Best Of You

Album: In Your Honor (2005)
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  • This song is about reaching your potential. Everyone has secrets they keep in their own head about themselves, and we rarely confront those secrets. It's a self reflecting song: "Is someone getting the best, the best, the best of you" could be interpreted as asking yourself a question you don't really want to think about. >>
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    Marc - Sullivan, MO
  • The word "best" is said 40 times in this song. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM
  • Mark Pellington directed the video, which took on new meaning when his wife died in 2004. Pellington, who also directed the video for Pearl Jam's "Jeremy," took the reigns on this one, as the band was happy to let him work his magic. "Dave Grohl trusted the emotion and instinct behind it," he told Songfacts.

    The video mixes stirring images (waves, people in love) with a passionate performance by the band. >>
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    Alex - Madrid, Spain
  • Prince performed this at the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show. The Foo Fighters, who recorded a cover of Prince's "Darling Nikki," had no idea he was going to play the song, but were thrilled. Dave Grohl said: "Having been a massive Prince fan my whole life, I was flattered beyond words. What an honor to be covered by one of your heroes."
  • Grohl wrote this while he was supporting Democratic Party candidate John Kerry on the 2004 Presidential campaign.
  • Grohl told Mojo magazine that he didn't rate the original demo of this and had to be persuaded by his manager John Silva to put the song on the album.
  • This was one of five songs Foo Fighters played at the Live Earth concert held a Wembley Stadium in London on July 7, 2007. The concert was a benefit to support efforts to fight climate change. Foo Fighters, under orders by their manager to "be better than Metallica," delivered a rousing set that renewed interest in this song. The following week, the song was downloaded so many times that it re-entered the UK chart at #38.

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  • Michael Farrow from UkI've always had the theory that there are certain songs that Dave has never told us the truth about. He will deny until his dying day that My Hero is about Kurt Cobain but, more tellingly, he will always give us a vague platitude about how this song is about reaching your potential in life.

    This is clearly a breakup song. It couldn't be more obvious. This is the song you write when you find out that your ex, who you'd put out of your head and moved on from, is serious with a new guy and it dredges up a lot of bad emotion. Whoever it is he's writing about, he feels that she didn't put the same amount of effort into the relationship or always had one foot out of the door.

    Take your pick; his ex-wife Jennifer Youngblood or one of the three women he was romantically linked with in the late 90s; snowboarder Tina Basich, actress Kari Wuhrer and the former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa auf der Maur.
  • Charles from NorthbayI could go on for days. My self a father of 2 girls I'm 38 there both 19 and 20. Yes dad at young age.This song says it all. Overcoming the worse, the best and dealing with the things you never could. Times in school times at home a terrible person in life who treated you bad. You overcome, you get stronger, you prevale. Words are powerful but actions are stronger. Take the step 2 be true to one self. As I right these words and pull the trigger just a couple of words written bye kurt Cobain b4 he pulled the trigger. Lifes about 1 true self not living in the life of others tho remember that.
  • Bob Nash from AmericaMy take on it is after a break up he's remembering she was not giving her all in the relationship, now he's wondering is somebody else getting her all. But then he says he's no fool. She's still the same person she was to him to the new guy and he's better without.
  • Heath from Kincumber South, AustraliaIf people had anthems this would be mine! Hits a chord with me the second 'I've got another confession to make' is heard.
    Nothing to do with profound meanings about what the song was written about, but it is a song that has a meaning to EVERYONE, in their own way.
    If 1000 people listened to Best Of You, you would have 1000 different interpretations, as it perfectly means something different to everyone who listens to it.
    This song can turn an ok workout into a great workout. A dull car trip, into an epic adventure. And a dark time in life, into a fantastic colour overload!
    Thankyou Dave Grohl for penning what I like to think is the most flawless song ever written. Disagree if you like, but as I said above that's just MY interpretation!
  • Novus Ordo Seclorum from Hutchinson, Ksi fell extremeley in love with a girl who turned out to be a con....i loved this song before but thats what it means to me, SHE got the best of me, then i like to follow it with, "times like these" cause i got over it lmao
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThe Foos Don't like to give straight answers as to what the songs mean, because they think it ruins it for the fans who found their own, different meaning in the song. "Sorry; your own *profound way* isn't right, even if it has helped you in your life..." See what I mean? According to a few interviews, it "intended meaning had more to do with political unrest...

    "In a 2007 interview with XFM, frontman Dave Grohl stopped short of explaining the meaning behind "The Pretender", but alluded its roots go to current political unrest. Grohl noted,

    "That's the thing with lyrics, you never want to give away specifics, because it's nice for people to have their own idea or interpretation of the song. But, you know, everyone's been f--ked over before and I think a lot of people feel f--ked over right now and they're not getting what they were promised, and so something to do with that."[3]

    Grohl also told XFM "The Pretender" was not initially planned for the album and happened really quickly.

    "That song didn't happen until later on in the session. We didn't go into making the record with that song and it happened after we recorded a lot of stuff. Up until that point, I didn't know if we had a good opening song or not. So after we recorded it, I thought, 'oh this is perfect, we have the song to open the record,' and it just became everybody's favorite song. ... It's the type of song that I look forward to opening shows with and it came together really easily. We put that song together in, I don't know, a day, whereas a lot of the other songs we worked on for weeks."[4]"

    Check out the wiki.
  • Mellissa from Laguna Beach, CaP.S., obviously the addiction aspect is there, and the kid could look exactly like Hawkins who battles with addiction.
  • Mellissa from Laguna Beach, CaHate to jump on the Cobain bandwagon, but the kid in the video looks just like pics of Cobain as a kid. Grohl has been very vocal of his dislike for Love; thus, it seems like: Love got the best of Cobain. My interpretation.
  • Barb from Winnipeg, MbThis was my anthem when I was in therapy recovering from a hellish childhood. No one was getting the best of me anymore. Whatever it's supposed to be about, that's what it will always mean to me.
  • Kim from Phoenix, AzIf you have ever seen the performance the Foo Fighters gave in Wembley, you would see this song absolutely has to be about Kurt Cobain. The emotion is so intense.
  • Anna from New York, Ny@Helen from Scotland - I totally relate with this song in terms of abuse, let me give you my personal breakdown of it:
    "I've got another confession to make, I'm your fool:" To me, that's like the victim acknowledging that their abuser has control of them.
    "Everyone's got their chains to break, holding you": Everyone has their challenges, mine is you.
    "Were you born to resist, or be abused": On this line I picture myself looking in the mirror, asking myself that question.
    "Is someone getting the best of you?": I picture this part as a friend asking the victim what's wrong, noticing they're pale and they're trying to hide their bruises
    "Are you gone and on to someone new?": It's like someone asking the victim if they have a new boyfriend, and the victim not being able to find the courage to tell the asker about the abuse.
    "I needed somewhere to hang my head, without your noose": The abuser is their noose
    "You gave me something that I didn't have, but had no use": I wanted love, but you weren't who I thought you were...
    "I was too weak to give in, too strong to lose": I was too weak to get away from you myself, but I was too proud to ask for help.
    "My heart is under arrest again, but I break loose": You have my heart, my everything under arrest, but I eventually broke loose
    "My head is giving me life or death, but I can't choose": I don't know what's worse, living with this pain, or committing suicide.
    "I swear I'll never give in, I refuse": for me, this was my mindset. Every time after he abused me, I swore I wouldn't let it happen again. It always did.
    "Has someone taken your faith?": A friend asking if the victim is being abused
    "It's real, the pain you feel": I picture myself in front of the mirror again, admitting to myself that this isn't just a nightmare
    "You trust, you must, confess": coming to the realization that you have to tell someone about this
    "The life, the love": to me this represents remembering what you had hoped it would be like when you went into the relationship before it turned abusive.
    "You die to heal": How you'd give anything to forget it all, to see something other than his face when you close your eyes
    "The hope that starts": how you get this hope that he won't hit you again, but he always does
    "The broken hearts": how he broke your heart every time he hurt you
    "I've got another confession my friend": finally admitting it to your friend
    "I'm no fool": I'm not going to be his punching bag anymore
    "I'm getting tired of starting again, somewhere new": I'm tired of having to start my life over again...

    Well, there you go. That's the way I feel about this song. Despite all the terrible memories it brings up, it's powerful, listening to this song and knowing I got through all that.
  • Anna from New York, NyI think what's so great about this song is that it has so many different interpretations, it can mean something to everyone. I don't know what it was "meant" to be about, but when I first heard it, it really applied to my situation when I was raped and abused by a boyfriend. Try thinking about that the next time you listen to it. It really resonated with me.
  • Mike from Denver, Co@ Dave from NY. dude im totally getting at what u said. my interpretation is almost exactly like yours. like if someone you know or someone you care about is in a relationship with someone else, you want to know "i she/he getting the best out of my friend".....for a while one of my closest friends was questioning this everyday. i had just started going out with my fiancee (this was 10 years before i proposed) so in freshman year of high school, my close friend, she didnt like my girlfriend. she thought she was a whiny stuck up chick who went out with me to get some sexy action and to get constant attention. well, my friend ACTUALLY asked me one day, 8 years ago, "Is Stephanie getting the best of you?" well...Stephanie has gotten the best of me for 8 years now, and were getting married soon.......but back to the song, i think that is really what dave is saying. that he wants to know if that person he cares about is being truly loved, and that someone is getting all of them and someone is getting the best of them.
  • David from Syracuse, NyI believe Dave is trying to ask everyone if they are being used in a relationship, or if IN the relationship... is someone really benefiting from it, and getting the most out of it, in a sincere, loving, dedicated manner. This is what kills me. It's like he had a girl and lost her. And now someone else is with her, and he asks, is this guy getting the best out of her? Or does she have reservations, and is kind of holding out, because she still has feelings for her old beau...Dave.
    What a great freaking song, anyway! I love this tune -Dave in the 'cuse
  • Bob from Nipomo, CaLove the song, all I know is that Dave dedicated this song to his sister in the accustic concert in Hollywood. Maybe it's about her.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzThere are a lot of good interpretations here. And, after much deliberation, I can really see this song being about Kurt Cobain. OMG! It jumps right out at you, if you consider the whole affair (keep in mind Courtney Love, now) while listening. The second verse sounds like Dave feeling depressed as well, and seeing Kurt's answer--the shotgun--but refusing death (too weak to give in[to suicide], too strong to lose[his life]). And, "you die to heal," is to end the pain. "the broken hearts," are the fans. And, "I'm getting tired of starting again somewhere new," is about being tired of losing friends: Kurt from Nirvana, Andy Wood from Mother Love Bone, Layne Staley from Alice in Chains. They were all friends. There's so much more if you search for it. Very artistic song! Especially like the double meaning of the chorus.
  • Luis from Mexico City, MexicoBingo Matthew!
  • Luis from Mexico City, MexicoTo me, this astonishing song is a direct demand for someone´s honesty in a love relationship and the statement of David about not losing faith as her lover did somewhere (I swear I´ll never be there, I refuse). Dave´s asking very concrete things here: "Are you gone and onto someone new?" "Has someone taken your faith?" To me, he is confronting some lover who does not give it all in their relationship because she is being held back by someone else (perhaps a past relationship or a current affair). This makes perfect sense when someone you love is not giving you the best because she or he is trapped by pain and fear of past relationships. That´s why Dave is asking: "Has someone taken your faith? it´s real, the pain you feel" and he asks for openness when he says "you trust, you must confess". To me, here´s the ultimate meaning of this song: "Is someone getting the best of you? (someone from the past or present?) ´cause you are not giving it to me...
  • Steen from Brighton, CoI think that this song has 2 meanings. He asks: Is someone getting the best of you? This first time he asks it he's asking: Are you giving all of yourself to the ones closest to you IE family, friends. When he asks it again tell you to do a little self reflection: is somebody out there taking advantage of you. At least in my little world, thats what the song means to me.. Either way LOVE it
  • John from Houston , TxWow when I first heard this song, I thought it wasn't that good. Now that I've listened to it it seems like one of the greatest songs ever assembled. The video seems to portray that the true meaning of this song is whenever a tragedy happens you feel bad and you feel as if though it's your fault even though sometimes it is. For example, the images of the couple having sex could represent that one of those two people feels bad about losing themselves and losing their virginity with the other person in "Is someone taking you faith?". The images of the flower drying out could show that someone really loved someone and one of those two people broke it up (probably the guy)and that's when they show the picture of the girl leaning on the tree, closing her eyes, hoping that the hurt could just go away. The images of the woman laying on the bed could also convey the feeling of loneliness because she sees all the images of the little girl in her head and she misses her, but in the end she wants to be with her daughter. Also the image of the cloud from "The Ten Commandments" is there and it could represent a feeling of hopelessness of what's ahead in a rough path. If you look closely, every member from the band is wearing black, which could portray the mood and atmosphere, creating a feeling of confusion and hopelessnes.
  • Clowee from Oxford, United KingdomI think it is simply a motivational song, dave is asking are you the best person you can be -"evryones got their chains to break" means everyone has problems. I love it!
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasgod i love this song so much favorite line: "My heart is under arrest again But I break loose" god that line is so moving. its about not being able to move on from an ex or someone who hurt you and therfore they have destoyed your hope of love and even if your heart becomes in love with someone else you shy away because of the pain they have inflicted upon you "Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel You trust, you must Confess" the only way to move on from there is to confess to yourself that what you're feeling is real and they hurt you, remove them from the pedastal you had them on and move on. haha i know. easier said than done. but anyways, thats what i got out of the song.

  • Tam from Guelph, OnI always thought maybe it was about someone getting the best of you but they don't even deserve it and you just keep putting yourself out there and getting hurt even more
  • Ross from Big D, Texas, TxIMHO - Dave and the Foo have always wanted people to have their own interpretations of their music and lyrics. Dave is singing to himself, it's a song about being honest with yourself in a relationship. Are you letting your love for someone blur your vision. Not allowing yourself to be a victim anymore. The inner conflict of being stubborn and not giving up versus moving on and letting go.
  • Mark from Watford, United KingdomI think that this song is about a fella that's stopped seeing a girl because it's too much for him ('Everyone's got their chains to break holding you) but he's finding it really difficult to let go and he actually wants her back so is searching for her. His 'confession to make' is that he wants her and has realised that he can't be without her (I'm your fool); he feels he perhaps brought out the best and got the best of her but is the person she's with now able to do that?; he's was too stubborn and too in love and as a result the main set of lyrics were about his internal struggle with what to do. He understands her and her past: 'Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel The life, the love You'd die to heal The hope that starts The broken hearts Your trust, you must Confess'. Basically she was a nightmare to go out with but he can't live without her so wants her back and the reason she was such a nightmare was because of her past. We've all been there...
  • Ashraf from Alex, EgyptI don`t know what they wanted to say,but it perfectly fits the anti depresants
  • Helen from Scotland, Scotlandplease tell me what what you think! i want to know if anyone else agrees with me
  • Helen from Scotland, ScotlandThis is my favourite song. i feel like i can relate to it in a way? i have been abused in both sexually and physically by people close to me in life and i really think the lines 'Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel' , and 'Were you born to resist or be abused?' are connected with this. the line 'Your trust, you must Confess' i believe could be to do with you trusting the person who abused you, it being physically or sexually; you thought you had their trust. they were really getting the 'best of you' in more than one way. i also believe this line is about confessing, and admitting what is happening to others close to you. you 'must confess'. Another idea i have is that the line 'Are you gone and onto someone new?' is hopeful that the abuser has actually gone on to someone new, and that it is a misinterpreted songline, because it comes across as though the speaker does not wish the subject of the song to have gone on to someone new, in whatever way this could have been done.
    the line 'I needed somewhere to hang my head
    Without your noose' could be about you believing you had this person to trust and look after you in time of need, without some sort of 'payment' or 'punishment'. The line 'My heart is under arrest again' was very significant to me, because it really captures the idea of you and your heart and soul being taken, or 'arrested' because you feel so much pain, but you cant escape it or run away from it. It has been 'arrested' by the abuser. the song also connects in with the way you see yourself, and that how strong you are as a person. the lines 'My head is giving me life or death
    But I can't choose' and 'The life, the love
    You'd die to heal' could be a symbol of the suicide temptation you have when something like abuse happens to you as an individual. It talks about 'broken hearts' (plural), and i think this could be about the hearts that would be broken if you confessed, and it then goes on to talk about confessing in the next line. It is a really inspirational song, and personally, this song swayed the choice of suicide for me. if it was't for the inspiration of this song, and the feeling of someone else understanding you pain, then i might have gone ahead wtih suicide. im not sure if my theorys are correct, but i sure hope they are!
  • Susy from Melbourne, AustraliaI think that most of this song is reflecting on your own feelings/thoughts. You have been stuck in a relationship with some one who is ?getting the best of you? but they don?t deserve it. They have treated you badly and now you want to leave them, ?I needed somewhere to hang my head, without your noose?. That?s the line that really stands out for me. ?Has someone taken you faith ? it?s real, the pain you feel? this shows that someone took advantage of your trust and now you feel horrible. ?The life, the love, you die to heal? maybe the pain is so great you consider suicide to make it go away, all because this person ?got the best of you?. I also agree with what Billy said, only it isn?t necessarily directed at the ex, but also at your self. ps. it's a great song, I love the foos!
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThe way I see this song, it's basically a guy yelling at his girlfriend, because he knows that she's cheating on him.
  • Asa from Moweaqua, IlI can REALLY see how this is interpreted as being about trying to get over a girlfriend who treated you wrong...but i think its possibly about the death of a close loved one
    "Everyone?s got their chains to break...Holdin? you...Were you born to resist or be abused?"-This could be about the struggling during grief
    "You gave me something that I didn?t have...But had no use"-The death has no made whatever they did useless to the person in grief
    "I swear I?ll never give in...I refuse"-Basically, I will not let the grief take over my life
    "Has someone taken your faith?...Its real, the pain you feel"-Most death results in rethinking of spirituality or faith, and the person who died has taken the faith, because of the pain it has caused

    This is what the song means to me, because i have been through a very hard grief with the death of the only mother figure ive ever known, when i was 16. The line "Has someone taken your faith..." really makes sense because i have questioned religion ever since it, and im still unsure what to think, and that pain is very real and there all the time, but you can't give up and let it all take over
  • Karen from San Mateo, CaEasy.

    Did anyone see Breaking Bonaduce on VH1? The basic premise of the show is following Bonaduce either in a state of relapse (drinking heavily) or seeking help(rehab) Through it all his wife sticks by his side, but continually threatening to leave. In one episode Bonaduce is celebrating his b-day w/his family. When he opened the gift from his wife, it was a mirror w/the lyrics from Best of You scrolled in permanent marker. This simply illustrates her struggle to hang on, but very bitter from his past/current battle to stay sober.
  • Julia from Lake Of The Ozarks, MoWow, I choose to believe this song is about like, he wants a girl, but she is with someone else and he's jealous b/c the other guy gets the best of her, but he doesn't treat her terrificly. I don't know...
  • Jimmy from Lincoln Park, MiAwesome comments regarding this song; some I'd never even thought of...Personally. For me this song is about taking a stand, wavering from it and then COMING BACK!!! TO STOMP YOUR COWERING ENEMIES once you've realized WHO YOU ARE!!!

    "Rocky" is my favorite movie of all-time!

    My dream is to take a vicious beating to this song.
  • Ismar from Zagreb, CroatiaThe album came out a year after 10th anniversary of Kurt's death and it was called 'In your honor'. Throughout entire song I can hear 'taking best of you' being Courtney, while everything else in the song being reffered to Kurt.
    Only a few seem to have drawn this parallel on this board, nevertheless, the only thing I can hear this song being about is Courtney destroying and eventually killing Kurt.
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pai live with chronic pain so when im hurting and feeling sad at night i listen to this song and i always find myself crying when dave sings "has someone taken your faith...its real the pain you feel the life the love you got to heal....and i think about my illness...aparently the guy who shot the video his wife heart goes out to him...i have alo lost someone that was dear to me...wonderful song...really puts ones feet on the ground
  • Sat Kartar from Rockwall, TxPrince was great, I think there may be two reasons why he chose to transition from All Along The Watchtower to Best of You: 1) the chord progressions may be similar, 2) the first verse of All Along the Watchtower (which Prince did not sing) expresses a sense of exploitation that fits with the theme of someone getting the best of you: "Business men they drink my wine, Plowmen dig my earth, None of them along the line, Know what any of it is worth."
  • Danleichty from Rochester, MnI like this song alot. In it, The lead singer just has been in a bad relationship. He and that person where good friends until that person started abusing him. However, The singer is concerned about how that person and how his behavior might effect other people so he decides to tell that person that he wants him to treat other people the way he wants to be treated. I loved that song since I first heard it.
  • Elizabeth from Oakville, CanadaI dont think this is the meaning that was intended, but to me, this song reminds me of a breakup.. i know that that sounds typical, but really. when you breakup with u someone you wonder, "if someones getting the best of them"... etc, i could go on but every line here hits hard cuz i just got out of a long relationship :(. but yea, i love the passion in his voice also
  • Simon from Ipswich, EnglandI agree with Erin, Kc and Doug. Sounds like Dave is singing about a guy (representing everybody) who's been through it all and is telling him (us) to stand up for himself (ourselves).
  • Kelsey from Saskatoon, CanadaI don't know how this song can be about reaching your potential that just sounds way off base. I agree with Billy and Desmond about the meaning and whoever else said it was about a guy with girl problems. I mean isn't it completely obvie?
  • Angie from Ocean Springs, Ms"were you born to resist"=be alone and suffer ,"or be abused"=stay and suffer.
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandim probably not right about what it really means but for me this song just says 'dont let someone take advantage of you'
  • Kez from Sydney, AustraliaTo me going by the entire cd name "In your Honour" says a lot. There's certain sentances I could choose to describe what I feel the song is about...the first verse to me is yep ok, he was going along with things, supporting, believing.....then the question is asked: Were you born to resist or be abused? Is someone getting the best of you......Are you gone onto someone new? Dealer wise....or substance....I needed somewhere to hang my head...Dave was tired obvioulsy but the person he wanted to relate to was "out of it"...without your noose...You gave me something I didnt have...could mean one of 2 things really, think about it, nothing much has been revealed about the band members and their association to certain things..."but I break loose" hmmmmm "my head is giving me life or death" (wise decision to break loose). It's real the pain you feel, You trust, you must....confess, numerous attempts yes, to make Kurt confess but with looks of....leave me alone! You die to heal, The hope that starts, The broken hearts, You trust, you must....confess....I'm getting tired of starting again....Somewhere new (says alot really)

    I could go on with my interpretation..all I can see is "In Your Honour"

    Thanks for sharing :)
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaI used to hate this song. I used to hate the Foo Fighters.I don't see how I ever could have hated them. This song is great and the Foo Fighters are a wonderful band.
  • Christina from Richmond, Vaespecially since its been out so long and some of foo fighters' older stuff is way better
  • Diz from Sydney, Australiatoken token token, but still ridiculously good
  • Joey from Nowhere Land, Cai've liked this song ever since I saw My Own...the girl wanted her own Dave Grohl, and a guy sang it...and I've loved it ever since
  • Matt from Coralville, Iaok. i know this song by heart, and i know how to play it on my bass and i gotta say, its a great jam. but i thought the song was about how a guy thinks his girl his cheating on him. he keeps asking, "is someone geting the best of you?" the best, being (3 letters). and also when he says "are you gone and off to someone new?" or " must confess" likes hes trying to get it out of her. maybe im just hearing stuff...again.... but thats what im getting
  • Dan from Sydney, United Statessounds token but one of the best songs ever written
  • Kc from Nazareth, ScI think that this song is about a guy who is really confused, and someone who has gone through a great deal. But no matter what life throws at him he refuses to let it bring him down. In the one line he says that his head is giving him life or death but he cant choose, maybe the person who is getting the best of him is his self. That he is afraid to keep going on and afraid of doing what he really wants to do. He's the one who's holding himself back. The song shows you that everyday you have the option of giving up or to keep going and follow what you really believe in.
  • Grace from Fairfax Station, VaDid anyone else think the video for this was really sad for whatever reason? I did.
  • Eric from Petal, MsI think the song is about a guy whos girlfriend is mean to him and dumps him. He still loves her though even though he realizes they would never work out and she doesn't like him. So she runs off to another guy and gets hurt, but when she comes back to the guy she hurt he refuses to take her back even though he still cares about her.
  • Music Natzi from Albany, NyIt's really sad how people think of the Foo Fighters as there best song "The Best Of You". It's one of there worst. I like the Foo Fighters but I can't stand there new stuff. By the way David Grohl said that he didn't like the music video.
  • Vivi from NswI absolutely love Foo Fighters, and Best of You- I don't think they've done a better song. The film clip is excellent with it as well. And yeah buy the album.. all of them. =)
  • James Wells from Queens, NyHi this song means alot to me because I am in recovery from cocaine and alcohol addiction....As I write this I am sober today 133 days....."Everyones got their chains to break holding you".....I was entrenched in chains of addiction for 10 years and I couldn't break free..
    "Were you born to resit of be abused"....I was not brought up by my parents as a child to become a tragin cocaine addict..They did everything they could do to raise their child the right way and they did an angelic job....Instead I turned to the bottle and dealers who chose to abuse...
    Before I surrendered to God on April 28 I was attached to an evil drug dealer who was certainly getting "the best of me"........I gave him everything in my life and I was losing my family and anything sort of hope I had left.....When I wouldn't call.......he would show up and tempt me with Satan...cocaine....and I would give in..."It's real, the pain you feel".....Please if anyone reading this is ever thinking about using drugs trust me the pain emotionally mentally and physically is something you will not be able to deal with......The pain is real and my faith was taken by cocaine and the dealer who was "getting the best of me"...........Today I don't let anyone ever get the best of me except for my lord and savior Jesus Christ .....He saved me from death and I'm trying to help others....Thanx guys for writing this's touching.....
  • Billy from Pittsburgh, PaDesmond, you read my mind.
  • Desmond from Brooklyn, NyI am personally with Billy from Pittsburg, PA on this one. I thought this song was very obvious. He directs it at an ex-girlfriend who toyed with his mind and emotions, that's why initially he said "I'm your fool", but after he breaks free of her "chains", he later says "I'm no fool". It's really about him fighting his desire to be with her again and his unwillingness to fall for her traps again. "I swear I'll never give in, I refuse"! And then he talks to us asking if someone is taking the best of us, then we need to confess to ourselves that they are and break free of the pain and heartbreak they continuously and inevitably cause. That's my interpretation.
  • Dookie from Pittsburgh, PaI like the new one DOA too. This one is great. My Dad started to like the Foo Fighters first, but I got in to them by seeing there music video fo All My Life. They rocked hard so i assume a live performence would so awsome.
  • Doug from Bright, InDamn good song
  • Jordan from Yate, EnglandI love this song so much I can't find the words to describe how much, He sings the song with so much passion, I swear, once, I actually cried listening to it.
  • Niall from Toulouse, FranceCould someone please tell me if most of the other songs in their album are like this one because I'm thinking of buying the album.
  • Rhiannon from Oklahomaoh sorry about that s.o.b thing in my last comment, my friend was messing with the keyboard...anyways the word is suppose to be solo sorry bout that
  • Rhiannon from OklahomaThis is my favorite weird as it sounds it describes me. To me this song is about tough things in life you go through but saying that no matter what happens your going to hang on to reality. And for this people take advatage of you and try to put you down more by being....better then you. I dont know if that made any sense at all but oh well, this is a good song and the lead singer is one lucky dude cuz he was in the hit band Nirvana then going s.o.b in foo fighters, he rocks.
  • Sarah from Hattiesburg, MsThe first time I heard this song, I thought of abuse, personally. "Is someone taking your faith, it's real, the pain you feel" just made me think of a person stuck in an abusive situation, maybe that the singer's been in before. I interpreted it as the singer trying to tell someone else how to get out of such a situation.
  • Billy from Pittsburgh, PaPersonally, I think the song is from the point of view of a guy directed at an ex-girlfriend who didn't treat him well and took advantage of him. Now, he's asking if she's found someone new, and whether he's "getting the best" of her. As evidenced by the lines: "Are you gone and onto someone new?" "I needed somewhere to hang my head/Without your noose." etc. etc. That's actually the only way I even thought to interpret the song.
  • Charlotte from Kansas City, Moi love this song it's about the desisions we have to make. it might be the best song they have ever done.
  • Adrian from Oxnard, Cait hink the song is talking about like when you have dreams and you wrok really hard for them dont let anyone try and put you down or break your dreams. this song i can relate a lot to because i constanly have relaties and parents and friends tell me that my dreams of whati want to do are stupid. then i thinkof this song and what it says "Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
    Has someone taken your faith?
    Its real, the pain you feel
    You trust, you must"

    to me that means do what you who cares what they say. this song has areal deep meaning to me.
  • Trent from Swift Current, CanadaI'd like to thank the Foo Fighters for bringing this song into the world.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI just bought In Your Honor about two weeks ago and it is awesome. This is really good, but songs like DOA and Hell are really good too. Can;t wait for their next single.
  • Erin from Waterford, WiI think everysong by the foo fighters it so good.Best Of You I think is about people holding you back from your dreams. Knowing things You dont want to. Just everything you go through in life with peerpressure, well any kinf of pressure. I think Dave wrote this to Help us really think about whats going around us, whats take place, whats being taken away. I think he wants us to open our Eye and change what pressure is happening. I could be completely wrong. Thats just my opinion.
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