This Close

Album: Memento Mori (2009)


  • Artist Direct asked lead singer Lacey Mosley about the story behind this song. She replied: "I love 'This Close' the more that I listen to it. It's fitting because I'm going through a completely new season in my life where I don't know who I am anymore [Laughs]. A lot of things that I held on to and had convictions about are shifting. I realized I've been judgmental in certain areas and I have to soften up about them. It's not that the convictions are changing, but the striving to control is changing [Laughs]. I'm not going to try to control the circumstances around me like I felt I needed to before. It's a really relieving feeling to know that God's in control and we're not. Sometimes it means our hands are off. You make decisions that you think with all of your heart are right, move forward and then you find out that they're wrong in the end. That will really shake your sense of your own identity. You have to clean up a bunch of mess, deal with the aftermath, give it all to God and say, 'Please heal my heart and teach me the difference between right and wrong.' That's where we get tripped up the most—really believing in a heart that can be deceptive sometimes. If you've ever had your heart broken, your heart will sometimes deceive you and make you blind and foolish. In the end, you have to be honest and say, 'I don't know who I am anymore.' Admitting you don't know anything is the closest you'll ever get to being real [Laughs]."

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  • Kindra from Grafton, Withis song was written about my life
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