Album: Between The Stars (2014)


  • This was one of the first songs that Flyleaf's new vocalist Kristen May wrote with the rest of the band after she replaced the group's original singer Lacey Sturm in 2012. "We did about five or six songwriting sessions together where we threw out ideas and that was the first one," May explained to Artist Direct. "It started with some riffs and words Sameer (Bhattacharya, guitar) had. It morphed into what it is now. We didn't even know if that song would make the album at first because we had written so many songs."
  • The tune closes Flyleaf's Between The Stars album. May explained the song's meaning: "There's a message of such hope, peace, and longing that all of us felt," she said. "We all felt it in these uncharted waters. They lost a singer. I joined a band that was different from what I'd done in a while. We all craved that home. What is "Home"? Where is that moment of peace and solace within all of this unknown? They left their record label. Life experiences were changing."

    "When people hear that song, I hope people feel a sense of hope," she continued. "I think that's also the reason we put it as the last track. We put it last because it really sums up the whole journey, and it tells you not to give up. That's the biggest message Flyleaf has—to keep that hope alive."


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