Foghat Artistfacts

  • 1971-1984
    Dave PeverettGuitar, vocals1971-1984
    Rod PriceGuitar1971-1980
    Tony StevensBass1971-1974
    Roger EarlDrums1971-1984
    Nick JamesonBass, keyboards, synthesizers1974-1975
    Craig MacGregorBass1975-1984
    Erik CartwrightGuitar1980-1984
  • Foghat is a Blues band based around Peverett's previous blues band, Savoy Brown.
  • They hosted a 1977 benefit concert at the Palladium for the New York Public Library's Blues collection. Guests included Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.
  • While the original members are all British, Foghat never had a charting song or record in the UK. This could be because most of the touring was in the US.
  • Boogie Motel, the name of their 1979 album, was also the name of their recording studio.
  • The name of the band comes from a fake word made up in a Scrabble game.

Comments: 8

  • Kevin K from Pittsburgh PaDiscovered Foghat and Humble Pie at the same time, 2 great bands.
  • Erin Kristoff from Saddle Brook High SchoolFoghat is the greatest band ever and I am unworthy to be in their presence.
  • Lester from New York City, NyGREAT Rock & Roll band. First two albums are classics. Incredible live act also. RIP Lonesome and Rod.
  • Michelle from Fountain Valley, CaThis group is not a blues band it is a good rock band and my most favorie song would have to be free ride and i think it is not a blues it is a rock band and i love it so much and i am not really a big blues fan but i am a true rock and roll music fan !!
  • Jimi from Canada, Canada"Slow Ride" was on a family guy episode when the family had to go to Asian Town to avoid the cops. The evil monkey that bugs Chris was seen listening to it while smoking pot.
  • Don from Maple Shade, NjHey Look! It's easy to discount the accomplishments of bands that have past on into musical history. I'll tell ya though, these guys where the hardest playing road band ever! I saw them at Spectrum Stadium in Phila. at the height of their careers in 77/78. They were great live and yes they were blues influenced but not a blues band. Rod Price who past away March of 2005 was and is/was one of the best and most underated "Slide" players of all time. Lonesome Dave (Lead Singer) passed from Cancer around 2000. There can never be another Foghat without these 2 guys. with that said, in my book FOGHAT will always be Lonesome Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Roger Earl and Craig Mac Gregor. The influence these guys and this band had and has on me is still with me to this day. "FOGHAT LIVE" is the ultimate "Live" album and stripped of studio finesse.These guys rocked a generation to the core!

    Don Timony
    Maple Shade, NJ
  • Michelle from Salem, OrI think a vast majority of classic rocks bands had very strong blues influences. Although you might not realize it, but alot of the riffs they use are straight blues. I think a blues reference would apply more to the riffs ands beats of the songs rather than just the lyrics.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, CtTHERE NOT A BLUES BAND!!!! wow, just because a rock band may sing about feelin down, or about bad means that there "blues" thats NOT what the blues means, rock and roll is great but when you say blues, thats means BB King or Ray Charles!
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