All My Life

Album: One by One (2002)
Charted: 5 43


  • Dave Grohl has said that this is about cunnilingus, which is the female equivalent of fellatio. Listen to the lyrics, and you'll hear the innuendoes: "I love it but I hate the taste," "Over and over down on my knees."

    Another song on this subject: "Red-Headed Woman" by Bruce Springsteen.
  • The Foo Fighters performed this on Saturday Night Live in February 2003. Two days later, this won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.
  • Said Grohl when asked about this track: "That song is a little dirty. Use your imagination!"
  • One By One was the Foo Fighters' second consecutive album to win a Grammy for Best Rock Album. It was also their first #1 album in the UK. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Ju from UsThis song is about him pondering his life and what he has learned in his life... which is all bad, apparently? But... he is still doing what he is supposed to do to maintain himself selfishly.

    He is the kind of person always wishing for what he doesn't have, or if he gets what he wanted for once, he f--ks it up quickly and it's taken away. When this inevitably happens, he says he starts to feel a creepy familiar feeling and always thinks of a particular person maybe. Or something else he f--ked up long ago maybe.

    The first verse is sexual in innuendo, but in a more generalized format, is referring to using people and how good at it he is! The (The "using" part and the sex part as double meaning-pretty clever)

    Ok, you get the idea
  • Grant from Kansas City, MoFrom listening to the Lyrics and from what i heard that Grohl has been quoted as saying that after he broke up with his first wife, he spent a year just drinking and screwing every chick he could. Heres what I think the songs really about because I and my friends all when through the same thing once. Its a dark situation and I think that when he wrote it he was depressed and frustrated with his life.

    The song was about him crying about his life....because
    All his life he was trying to just be happy and satisfied....but hes frustraited because hes trying and wasn't successful....

    (All my life I've been searching for somethin
    Somethin never comes, never leads to nothin
    Nothin satisfies, but I'm gettin close
    Closer to the prize at the end of the rope)

    Hes looking for something to fill the gap in his heart....and trying to fill a void. I think the songs about love when i saw the video there was a heart in the back ground....And then it flashed to a broken bleeding heart...Thus about his broken heart from his wife...

    (All night long I dream of the day
    When it comes around, and it's takin away
    Leaves me with the feelin that I fear the most
    Feel it come to life when I see your ghost)

    This part is about how hes obsessing over how he just cant win....fill the void in his life and be happy because his wife left him....and when he remembers his wife...hes really upset and feels hopeless...from the ghosts around the house...finding his wifes stuff and remembering...and all her stuffs in the house and he feels like he sees her ghost...of her because shes not there...

    (Calm down, don't you resist
    Your such a delicate rist
    And if I give it a twist
    Somethin to hold when I lose my grip
    Will I find something in there,
    To give it just what it needs
    Another reason to bleed)

    I think this part is about how hes has suicidal thoughts of slitting his writs....because hes so depressed...

    (One by one, hidden up my sleeve
    One by one, hidden up my sleeve)

    I think this part is about how hes saying his arms hes gonna slit them, one by one...but there hidden up his sleeve

    (Hey, don't let it go to waste
    I love it but, I hate that taste
    Weight keeping me down)

    This part is obious, Its about beer...hes upset so hes drinking about his divorce...and he wont let the bottle of beer go to waste...He loves being intoxicated...but he hates the taste of it...or it could be whiskey or something...either or...

    (Will I find the believer
    Another one who believes
    Another one to decieve
    Over and over, down on my knees)

    He wonders if he will ever find another girl who will believe in him....Or find another one like his wife who decieved hes praying because he is desparate trying to find a good one...

    (If I get any closer, I
    And if you open up wide
    And if you let me inside
    On and on, I've got nothin to hide )

    This part is about getting close to a chick, I know cuz some girls just are a closed book and wont let anyone in because their afraid of getting hurt....But hes saying here....He has nothing to hide because...he feels he wouldnt be that way to a gal...

    (And I'm Done, done; on to the next one
    Done, done, and I'm on to the next one
    Done, done, and I'm on to the next one
    Done, done, and I'm on to the next one)

    This part is obious, Hes running from his pain...from his divorce...and trying to ease it by finding a girl to rebound with...but Obiously the women hes finding...Arn't very good...and he ends up using them....going from girl to girl....and finding himself left empty and stil in pain....and trying to forget by screwing every one of them....


    Showing that hes so frustraited and tired of meeting girls that are no good for him...and hes tired of being in pain...and feeling depressed and left empty....

    I think thats the best interpretation of this song...Mainly because I related to it...because i went through that whole drama...Im a musican myself and most people who play instruments, have strong emotions....And they use there music to express their frustration...or happyness or anything...because they have trouble doing that themselves...

    I think they do it becuase they really enjoy and have fun doing it as well.

    Most songs are about feelings or emotions anyway....or oppinions....just listen sometime

    I heard it and i felt the same way at one time...thats why so many people relate to because were all human...and go through crazy things...
  • Ben from Ocean City, NjJust to clarify - Dave never did hard drugs. He did pot when he was a teenager but he had no trouble kicking the habit. As a very hyperactive person, the pot mellowed him out and helped him find some sort of balance. Eventually he turned that around and used it to write music instead.
  • Yin from Topeka, KsI don't believe what Mr. Foo (ha) said. I think he just said it because he was giving his own version of lip service. Is any art form defined by one perspective? I don't think it's about oral sex at all. No honey, I don't want to pleasure you tonight because "I hate the taste." Right! Shallow lovers are the worst. Lose the ego, please :}
  • Layton from Paris, TxI tried to play this with my band, but we couldn't do it cause we're just a trio. There is an amazing dual guitar part in the chorus and you can create that sound with two guitars. Truly an amazing song by Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.
  • Ben from Ocean City, NjAbsolutely love this song! Very kickass. The dual guitar part at the chorus is amazing!
  • Joe from Sin City, NvIn an impromptu cameo, Jim Carrey (who was in town for the Grammys for whatever reason) jumped on stage during the SNL performance and played air guitar and flailed around in classic Jim Carrey style. You can see Dave Grohl trying not to laugh throughout most of the performance.
  • Beck from Spring Hill, FlTruly great songs (like this one) are ambiguous and metaphorical, which evokes different imagery, feeling and meaning for every listener that allows them to personalize, interpret and connect to it in their own way. They are great topics for discussion. Their personal meanings may change for each listener over time. BONUS; Even if you don't understand or care about a single lyric, the music itself is powerful, captivating and entertaining.
  • John from Houston , TxThis is one badass song! He's trying to find something in the world that'll fill that hole that can't be filled
  • Robby from Chesterdick, IaGrohl has been quoted as saying that after he broke up with his first wife, he spent a year just drinking and screwing every chick he could. I think this song is about that period of his life. You get the idea that he is questioning his past relationship (Will I find a believer, Another one who believes, Another one to deceive)while also trying to take away the pain by drinking and screwing (Done, done, onto the next one), but in reality, it just drags him down even further (Weight keeping me down). While yes, there are obviously references to eating a chick out and finger banging her, the song is deeper than that.
  • Eb from Orlando Metro, FlYes, before I tead the lyrics here I thought it said "I love it but it AIN'T MY TASTE."
  • Scott from Boston, MaDoes anyone else thinks the chorus sound like "I love it, but I hate MY taste"? "That taste" or "the taste" makes a lot more sense, but no matter how hard I try to hear that, I hear "my taste". Idk, maybe it's just me.
  • Dan from Rochester, PaWOW, can't believe people arn't saying this songs about KURT....All my life Ive been Searching for a guy like Kurt....HAHA change the lyrics to that
  • Eb from Orlando Metro, FlOh yeah, and one more thing - does this song remind anyone else of a Violent Femmes song? "Kiss Off" maybe?
  • Eb from Orlando Metro, FlWell, I am blushing at this one! Who knew this song meant that? Certainly not me! Here's my take on it: For me this song is about a spiritual quest, searching for something to fill a void in one's life. The entire first verse could be construed that way - and for me personally, that last line "Feel it come to life when I see your ghost" alludes to the third person in the Christian Trinity. (On a side note, I'd always thought that it referred to the ghosts of Grohl's past, most notably Kurt Cobain.) The lines about being done with one "thing" and "on to the next one" symbolize all the things I experimented with, studied about or dabbled in to find a place of true spiritual peace. Verse two reminds me that Jesus was a suffering Savior, He seems weak if I look at Him on the cross, dying. BTW, He was actually nailed to the cross by His wrists, not His hands, and my sins put Him there. This verse reminds me of the struggles and reservations I had when I was coming to believe in Jesus. Verse three speaks to me about surrendering to Jesus and letting Him take full control of one's life, and how there can be a slight doubt, but if one fully yields, it can be liberating, because after all, if you believe in God you cannot hide anything from Him. "I love it but I hate the taste" reminds me of a verse from the Book of Revelation where the prophet "ate" the scroll and the words were "sweet in his mouth" but "bitter in his belly" and to me this goes along with how sometimes it is a challenge to follow the teachings of Jesus - it's sweet to read all that stuff that Jesus taught but hard sometimes to put into practice forgiveness, loving ones enemies, being made fun of (or worse) because of your beliefs, turning the other cheek and all. Anyway, for me personally, it echoes my own spiritual quest as I tried this or that to fill the void, searching and seeking.
  • Deanis from Sydney, AustraliaOK I get it, I think.
    Its about finding a girl who you love giving great oralsex too. Then she breaks up with you, and you are runied cos you cant find that 'prize at the end of the rope' anymore, hence you cut your wrists. Til you are done and over it, then on with the next one to find a new prize. But he realises he will probably be deceived by this relationship as he goes "over and over down on his knees" (giving oral sex). BTW he loves doing it still cos it gives her pleasure...but him pain (bad taste).
    I think its trying to represent a cycle of bad relationships for Grohl, which he was in for shallow sex, then realising it was ruining him....
  • Geir from Lena, NorwayHe could have dedicated this song to Clinton at the Live Earth show, as he did with "Times Like These" to Al Gore ;o)
  • Joost from Nijmegen, NetherlandsI read all your comments and thought about the meaning of this awesome, classic song. I think a combination of what is said is true: the song goes from describing a drug dependance/addiction (if australian dave is right alcohol) to his sex life. Beauty of these lyrics; this transition is completely smooth; the middle part could and does describe both the drugs and sex.

  • Jess from Geelong, AustraliaI thought the lyrics were about bulimia or an eating disorder. "weight keeping me down" "Over and Over down on my knees" "Delicate wrist"
  • Molly from Os, CtI agree with Leslie. It's a fun song to ponder.
  • Leslie Scott from Yazoo City, MsI'm pretty sure this song is about some domination and submission role play. ropes...delicate wrists...another believer....Always seems to make me think of the thorns instead of the rose.
  • Simon from Ipswich, EnglandWhen i was told what the song was about- I just laughed because I thought I was hearing things. Having listened to it afterwards, it all fit into place. Amazing song.
  • Georgina from Laredo, TxAm with Samantha from Haughton LA I thought is was a time in his life when he was drinking alot. Never thought is was about cunninglus i guess dave know was a girl wants..... wink wink
  • Amanda from Canada, Canadaok i get the sexual references, i mean, their pretty obvious, but i find it hard to believe that only one of you noticed the lines "you've such a delicate wrist...will I find something in there to give me just what I need another reason to bleed one by one hidden up my sleeve" ok, come on people, another reason to bleed, one by one hidden up my sleeve, seriously, the words one by one hidden up my sleeve are extremly self explanetory.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cabut there are some im a huge nirvana fan, but i would never say they are better than led zeppelin because they're just not. anyways, foo fighters are awesome, this song is incredible.
  • David from Lakeview, NcIt's all about taste, Matt. Both are/were good bands (although I'm not a very big Nirvana fan).

    And a note on the lyrics: the only line that doesn't seem to fir with the whole "cunnulingus theory" is "Another reson to bleed", unless I'm missing something. Maybe I was just hoping that this song was written about something a bit more meaningful than oral sex...
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cawhoa there fighters are awesome i agree but i think that dave himself would be the first to tell you they are not at nirvana's level. foo fighters obviously have passed nirvana in terms of production (they have released 5 studio albums to Nirvana's 3) but they still have a ways to go before they can be compared to Nirvana.
  • Don from Hacienda Heights, CaThe lyrics straight from the site:
    All my life I've been searching for something
    something never comes never leads to nothing
    nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
    closer to the prize at the end of the rope
    all night long I dream of the day
    when it comes around and it's taken away
    leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most
    feel it come to life when I see your ghost
    calm down don't you resist
    you've such a delicate wrist
    and if I give it a twist
    something to hold when I lose my grip
    will I find something in there
    to give me just what I need
    another reason to bleed
    one by one hidden up my sleeve

    Don't let it go to waste, I love it but I hate the taste
    weight keep pinning me down
    will I find a believer
    another one who believes
    another one to deceive
    over and over down on my knees
    if I get any closer
    and if you open up wide
    and if you let me inside
    on and on I've got nothing to hide
    then I'm done done on to the next one
  • Ace from Ceasd, MtThe Foo Fighters are better than Nirvana! Dave is a genius for being in a band that kicked ass and then making a new one that kicked more ass!
  • Dan from Sydney, Australiahaha cunninglus , smart lyrics . tops song
  • Dave from Albany, AustraliaThe whole "done,done and i'm onto the next one" was about his rooting around after he got divorced from his first wife. He said he just drank and screwed for a year.
  • Holly from Portsmouth, EuropeUm...I interpreted this completely differently to all of you! I thought he meant he had been slitting his wrists or cutting his arm in soem way..."Another reason to bleed...One by one hidden up my sleeve" and "DONE, DONE, ONTO THE NEXT ONE!"....but there you go , I am young and wouldn't know, would I? :)
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI really like this song, almost to the point that I forget that it's about some very dirty material. Another great by Dave and Co.
  • Alex from North Smithfield, RiIf I give it a twist? Good advice Grohl :P
  • Erin from Cowra, AustraliaThe lyrics are dirty aye...but regardless it's a great song...and luke the lyrics are "...closer to the prize at the rope.." not raod...sorry i had to correct you on that... any hoo ttfn...:)
  • Maria from Lake City, FlThat's 'cunnilingus'. Seriously.
    I had no idea it was about that, but then, I never really knew what the lyrics were, either.
  • Ben from Mount Vernon, Iaok, ok, it does sound like a deep drug addiction song but it doesn't fit that it's something he's looking for when he's trying to kick it. For those of you who don't get it, a bit of advice: Watch the bar scene from Chasing Amy, then read the lyrics, then listen to the song. If you don't get it after that, you never will!
  • Mike from Cincinnati, OhGreat song! Never thought of it like that, so big surprise that it's so dirty. But once you go through it... definently can be taken as either sexual or drugged or life-story telling.
  • Samantha from Haughton, LaDude I thought it was about alcohol/drinking or like a drinking problem. He says I love it but I hate the taste..and done done on to tha next one...I guess I just drink too much !! lol
  • Jude from Los Angeles, CaDave and I have alot in common, our favorite beatle is george.. that's why he added me in myspace plus i asked him if it was.. and we all think it is.
  • Seb from Perth, Australiaahhh forget the references to oral sex, its a good song anyway
  • Stan from Los Angeles, Cawhat this song is about wanting to lose your virginity?!?!?!?! i thought it was about trying to find out the meaning of life or something lol
  • Stephanie from Aurich, GermanyAt first I thought it were a song about how hard the life is. But now I read the turn into German. and now i must say: It's definetly a song about cunnilingus! *hihi*
    Great!A bit dirty, but great!
  • Jake from Chicago, IlThis song seems like the lead singer is on a very high and heavy chain of drugs. Mabey the song refers to that he is doing drugs to impress his friends/fans.
  • Kate from L.a., Cacall me a little too lou reed, but it's more fun and makes more sense to think of it as being a story-song from the perspective of a male prostitute who gives blow jobs for heroin.
  • Chris from London, EnglandDon't worry, I looked it up. Hehe :)
  • Chris from London, Englandwhat is "cunninglus"?
  • Jeremy from Long Island, Nywhen i first heard this, me and a friend thought it was about cocaine, i guess thats what former drug use does to you :

    "Hey, I dont let it go to waste.
    I love it but I hate that taste."

  • Tiffany from Covington, GaI never really thought about the song before but now that you mention it:
    'You've such a delicate wrist.
    And if I give it a twist,
    something to hold when I lose my breath.
    Will I find something in that?
    To give me just what I need,
    another reason to bleed.'
    Also sounds dirty . . . =P
  • Kevin from Valley Stream, NyThe lyrics are definately about "cunninglus".

    Listen, "...I love it but I hate the taste"

    What about after the chorus, "...Over and over down on my knees."
    "If I get any closer. And if you "open up wide". And if you "let me inside"..."
  • Rudi from Melbourne, Australiai find that particularly amusing, as my girlfriend and i have both joked about it being about that.
  • Michael from Durham, Englandi thought it was rope
  • Luke from Leeds, EnglandThe lyrics are dirty: "All my life ive been searching for something......The prize at the end of the road" Hehe ;-D
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