• Leader/vocalist Dave King told Lords of Metal about this song, which deals with getting older: "I still try to be positive about things. It's about not to knock down the things that you've build. Right now, I'm doing okay and things are gonna be better, but it hasn't always been that way."
  • In the same Lords of Metal interview King explained why they recorded the album in Ireland: "Bridget [the violin player and girlfriend of King] and me are back to Ireland since two years and we were talking about where we gonna record the new album and it seems pretty obvious, since two of us were already in Ireland, that we gonna do the album over here. So we got the rest of the band over and started working here in Ireland. We found a great studio in the middle of Ireland, in County Westmeath, called Grouse Lodge and started to work on the album there. It was great, because everybody was at the right place at the right time. We did a track a day. We started of with a backing track in the morning and then we finished that song by the end of the day, which was about three or four in the morning. And then we recorded another song the next day. We've never done it like this before. It kept us very focused and we felt it was a very good way of recording the songs."
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