Can't Say I Ain't Country

Album: Can't Say I Ain't Country (2019)


  • The title track of Florida Georgia Line's fourth studio album, "Can't Say I Ain't Country" is a lighthearted jab at all those country "judges" out there who protest: "That's not country."
  • Speaking with Taste of Country, FGL's Brian Kelley acknowledged that when they came up with the name Can't Say I Ain't Country, it did "kind of sound like a bold statement," but they felt it could be both a great album and tour title.
  • Florida Georgia Line came up with this song with the help of Corey Crowder and Michael Hardy. It's a pre-emptive protest at those people who claim the duo aren't true country.

    Kelley said: "I think even fans, country boys, country girls, other artists that have heard that, I think they're all gonna get the meaning of the song and they're all gonna take ownership in it and say, 'Hey, you can't say that.' There's not one country judge out there that's got the law to say, 'That's not country.' Everybody is entitled to their own art, their own way of living, their own way of life. And that's what makes it beautiful."
  • To emphasize their point, FGL recruited one of the best Nashville session musicians, Paul Franklin, to add steel guitar.
  • Florida Georgia Line decided to title their album after this song only after they'd laid down the vocals for it. "It wasn't too strategic, it wasn't overthought," Hubbard explained in a video for "I think as we recorded that song it just became one of our favorites, and as we continued to finish the album we sort of just felt like that title kind of encompassed that album."


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