laid down his rhymes for "Low" really quickly. He told Billboard: "I recorded this record so fast, it was almost like a freestyle. I think it probably took me less than an hour to do all the verses. That record reminds me so much of the Miami bass, so I was able to put my thing on it."
  • Asked why he believes the song was so successful, Flo Rida replied: "T-Pain having such a good melody on the hook, and me having some great melodies on the verses - the record just has so much ear candy [and] the lyricism was just amazing. When I heard [it], I just knew it was gonna be big, [especially] 'cause T-Pain was doing a lot of huge records at the time."

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  • Susie from Pawling, NyHere's the thing that confuses me in the lyrics - he's describing her in "apple bottom jeans" and boots with the fur" and in the next verse she's in sweatpants and Reeboks. What happened? Different girl? She changes between each verse? Any ideas?
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThe Travis Barker remix is downloadable for Guitar Hero: World Tour.
  • Samantha from London, United KingdomI just love this song. At first, I thought it was about some girl dancing and Flo Rida falling in love with her but, well, the truth is now out.
  • Kosmas from Preveza, Greeceit's a fantastic track!!!
  • Mckenzie from Mansfield, Momay i download this kool song
  • Amanda from Shreveport, Lahahaha I love this song!! great to dance in the club to!!!
  • Bree from Adelaide, AustraliaHello, people you have to get with it rap is hell cool but i have to be honest this song does repeat alot but Awesome 4some, Hottie babe somewhere where its party time
  • Valerie from Somewhere Secret, Nui LOVE this song. i will have it on my i-pod 4-ever!! YA... i really want apple bottom jeans now....
  • Dewd from Ontario, OnThis has to be the best song there is!!!! It's got such catchy lyrics and a fun beat!!!
  • Mikala from Sacramento, Cathis song is the best song in the hole world i love its exactly wut mikala said
  • Libbi from Somewhere Secrethaha i love this song, it kinda lacks substance, but its really catchy. I want some apple bottom jeans lol
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