Album: High as Hope (2018)
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  • This is a tender, apologetic ode to Florence Welch's little sister, Grace. The singer apologizes for messing up her 18th birthday and for generally behaving badly around her. For many years Welch neglected her family preferring her alcohol-fuelled party lifestyle and she admitted to BBC Radio 1 that it was Grace who acted like the big sister.

    Grace, I know you carry us
    Grace, and it was such a mess
    Grace, I don't say it enough
    Grace, you are so loved

    Speaking to The London Sunday Times, Welch said that Grace is annoyed that having "put me through all that," her big sister has not told her face to face that she loves her. Instead she shared her intimacy in an "English" way by making "a pop song out of it."

    Welch added: "I have huge feelings for her; she's such an important person in my life, but there's no way we could sit down in front of each other and go 'I love you so much'. But our family is riddled with intimacy issues. We're terrible at being told we're loved and telling people we love them. So that song is just like a big bomb."
  • Florence Welch's mother, Evelyn Welch, is the Harvard-educated Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. Evelyn was sceptical about her older daughter's musical ambitions, which created tension between the pair. Here, Florence throws her mum an olive leaf.

    I guess I could go back to university
    Try and make my mother proud
  • Florence Welch wrote the song with:

    High as Hope producer Emile Haynie, whose other credits include Lana Del Rey's Born To Die and Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox.

    Soul singer-songwriter Sampha, whose debut album Process won the 2017 Mercury Prize. Sampha also plays piano on the track.

    Canadian troubadour Tobias Jesso Jr, who also co-penned Adele's single "When We Were Young ."


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