Album: Mail On Sunday (2007)
Charted: 2 1
  • [Chorus:]
    Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans)
    Boots with the fur (with the fur)
    The whole club was lookin' at her
    She hit the floor (she hit the floor)
    Next thing you know
    Shawty got low low low low low low low low
    Them baggy sweat pants and the Reebok's with the straps (the straps)
    She turned around and gave that big booty a smack (a smack)
    She hit the floor
    Next thing you know
    Shawty got low low low low low low low low

    I ain't never seen nothin' that'll make me go, this crazy, all night spendin' my dough
    Had a million dollar vibe and a bottle to go
    Dem birthday cakes, they stole the show
    So sexual, she was flexible
    Professional, drinkin' X and O
    Hold up wait a minute, do I see what I think I whoa
    Did I think I seen shawty get low
    Ain't the same when it's up that close
    Make it rain, I'm makin' it snow
    Work the pole, I got the bank roll
    I'ma say that I prefer them no clothes
    I'm into that, I love women exposed
    She threw it back at me, I gave her more
    Cash ain't a problem, I know where it goes


    Shawty what I gotta do to get you home
    My jeans full of gwap and they ready for stones
    Cadillacs Maybachs for the sexy grown
    Patrone on the rocks that'll make you moan
    One stack (come on)
    Two stacks (come on)
    Three stacks (come on, now that's three grand)
    What you think I'm playin' baby girl
    I'm the man, I'll ain't dealin' rubber bands
    That's what I told her, her legs on my shoulder
    I knew it was ova, that henny and Cola got me like a Soldier
    She ready for Rover, I couldn't control her
    So lucky oh me, I was just like a clover
    shawty was hot like a toaster
    Sorry but I had to fold her, like a pornography poster she showed her


    Whoa shawty
    Yea she was worth the money
    Lil mama took my cash, and I ain't want it back
    The way she bit that rag, got her them paper stacks
    Tattoo above her crack, I had to handle that
    I was on it, sexy woman, let me shownin'
    They be want it two in the mornin'
    I'm zonin' in them rosay bottles foamin'
    She wouldn't stop, made it drop
    shawty did that pop and lock, had to break her off that gwap
    Gal was fly just like my glock



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  • Susie from Pawling, NyHere's the thing that confuses me in the lyrics - he's describing her in "apple bottom jeans" and boots with the fur" and in the next verse she's in sweatpants and Reeboks. What happened? Different girl? She changes between each verse? Any ideas?
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThe Travis Barker remix is downloadable for Guitar Hero: World Tour.
  • Samantha from London, United KingdomI just love this song. At first, I thought it was about some girl dancing and Flo Rida falling in love with her but, well, the truth is now out.
  • Kosmas from Preveza, Greeceit's a fantastic track!!!
  • Mckenzie from Mansfield, Momay i download this kool song
  • Amanda from Shreveport, Lahahaha I love this song!! great to dance in the club to!!!
  • Bree from Adelaide, AustraliaHello, people you have to get with it rap is hell cool but i have to be honest this song does repeat alot but Awesome 4some, Hottie babe somewhere where its party time
  • Valerie from Somewhere Secret, Nui LOVE this song. i will have it on my i-pod 4-ever!! YA... i really want apple bottom jeans now....
  • Dewd from Ontario, OnThis has to be the best song there is!!!! It's got such catchy lyrics and a fun beat!!!
  • Mikala from Sacramento, Cathis song is the best song in the hole world i love its exactly wut mikala said
  • Libbi from Somewhere Secrethaha i love this song, it kinda lacks substance, but its really catchy. I want some apple bottom jeans lol
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