by Foy Vance (featuring Kacey Musgraves)

Album: Live by Night (2017)
  • Northern Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance collaborated with country star Kacey Musgraves on this song. It was recorded for the crime movie, Live by Night which follows a bootlegger who becomes a notorious gangster.

    "When I first heard [it], I got a really fun, southern vibe from it," Musgraves said. "I thought that it would be kind of a fun challenge for me to figure out how to mix in my own flavor and my bits of harmony with the song."
  • Foy composed the song and said Musgraves was the first choice to accompany him. "Kacey got involved when we wanted to have a female vocal on there because there are a couple of really strong sort of female characters in the film," he said.
  • The word "Moonshine" meaning "illicit liquor" was used to describe the illegal whisky made by Appalachian distillers. The distillation was done by moonlight to avoid discovery.
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